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     A trip to Hell wasn’t something she was planning today or for the next few months, really. It wasn’t until one of her demons brought a letter to her door that she cancelled all of her plans for the next week and pay a visit to her beloved kingdom.

     Of course a demon war worried her, but she had faith that her armies wouldn’t let her down. Only the best were leading the entire thing anyways, so there was no cause for true alarm.

     Upon arrival, it was easy for her to find Val. He was lurking in his own little corner of Hell no jokes intended and seemed to be busy. But if he had time to write a letter, then she believed that he had time to talk to her. Besides, he said himself that he missed her. A visit shouldn’t be entirely unwelcome.

     So with a smile on her face she approached, hoping he’d be just as happy to see her as she was to see him.

                  ❝Val! I got your letter.❞

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Jinki knew now why the boy in the dorm room across from his looked familiar. He was the very same /girl/ he had a crush on since fifth grade. (Sorry i cheated and wrote 2 sentences. Gwiboon transitioned to Kibum pls?)

First of all, thank you a whole lot for sending me a sentence! I appreciate it a lot :3
Also, don’t worry about “cheating” on the limit thing; I do that all the time OTL  I am honestly really excited and yet hella scared about this, because I’ve never written anything dealing with this topic. It has been very interesting to write (and also refreshing, since it was something totally new for me), but also ojknghjkl I feel I lack the skill to write about more delicate topics such as this one (and many other. Let’s say I lack skills for almost everything, stat lol). 
Yet as silly and simple (and cheesy lol) as this drabble is, I hope you’ll enjoy it :)
Thank you once again <3

Jinki knew now why the boy in the dorm room across from his looked familiar. He was the very same girl he had a crush on since fifth grade.

He had changed a lot since then - long brown curls had left space to short, spiky blond hair, soft features had sharpened under the weight of the years that had passed, and he was sure that just Gwiboon in general had left space to someone totally new (and yet the same).

However in the midst of all those realizations, only one thought really crossed Jinki’s mind at that moment: he was even more beautiful than he had been before and he couldn’t help but feel enchanted by him all the same - so much that his stomach still tickled with swirls of warm butterflies like it did when they were little.
It made him genuinely smile.

Their eyes finally met and he took the chance to offer a timid wave.

“Mh, I think, I think we’ve never introduced before?” he hesitantly mumbled, “I’m Jinki.”

“Kibum.” the boy offered back, mirroring the elder’s smile with one of his own.

Just like that, Jinki was sure of it: he was in love yet again.

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Leverage OT3 Sleep Headcanons
  • As we all know, every member of the Leverage OT3 has horrible nightmares from time to time.  Hardison likes being cuddled afterwards while Eliot and Parker would rather, like, sit in silence and enjoy the comfort of the other’s presence.  Most of the time.  Only one night Eliot wakes up confused and scared and grabs at the nearest safe warm thing he can find, which happens to be Hardison.  And he just cries quietly into Hardison’s chest for a minute and Hardison has this “what the fuck is happening” look on his face, but he just goes with it.  (Parker is not sure what is happening either so she just starts petting his hair or something).  And then Eliot realizes what he’s doing and pulls back and is just like “We do not speak of this again, this does not leave this room” and tries to go back to sleep.
  • Part of the reason Eliot wants to pretend it never happened is because of the whole Eliot Thing where Eliot can never admit that he has had an emotion, and also because he doesn’t want to Burden His Innocent Partners with his Inner Darkness.  However, part of the reason is also that Eliot does not want to encourage Hardison, because…
  • …Hardison is such a sleep-cuddler.  Like, every three mornings or so Eliot wakes everyone up with a “damn it, Hardison”, because Hardison is hardcore snuggling him, like, with his face pressed into Eliot’s neck and everything.  This annoys Eliot so much, because he likes to get up early and cook breakfast for everyone before they wake up, but he can’t do that if he has to yell at his boyfriend and wake everyone up.
  • It also annoys Eliot because he is worried that if he allows Hardison to sleep-cuddle him, sooner or later, he will get the urge to sleep-cuddle him back.  Which is unacceptable, partly for Eliot Feelings reasons, but also partly because he is worried that he will involuntarily injure Hardison in his sleep, and Eliot, careful and considerate baby wooly mammoth that he is, cannot allow that to happen.
  • Hardison does not have this problem with Parker because Parker will not stay still long enough to be cuddled.  Parker is constantly moving around in her sleep and ends up in a new weird position every morning.  It is not unusual for Eliot and Hardison to wake up with Parker’s feet in their faces and at this point they just shrug and accept it.
  • Also, Parker snores.  Look, I’m only on season 2, I don’t know if this (or anything I’m writing), is contradicted by canon somehow, but.  Parker snores.  She’s this suave expert cat burglar thief and she fucking snores.  And of course she had no idea until Eliot and Hardison told her.
  • Basically Parker is the most annoying person in the world to sleep in the same bed with and she absolutely revels in it.  And once a week Eliot is like, “smh Parker if you do that one more time you are sleeping on the goddamn couch” but everyone knows he doesn’t mean it.

((So I go on the Cumberbatch tag looking for some images/ideas for a 1980′s RP and face claim images for side character. Yeah, big mistake. All I see is this filth and spew about Sophie Hunter and I’m disgusted. There are women out there who are wasting their precious life digging up shit and making up vicious, horrible stories and bugging the hell out of those who surround BC and SH… and Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, it’s just flat out awful. I mean, truly. What a fucking waste. Stop being sheeple. Go outside. Take a run. Play with your kids. Take in an opera. Learn something. If you want to play detective, read a book, or better yet write a mystery of your own, or run a creative positive blog. I mean, folks. Isn’t it just the slightest bit embarrassing? Can you really stand in front of your friends and family and tell them to their faces that you run a blog online that is focused on nothing but venomous hate for the wife of a celebrity? Gossip, one way or the other, whether as a “skeptic” or a “nanny” is not creative. It’s unhealthy. It’s negative energy, sucking the life right out of you. Gossip is not the function of a rational, sane mind. Utterly shameful.))

((ETA: Just got pointed to a post where someone wished SH would miscarry. JESUS! THAT’S JUST EVIL. WHERE’S YOUR BRAIN? GOOD GOD. How can you wish that on ANYONE YOU SICK FUCK!?))

Letter to Andy

Dear Andy, 

I said I’d send you pictures because you can’t actually come here yourself. The first place on our magical journey through Draenor is Warspear. 

For some reason we’ve set up camp here. Apparently there’s some artifact we’re trying to get our hands on? Sounds like Pandaria all over again with that damned bell if you ask me. I’ll look into it. I kinda want to know what it is.

We have our own little section of base tucked away for ourselves. Unfortunately the horrible Orcish hut designs are much quicker to put up than our lovely and intricate tents. You’d think it’d be the other way around, with our magic, but apparently the Orcs have perfected the art of slapping architecture together pretty quickly. I’m pretty sure the spikes are holding everything up with spit and a prayer.

There’s a huge fire pit near where the Tauren hang out. They roast whatever enterprising adventurers bring back in the evening. Usually it’s boar. Sometimes it’s Riverbeast. I’ll cover them in my letter from Talador. 

The Goblins also set up shop real quick, took up most of the space, I feel. We totally could’ve used some of it for a Tower with all the comforts of home, but no. Tank depots. Shredder assembly. Bomb storage. I was told, when I asked, that it had been two hours since there had been any workplace accidents. Wow.

The birdfolk are called Arakkoa. The hunched ones are cursed, the upright ones aren’t. They are actually pretty awesome. If I make it out to the Spires this trip I’ll take some pictures of their homes. I hope they continue to be our friends. 

I’ll send another letter soon! I’ve had a lead on some work near Auchindoun, but they’re offering some coin to those who help try and find this whatever-the-fuck artifact too. 

All my best, 

<<Stuck to the back of the last picture is a smaller one, it’s highly possible this one wasn’t meant to make it into this stack. Oops.>>


thatgirlnamedeleanor asked:

For the two characters thing (if no one else has said these two already): Voldemort or Quirrell? I'm so sorry ;)

Why do you people keep doing this to me!?  Yes, I was asked to choose between my babies once already. ><   But I will answer again you’re a dear.  A horrible, cruel dear, but still. 

I would choose Quirrell.  Voldemort would want me to save Quirrell.  We both love him too much.  I get the feeling that if I went to save him, Voldemort would put his wand to my throat and tell me to save his Squirrel instead because a world without Quirrell is not okay.

Send me 2 characters and I’ll tell you which one I’d save