I’m opening commissions forever now to force myself to draw everyday to save up for Christmas! Ah, yes. Nice one.

No longer will you have to wait for another kickstarter or my sudden need to purchase supplies for my lame hobby that I’m still not good at.

Prices range from 5$ to 20$

More commission info can be found on this page. I spent my whole day working on it.

here’s me quietly wishing for a panic! + top collab

[ has compiled a list of faceclaims i would use for voldemort through the years ]
tori no. tori you just made a blaise. tori you have too many blogs again. tori. no. bad.

Usually I’m very against naps because I always feel like hell whenever I wake up. But after waking up at the crack of dawn to attend some meetings, I was in desperate need of one. At one point my mom apparently stopped over to drop something off and I talked to her, only to wake up and have absolutely no memory of it. The only problem now is that I’m wide awake and I probably won’t be sleeping any time soon.