this is legit disappointing to me


Okay, i’m sleep deprived but I’ve been seeing so many jasper/amethyst dance fusions yet none where jasper motorboats amethyst and im so disappointed, c’mon. IT JUST MAKES SENSE TO ME because like, amethyst has the chest gem, jasper has the nose gem…Y’FEEL// Like imagine, it’s not even a legit dance move, but Amethyst talks her into it just because it’s weird and it’ll embarrass her 

  • So today i showed these two boys in my class the gif set of ruby rose cutting of all her hair and stuff and this is their reaction.
  • me:*shows them gif set*
  • boy 1:that dudes hair is nice
  • me:thats a girl
  • boy 1 and 2:wait what
  • me:*disappointed because they didn't pay attaining at the start and make them watch again*
  • boy 1:woah, thats hectic, she's hot as a girl and boy
  • boy 2:i would date her, but like only if it was okay with her.
  • me:not everyone would respect the life/personal choices this person has made
  • boy 2:lmao, why do they care it's not their life.
  • me:i wish all boys we're like you guys.
  • boy 1:lmao thank, can we play dead arm?
  • like legit why can't everyone be as accepting as kids and nice people

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What is your sexuality

i don’t like people honestly… i’ve been alive for nearly two decades and like? i haven’t had a single legit crush on anyone. it’s weird. like i haven’t found anyone so ~*~*attractive*~*~ that i literally lose sleep over it or something

people disappoint me too often for me to like them so idk anymore. i like nice and positive people w/ the same interests as me i guess

I’m legit confused so joss whedon doesn’t think that agents of shield doesn’t matter to the mcu as a whole. Say what?

Um there were thor: the dark world tie ins and we’re still in the freaking captain america: the winter soldier tie in. So he still acknowledges that Coulson is dead. I’m sorry but didn’t you write and direct the pilot episode.

I’m seeing Age of Ultron on Saturday and I’ll probably love it but you’ve disappointed me on this sir.

Last night I had a dream that I visited my high school but avoided all my teachers because I didn’t want to answer the “So what are you doing?” question.

i want to know what moments people consider tyler’s “jerk” moments with caroline. and i’m not talking about when he had a legit reason to be angry/disappointed with her.  ie when she lied to him about mason, gave up one of the hybrids to be murdered in return for a date with klaus, when he left her to get justice for the murder of his mother and try and break free of his abuser, or when he found about her sleeping with klaus,

like i know he lost his temper with her when he found about mason and everything following that was terrible, but technically they weren’t together then. and he acted like an ass when he was first sired (even though that was kind of out of his control). but i don’t think these are the moments that come to mind with people who say he was a jerk to her. or do they? 

am i too much of a tyler stan to not consider these moments as jerky ones? they are like legit emotional reactions to some bullshit imo. he didn’t treat her like trash because he liked it. or because he wanted her to feel like shit. or to get back at her for wronging him. and 99.9% of the times he reacted terribly towards her, tyler made an effort to apologize and make up for it. i’m just ?? about this jerk stuff. 

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I was at the hairdressers once and the girl at the front desk had this really cute bob cut but her hair was straight and I was telling her how good it looked and how sometimes I wish I could have that cut with my hair and my hairdresser walked up and went "you can't do that with your hair mate" and I was like *sigh* "I know" bc my hair would legit be an afro if I ever cut it shorter than shoulder length but it's just so disappointing I feel you

Right??? I’m so scared of cutting my hair too short because having an afro is just not an option for me!


Better Call the Bounty

Just a character of mine who i just call Bounty

Intergalactic Bounty Hunter who goes about popping tags with his space weapons  or crushing skulls in with his bear size hands(uruhurr BEAR HANDS)

Anywho in order you have what he started originally, was just going to be some kinda android robot thing but eventually i settled with a much more…i guess bio-organic look?

Anyways i really love messing with his shape and what not, guy is just fun to pose around as well, oh and i blame my good ol friend  generouslygreedy​ for giving me the urge of working on hims some more after some random fan art she did of this brute 

Oh and also, go follow her tumblr  and her dA, do it, DO IT NAO
You will not be disappoint

She also does like tattoos and stuff which are also legit as fudge  so yeh, go to her now or Goh will devour you 

Hope yall enjoy~! 

…Reading the ac forsaken novel basically prepared me emotionally for the disaster happening in Naruto Gaiden, I kid you not. My emotions were already numb, you can’t break something that’s already broken!

But then again:

Poor Sarada…sweet baby girl. How could Sasuke not be there for you? 

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Hi Irina I just checked the blog of the kid who lied about meeting Louis and I'm frankly very scared for him, dunno if the hate is legit or not but it still makes me really scared because I hate seeing people subject to so much vitriolic hatred. Sometimes I really hate tumblr

Hi, love. Yeah, I was afraid to check but I did just to see if he was okay and it wasn’t a pretty sight, I have no problem believing those are real hate messages. I get it, it was wrong and disappointing (specially for the trans* fans), but bullying the kid and sending death threats and misgendering him is not the way to go. He’s clearly not okay, please, stop this.

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ahahahahaha oh my god. I’m chaotic neutral last time I took the test I feel like that is legit

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Would you follow I'm new to tumble

I’m sorry if you’re a person running a legit blog, but so far, there’s only two reblogs on your blog and there’s no way I can tell whether you’re a scammer or not, and I’ve become quite cautious when it comes to that. Please don’t take it personally.

However, if you run your blog for a little longer, I might check it out. :) Just please understand I can’t follow everybody back; if I followed almost 3,000 blogs + approximately 300 who didn’t follow me back, my Tumblr would be one hell of a mess. :/

I hope you are not disappointed and can understand a little. u_u I wish you a great day, though! <3

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Joss did that to you because you say stupid words like ship and feels. Get over yourself it's just a damn movie.

If you honestly feel like “it’s just a damn movie”, then why did you feel the need to waste your time, come to my inbox to anonymously degrade me and my “stupid” post for my usage of “stupid” words like ‘ship’ and ‘feels’? 

Maybe YOU, need to get over YOURSELF