"Anakin." Obi-Wan’s voice had gone soft, and his hand was warm on Anakin’s arm. "There is no other Jedi I would rather have at my side right now. No other man." Anakin turned, and found within Obi-Wan’s eyes a depth of feeling he had only rarely glimpsed in all their years together; and the pure uncomplicated love that rose up within him then felt like a promise from the Force itself.

"I…wouldn’t have it any other way, Master."


"Enough," she heard the Hound rasp.

"No it isn’t," the king replied. "Boros, make her naked."

Boros shoved a meaty hand down the front of Sansa’s bodice and gave a hard yank. The silk came tearing away, baring her to the waist. Sansa covered her breasts with her hands. She could hear sniggers, far off and cruel. “Beat her bloody,” Joffrey said, “we’ll see how her brother fancies –”

A Clash of Kings, Ch.32


elena season 5 appreciation week: day 3 / happy moment (5x04)

"I surround myself with amazing people who help me through it"

I guess I achieved my vague dreams. But what really matters is what kind of singer you are. I don’t want to distinguish good or bad based on that artist’s morality. I think you’re a good artist if you can make music that won’t make you feel ashamed when you listen to it in the future, if you can give inspirations to junior artists and if you can perform on the stage until your last moment… That’s something that I always think about and I always try to work on. What matters at the end is not your age, but it’s the young spirit that you have. Trying to easily fit in to this world, you’ll lose your colors and that’s the same for music too.
—  G-Dragon on what he thinks about himself. ©

also you know what i really don’t want zevran’s only relevance to be based upon whether or not he was romanced, because he is so much more than that??? and since all other characters have their own destinies and relevancy in the world and lives and we see that reflected in the games but when it’s zevran it feels like it’s all about who he wants to sleep with or there’s no point in him showing up

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I was thinking “ah man I miss the days when people were interested in me”
But then I remembered that I have to be interesting and do interesting things to interest people
But I just work all the time and play video games and reblog feminism on tumblr




The confusion game is strong today at my host family’s apartment today.  It’s my host brother’s birthday, and he has a few friends over.  I can kind of hear what they are saying, but every time I think I understand something they are saying, something happens that confuses me.

Also, side note, my host mom just came by and I googled the word business to find something to pretend I was looking at.  Even though they probably couldn’t understand the English even if they wanted to read my blog, I’m definitely keeping the whole I have a blog thing to myself.

also i finally decided to organize (the surface of) my desk and i found a carton of white chocolate macadamia cookies resting on top of it. i thought my mom must have put it there because she has a habit of silently leaving things on my desk and bed for me to find later, something no one else in my family does (like i’m not kidding i have a genuine tsundere mom)

anyways i was just kind of like shrug these cookies are good. my sister came into my room and ate some too and i fell asleep shortly after. when i woke up, my mom was sitting at my desk because she had to tell me something. in the middle of it, she pauses, picks up the carton of cookies and asks “where did you get this”

"you gave them to me?"


i ended up asking everyone else but no one knows where these cookies came from. do you know what this means, guys


I am yet again giving this whole twitter thing another try so if you wanna follow me for boring updates on my life and my weird fandom ramblings and possibly annoyed queer blogging, go find me @spirkism

My mum fluctuates from weighing herself a few times a year (or not at all for most of the year) to weighing herself a few times a day, as I’ve recently noticed.

I had a really fun day today~

and this is why

  • went to Abunai (DutchAnimeCon)
  • Performed with Raiden ( Yosakoi dance group)
  • We performed with a lot of members
  • The crowd was really enthusiastic
  • I participated in a ParaPara workshop 
  • I sang songs at karaoke (I included doing something awkward while during the music break of the song I sang)
  • I traveled with nice people
  • Just dancing so many songs is awesome and gives me energy

Well then… Today was super awesome <3

So I did the thing again.

anonymous said:

even though im not a big dgm fan anymore i dont think ill ever unfollow you bc your hella rad

The amount of dgm stuff i post/reblog isn’t that high anyways since i’m picky and the fandom is half dead/inactive OTL

!!!! tHANK YOUUU and i understand losing interest but thanks for sticking with me <3

Every day I wake up to a reminder on my phone that says:

Don’t forget that you’re beautiful and you have to love and take care of yourself. You do you. You love you. You are you. And skin doesn’t matter.

because I am incapable of smiling in the mirror without it. 

But the problem isn’t me.

The problem isn’t the fact that I lose control of myself; editing photos of myself to look lighter than I really am or taking pictures in lighting that bleaches my skin so I won’t have to.

The problem isn’t the fact that I don’t take care of myself; using different brands of skin whitening lotions and soaps, wearing tons and tons of sunblock on myself while also forcing myself to stay away from the sun.. even though I’m madly in love with it.

The problem isn’t the fact that I shower every day,rubbing and scraping away at my dead skin, hoping that I’ll be lighter than the minutes before I had started.

The problem IS the fact that I was grown to believe that white is beauty.

The problem IS the fact that I am brainwashed to believe that I won’t find a lover who will take care of me and provide for me if my skin is “too dark”.

The problem IS the fact that relatives and old friends don’t ask me about how I’m doing but about how much weight I’ve put on, how dark I’ve gotten, how much acne I’ve got now, how ugly I am compared to the last time they’ve seen me, and about how I can fix my face with makeup.

The problems are why today, even though I’m not going anywhere, felt disgusted at what I saw in the mirror this morning, forcing myself to put on powder and foundation of lighter colors and to wear leggings and long sleeved shirts.. even though it’s like 90 or 100 degrees outside.

The problems are what had driven me to lose my mind.

The problems are now my insecurities.

And right now, my problem is that I can’t find a way to love myself without trying too hard.