this is ella's time right now

I just saw Cinderella and it honestly meant so much to me? I cried like five times? Wtf? I’m literally so inspired right now to be a more positive and kind person and I am absolutely in love with Ella’s character, what a brave, wonderful female she is.

A New Chapter #3- Terrible Twos

“Ella!” Harry says grabbing her down from the top of the kitchen counter. “What do you think you’re doing?” He says. “You know you’re not supposed to climb onto the counter.” He says. “I do it! I big!” She pouts. Harry sighs. “I know you think you’re a big girl, love, but there are still some things that you’re too small to do.” He says softly. “No! I big! I get my cup!” She groans and tries to climb back up onto the counter. Harry sighs grabbing her again, which then causes her to start kicking and screaming. “Ella Anne Styles, you stop this right now!” Harry says. “No! No! No!” She screams still kicking her feet around. “Fine. You don’t want to listen you’re going to time out.” He says. “No! Daddy mean!” She says and starts trying to push him away from her. Harry sighs walking over to the time out spot. He puts her in the chair. “Now, you’re going to sit here until you learn to listen.” He says firmly. “No!” She says crossing her arms. “I Wisten.” She says. “I wan mummy! I wan Mummy!” She cries. You were upstairs gathering laundry, when you heard Ella’s outburst, so you went downstairs. “What’s wrong?” You ask Harry. “She was climbing on the counter and I took her off. I told her she knows she’s not allowed to do that, but she continued to try it anyway and then when I grabbed her again, she started kicking and screaming.” He says. You sigh. “Ella is that true? Did you not listen to Daddy?” You ask. “I jus wan juice.” She whispers sadly. “I big. I do it.” She whispers. You sigh kneeling down to her. “Baby. We know that you’re a big girl, but there are some things that you’re still too small to do. We don’t want you to get hurt. That’s why if you need something, you come get me or Daddy.” You say. “You could have fallen down from the counter and gotten really hurt.” You say rubbing her back. She sighs looking down. “No wan get hurt.” She sniffles. “I sowwy Daddy.” She whispers looking up at Harry sniffling. He sighs hugging her. “It’s okay. I know you want to be a big girl, but like Mummy said we don’t want anything to happen to you.” He says. She nods holding onto him tightly. “I till in timey out?” She sniffles. You look over at Harry and Harry looks back at you. He sighs. “No.” He says. You laugh shaking your head. “She’s got you wrapped around her finger.” You say as he Harry holds Ella. “It’s because she looks like you.” He laughs. “Oh, whatever, I don’t have you that wrapped around my finger.” You smirk. “That may be true, but you still have my heart.” He smirks. “You’re so cheesy.” You laugh heading into the kitchen. “Baby girl, do you still want some juice?” You ask. She nods to you. “Pwease.” She whispers. You smile grabbing her favorite little cup and pouring some apple juice in it before handing it do her. “Fank ya.” She whispers softly as she slowly drinks it. “It’s almost lunch time, I’m going to get Edward from the playroom.” You smile. Harry nods. “I’ll start lunch. Ella want to help me?” He asks. She nods quickly smiling. He smiles kissing her head before putting her down and bringing the stool over by him as he gets everything that he needs for lunch. 

“Edward.” You smile. “Hi, Mummy!” He giggles as he runs his cars along the track. “Are you ready for lunch? Daddy and Ella are making it now.” You say. “No! I wan pway.” He says. “No hungi.” He says. You sigh. “Edward.” You say. “Daddy’s making your favorite and after lunch you can play a little before nap time.” You say. “No wunch, no nap. Pway.” He says turning away from you and go back to his cars. You sigh walking over to him. “Edward. Come on, we need to get you washed up.” You say. “No!” He shouts. “No go! Pway!” He says throwing a car towards you. “Edward Michael Styles!” You say. “You do not throw things at me or anyone for that matter and you do not raise your voice at me.” You say firmly. He looks at you before busting out in tears and hitting the ground. You sigh rubbing your forehead before picking him up. “If you don’t stop this right now, you won’t be able to play with your cars for the rest of the day.” You say firmly. “And when Ollie comes home, you won’t get to play cars with him.” You say. Edward looks at you sadly. “Pway Ollie.” He sniffles. “Then you stop this right now.” You say. “You have all the time in the world to play. You need to have lunch and have nap time.” You say. He sniffles and looks away from you. “Come on.” You say kissing his head before carrying him downstairs. “Brova!” Ella gasps walking over to him and hugging him after you put him down. He sniffles hugging her tightly. After lunch, you get the twins ready for their naps. “No nap!” Ella pouts. “No! Sweepy!” She giggles. “Ella remember what we said about listening.” Harry says. “I Wisten, but no sleepy, Daddy.” She giggles jumping up and down on the toddler bed. Edward giggles and starts doing the same in his bed. “If you two do not stop, we’re going to separate you and you both won’t be able to play for the rest of the day, even once Ollie comes home. No playing with the puppy either.” You say firmly. Both of them stop before starting to cry. Harry sighs sadly looking at  you. You shake your head and tuck the kids in before leaving their room and shutting the door. “They’ll be fine. They’ll tire themselves out soon.” you say walking into your bedroom. “I know, I know, I just hate seeing and hearing them like that.” He sighs. “I don’t like our babies crying.” He pouts to you. You sigh. “I know you don’t. I don’t either, but we have to be firm with them. In case you haven’t notice we’re at that terrible twos stage.” You groan. “Which means they’re going to be like that at least every day.” You say. He groans. “I remember Ollie at that age.” He says. “And we thought he was a handful, now we have two handfuls at one time.” He jokes. “I blame you.” You say. “What? Why me?” He laughs. “Because you act like that most of the time when you don’t get your way.” You smirk. “I do not!” He whines. “See!” You laugh. He playfully glares at you before pushing you back on the bed and tickling you. 

Later that day, you all were in the car getting Oliver from school. “Mummy!” He smiles when he sees you standing by the car. You giggle opening your arms for him. He smiles jumping into them. “I missed you!” He says hugging you tightly. “And I missed you. So much.” You smile kissing his head. He giggles and you help him get in the car. “Daddy!” He giggles. “Hi!” He smiles. “Hey, little man, how was school?” He asks. “Fun!” He giggles. “I don’t think I ever said that about school.” Harry laughs as he backs the car up to head home. “Brova!” The twins giggle at him. “Hi Hi!” Oliver smiles waving to them. “I missed ya!” He smiles. “Miss!” They both nod to him. You smile back at them before grabbing Harry’s hand. “So, I was thinking that maybe we could head to my Mum’s house this weekend after Ollie get’s out of school.” Harry says. “Maybe it will help with those terrible twos back there. We both know how my Mum can be. I mean she raised me and Gem, she had handfuls of her own.” He jokes. “So, you do admit that they get it from you.” You smirk. “Bloody Hell, I guess I did.” He laughs. “But you know you wouldn’t want me any other way.” He smirks. “Hmm. Nope.” You smile. “You’re perfect for me.” You smile. “Always have been.” You smile leaning over to kiss him, when all three kids groan and making yucky sounds from the backseats. You giggle. “What?” You say looking back at them. “I can’t kiss Daddy?” You ask. “No! It gross.” Oliver giggles. “Ya Goss!” Edward giggles. You smirk. “You’re right it is!” You joke. “Hey!” Harry groans. “I heard that!” He says. “And you didn’t seem to think I was gross this morning.” He smirks whispering to you. “Or last night, or this afternoon.” He adds. You groan hitting his arm. “Oh, shut it.” You giggle. He smirks over at you and soon he pulls in the driveway. Oliver gets himself out of the car and rushes to the door. “I can’t wait Pway wif ACE!” He giggles. “Well, you can play with him for a bit, but then we need to make time to look over your school folder.” You say getting Edward out. “Kay, Mummy!” He sighs nodding. When you get inside the house, all three kids rush to play with Ace outside as you and Harry stand near the door watching. “So, these terrible twos are making me rethink having tons of kids.” Harry jokes. You giggle wrapping your arms around him. “Me too.” You joke. “But you know what helps with that?” You ask. “What?” He smiles down at you. “Having kids with you and seeing the smiles at their happy faces making those terrible two moments worth it.” You smile. He smiles widely. “Are you suggesting on making another little Styles, Y/N?” He whispers. “Perhaps.” You smile up at him. Before Harry can respond you both hear,“Hey! I had dat first!” Ella groans to Edward as they both fight over Ace’s toy they were taking turns throwing. “Nuh, uh! I did!” Edward groans back. Oliver groans throwing his hands in the air walking over to them. “No, fighting!” He says trying to get the toy from them. “Or on second thought, let’s wait a few months or uh, years.” You laugh. “I agree.” He laughs before you both head outside to break up the mini fight in the backyard. 

tag game

i was tagged by the lovely nehmesis, thanks <3

name: ella
time: 15:16
average hours of sleep per night: school night, 7, but on a weekend 13ish
last thing i googled: w3schools (i’m a fucking nerd okay)
nickname: none? (i can’t stand being called “ell”)
birthday: 27th august
gender: female
height: 5′7 (maybe a bit more, i think i’ve grown a bit?)
favorite color: black 
one place that makes me happy: my room. 
favorite film: currently the imitation game because it broke me
what im wearing right now: leggings and a t-shirt
last book you read: half-blood prince (i went on a trip so i took comfort reading with me)
most used phrase: fucking hell, holy shit, oh my god
first word that comes to mind: equilibrium
favorite beverage: mocha
favorite food: pizza. or pasta. or something.
last film i saw in theaters: mockingjay part 1 it’s been like a year
dream vacation: does staying in my room count? 
dream wedding: spring, i think. (or no wedding at all. i’m cool with that.)
dream pet: cat
dream job: writer i guess? 

tagging parseltongxe, curlsandvenom, newtmasdoesthedo, crucio-cas, sangsturs, rungreenierun and anyone else who wants to do this i guess

TAGGED BY: kyuubanme, better-than-kakashi, naraboss, muta-aburame

TIME AND DATE: 6:26 PM. 3rd of May, 2015


LAST THING I GOOGLED: Ridiculous Batman faces

NICKNAME: Elle; Ellie; Ella; Else; Fairy; Pixie; Tamaki-senpai

BIRTHDAY: June 27th

GENDER: Female


HEIGHT: 4′11″




WHAT I’M WEARING RIGHT NOW: Jeans, white tank-top under a sheer, mint blouse. Dark green high heels.

LAST BOOK I READ: How to Read Literature Like a Professor - Thomas C. Foster


FAVORITE FOOD: Fettuccine Alfredo


DREAM VACATION: Anywhere and everywhere I can go

DREAM WEDDING: Ok ok ok ok, don’t laugh at me.

I want a summer evening wedding on the traditional fairy feast day. Fireflies in jars for lights, and with the soft chirp of crickets, outside, with trees and fields, somewhere in the country ;w; ahhh but i’m just a sad little mop that romanticizes too much

DREAM PET: I miss my ferret TwT, she was perfect.

DREAM JOB: Owning an independent bookstore

I TAG: Everyone! Everyone do this and tag me as having tagged you.

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i'm so infinitely proud of you both for keeping this up for four months. that's just insane and incredible, and i believe that it's due in part to the wonderful members but also in a large, large part due to the amazing team of admins who run this, and who devote so much time to this. so hannah & ella, thank you so much for putting so much time and energy into this and for making this such a wonderful roleplay experience. you're both so incredible. thank you, and congratulations.

This was so lovely to read. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and send this to us; it means bunchs! We most definitely could not have done this without our lovely members and I am forever grateful to the group of players we have right now. Big smiles all around. I don’t know how to adequately thank you for this message because I feel like what I’m writing isn’t enough? Ugh! Just thank you! I hope you have an amazing night/day! This really means the world to us.

Thank you luciferlordofheck for tagging me and asking questions..

1) Spell your name with song titles.

Colossus by Tyler, The Creator

Au Revoir by The Front Bottoms

Run by Tyler, The Creator

Sam (Is Dead) by Odd Future

Oakland by Childish Gambino

No. 1 Party Anthem by Arctic Monkeys

CHERRY BOMB by Tyler, The Creator

Odd Toddlers by Tyler, The Creator

Orange Juice by Odd Future

Peach by The Front Bottoms

Earth The Oldest Computer by Childish Gambino

Rella by Odd Future

2)  Why did you choose your url?

Me and my friend said it should be a band name a long time ago, got tired of my old one.

3) What is your middle name?


4) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

I can’t think of any right now

5)  Favourite colour
black or brown

6) Favourite Song
Not sure, it changes a lot. I guess Orange Juice or AssMIlk

7) Top 3 fandoms?

8) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
It’s fun and keeps me entertained

9) Tag 9 other people
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Dear Duchess,

We have come to trust you as our Duchess of Tulia. Word has come to the attention of those that matter, that the current King of Snow is missing. From what we understand for long months they have tried to keep such information from the people especially to us in Tulia that are still loyal to the McClouds as being rightful heir to the throne.

The Duke too, seems in absence except perhaps in McCloud’s tavern so we have decided to send word to you. The time is now to lead. Either get the Duke of Tulia to do what he must and gain his throne back for Tulia… For himself and For our beloved Ella or the people of Tulia will uprise. You have been forewarned. Return immediately to Tulia and set things to rights Mine Lady while the timing is perfect.

The People of Tulia are ready…..

Little Mary’Ella

Mary’Ella is being awfully grouchy today.. Layna is exhausted and can’t seem to do anything right with this princess today :(

Come to find out… all Mary’Ella wanted was to have nap time with her mommy♥ Layna was content with that and now they’re both napping peacefully >.< Poor Ari is working at the hospital and wont be home til late.. He always misses out on the cute little moments…

jacksubjectzero from here: [ X ]

Around the corner with a sizable amount of sandwich crammed into her mouth and a mug of soup (made by who was a question Jack would not answer - someone, she would reply, and look elsewhere while taking a slow sip from her mug. Spoons? Fuck spoons!) came the biotic. She had not been expecting Ella to be standing right there. This was the Normandy. This was a corridor in the Normandy that was not frequented, let alone Ella.
At this time… usually.
And now the soup that had been in the mug was now decorating Ella and the sandwich that had been in Jack’s mouth was now all over.  And the floor.  And Ella’s arm.

          Ella wasn’t exactly standing in said corner, aboard her ship, but more hurrying out of the elevator and into the crew area of the deck to reach the medbay quickly. It was nothing too serious but she was in a hurry the very most times of the day. She was still fighting a war she intended to win.

          Normally she was at least careful for a short moment before she rushed around the corner but not today, what bit her in the ass this time in for of hot soup all over her clothes.

                     ❝ Oh, fuck, ❞ she cursed loudly, before she started to strip off the hoody. A trained behavior in case she got in contact with more dangerous substances than… soup. Ella looked down at herself and saw her skin turning red where it had been exposed to the hot fluid, but gladly it hadn’t been hot enough to burn her severely, it would probably just annoy her for the rest of the day.  Dammit Jack, can’t you be more careful?Yet the fact that it wasn’t a too bad burn didn’t exactly lighten her mood over the incident.

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anymore bottom louis one shots please ? :)

I don’t know your preferences so I’m just going to throw a large spectrum of things at you.

Thank The Hotel - somnophilia/dubcon

ain’t had none like you in a while - age difference/time travel

it’s hard to look right at you, baby - coffee shop au

Right Side of the Wrong Bed - cute and funny strangers to lovers

Fall Into Some Velvet Morning - yoga!harry, skater boy!louis

Laugh For Me - fluffy canon relationship rejuvenation 

louder, louder - harry making louis feel better

your hand in mine - mpreg/kidfic/lactttion kink/ this is part 4

Smaller Than Me - hurt/comfort, doctor!harry, possibly hooker!louis

Hearts Like Ours - bookstore au/humor

that’s all I can conjure for now, I’ll try and add more to our bottom!louis tag.


-Smooth talking stranger (Travis #3)

I literally read this like 10X because like.. Ella doesn’t do traditional and Jack would be the last you’d expect to settle down, but they’re just so perf for each other it’s NOT normal lol.

GUYS if you’re looking for a good read, you’re in the right place..

Travis Series By Lisa Kleypas

Now I’m going to wait patiently for the last book to come out.. Till next time (:

white-summer-dream asked:

4, 9, 10, 15 :)

4. visually stunning movies - Moulin Rouge and the Great Gatsby (ahh I love Baz Luhrmann’s aesthetic)
9. movies you rewatch frequently - any and all Disney movies, Moulin Rouge, the Phantom of the Opera, Ella Enchanted, School of Rock, Almost Famous, the Help (although it’s a bit painful now to watch), Les Mis, Much Ado About Nothing (1993) and ALL THE LOTR MOVIES ALL THE TIME (this isn’t counting anything like TSRS or any live recordings of musicals/plays)
10. movies you’ll never watch again - Cinderella (live action), Snow White and the Huntsman (unresolved romance, one dimensional plot NO), Frozen, any of the horribly disappointing sequels to Disney movies and a whole bunch of others I can’t remember right now
15. movies you loved as a kid - BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Dumbo, Ella Enchanted, the Princess Diaries and pretty much every Disney movie ever

Thanks :)

Tag 10 people you want to get to know better!

I was tagged by heilcoulson, thanks! :)
Name: Katelyn
Time and Date: 2:50 pm EST, April 27th, 2015
Average hours of sleep per night: Probably 5-7
Last thing I googled: The unit circle
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5 ft 2 in
Favourite colour: green
One place that makes me happy: There’s this really bug performing arts center like an hour away, but once or twice a year we do a show there. Either there or the bookstore.
How many blankets do I sleep under: 1
Favorite movies: All time, probably Ella Enchanted. Currently, it’s Big Hero 6.
What I’m wearing right now: jeans, T-shirt, and a jacket.
Last book you read: “House of Hades” by Rick Riordan. But I’m currently enjoying “All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque
Most Used Phrases: “Fantastic”, “Like”, “Honestly”, “You do you”.
First word that comes to mind: sketchbook
What I last said to a family member: Okay
Favorite Beverage: Pepsi, but Coke is good too.
Favorite food: Pizza, Macaroni, Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken and Dumplings, my mom’s cornbread, any bread really.
Last movie I watched in Theatres: Avengers: Insurgent
Dream Vacation: Tour around Europe. It’s cliché, but I think it would be so cool.
Dream Wedding: Not on the beach. Honestly, I think anything else would be fine.
Dream pet: Fox.
Dream job: Owning a community-oriented bookshop. Either that or Art Therapy.

So I’m tagging justopolis-city selina-kyle-makes-me-smile magicstorm2019 lameponboobpunch hello-mynameisanxiety kiwiwire therealtravelerdillonb rawringpopcorn messrsiriusblack shockingblankets. Also, anyone else who wants to do it. I mean, why should only a select few be able to participate?


So I’ve bee looking forward all day to write in you! well i should say on lol i just got home from driving around my sister in law which is my brother Oscars girlfriend and guess why? She sneezed last night and swallowed he septum piercing hahha what a doofus!! So drove her and she was so nice! She bought Jamba Juice which is this juice place here around the mall and she got me to try this juice that she says her and her mom would drink and its so good. Her mom passed away a couple of years ago from cancer and its just her and her sister now so she’s always over, she’s not a bad person just a bit stranger than most but her and Oscar are perfect together. right now my mom is with my brother and sister Alla which you say like ella at the optometrist and Alla doesn’t even need glasses… like she’s so dramatic saying she can’t see all the time which is so annoying but after they are going to come and pick me and me brother chazz up so we could go to Aden’s work at a sandwich shop hahah yeah heh makes sandwiches and last time went the refrigerator had frozen all the vegetables so by the time my grandma and i got home our sandwich was soaking water… it was disgusting. But today my mom wants to surprise Aden with almost the whole family going hahaha BUT Aden got mad at me last night and blocked me like how immature can he get right?! So imagine him right now when he see me? haha but yeah. i can’t stop thinking about last night with him… it was so good and I like his hands all over me.

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10 of your favourite songs 👸🏼

They change all the time tbh but my favorite right now are 

  1. Ellie Goulding; Outside 
  2. Alesso ft. Tove Lo; Heroes
  3. Sash; Mysterious Times
  4. Dj Fresh ft Ella Eyre; Gravity
  5. Kelly Clarkson; Heartbeat Song
  6. George Ezra; Blame It On Me
  7. Flo Rida; GDFR
  8. Philip George; Wish You Were Mine
  9. Fall Out Boy; Twin Skeletons
  10. Lady Antebellum; Need You Now

blastflight asked:

Moonpetal Lily

Oh, yep! For sure!

Up until about a month ago, Ella was actually a full-time nurse for Gigavolt Industrial. She once saved a man’s life with a drinking straw.

Unfortunately, the constant pressure got to her and she quit. For now, she’s a part-time punk rocker and a developing shadow priest, since she didn’t want to be a nurse to begin with and only became one out of necessity.

When the situation arises, however, you can bet she’ll get right to work.

paambeesly asked:

multiples of 10

10: What are you listening to?

the sweet sounds of Ella Enchanted

20: What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?

probably something about chris evans

30: Would it be hard seeing someone else kiss the last person you kissed?

lol no i aint care

40: Have you ever regretted kissing someone?


50: Why aren’t you pursuing the person you like?

i don’t really have one right now!

60: Have you ever played Spin the Bottle?

sort of? a loooooong time ago

70: Are you a monogamous person or do you believe in open-ended relationships?

i personally think i would be monogamous but i don’t think there’s anything wrong with an open ended relationship if everyone involved is sincerely okay with it

80: Would you get involved with someone if they had a child already?

LMFAO no i dont even want to have my own kids much less be around someone else’s

90: Have you ever gotten back in touch with an old flame after a time of more than 3 months of no communication?

i don’t have any of those so nah

100: Anybody on Tumblr that you’d go on a date with?

probably? there’s a hell of a lot of people on this website man

110: If you could kiss anyone who would it be? 

right now it’s charlie cox and preferably after he’s been recently beaten up


“What?! After Yana, now you Ella?! What is wrong with the world?!” Natalie said, slumping on the chair. “I thought we promised not to get into a relationship before we finished college?” Natalie asked, crossing her arms.

Ella sat next to Natalie. “I’m sorry Natalie…” Ella said, holding Natalie’s hand. “But once you fall in-love, you fall hard. It’s not that easy to go away from it anymore.”

Natalie stared at Ella bored; she scratched her nose and ignored her friend. “Please speak English.” Natalie said.

Ella chuckled. “Poor Ali…” Ella said ruffling her friend’s hair. Natalie swatted her hand away. “You might not understand it now, but when the right time comes. You’ll get me.” Ella said.

“That time will never come.” Natalie said, reaching for the bottle of liquor in the table.

“You don’t know that…” Ella said.

Natalie took a long swig from the bottle. “Whoa! This is good.” Natalie said, looking at the bottle, fondly. Ella shook her head and pulled the bottle from Natalie’s grasp.

“Yah!!! Give it back!” Natalie said, sitting up.

“Forget about this. I’ll treat you out.” Natalie said.

“Really?” Natalie beamed.

“Yes. Come on.” Ella said, pulling Natalie out of the chair.


The two met up with Yana and her boyfriend. Ella’s boyfriend arrived minutes later. And they started talking about nonsense, forgetting about Natalie, Natalie stared at them bored, so she turned her attention to the liquor bottles, gulping down her third bottle, she slammed the bottle back to the table. All four heads turned to her. She hiccupped.

“Sorry…” She said, smiling drunkenly. “I’ll just be dancing over there…” She said, walking to the dance floor wobbling. She then started to dance. Swaying her hips and pumping her hands in the air. Boys started to circle around her, she grinned at them flirtatiously. That’s when Ella and Yana swooped in to get their friend.

“Wait! I’m just starting to have fun.” Natalie said.

“We’re going home Ali. The boys are looking at you like your some kind of treat.” Yana said.

“Isn’t that what you want? Me, trying to date?” Natalie said.

“But not like this… I knew this was a bad idea.” Yana said shaking her head. “Come now, Ali… you’re drunk.” Yana said, pulling Natalie from the dance floor.

“No, I’m not.” Natalie said, pulling her hand free and bumping to a boy. The boy held her in place.

“Are you okay?” The boy asked.

“I’m sorry… she’s drunk.” Yana said, pulling Natalie away from the boy.

“It’s okay…” The boy said. The three started to walk away when suddenly… the boy stopped them.

“Wait. I… I want something for an apology…” The boy said. The three turned around. Natalie crossed her arms.

“We didn’t do anything. Why would you want an apology?” Natalie asked.

Ella elbowed her. Natalie looked at her.

“What?” Natalie asked, annoyed. Ella shook her head.

“What do you want for an apology?” Ella asked, kindly. Natalie looked at her friend like she has lost her mind.

“Your name.” The boy said, smiling at Natalie.

“My name? And why would you want my name?” Natalie asked, stubbornly.

“If you don’t want to give me your real name. You can give me just any name.” The boy said. Natalie looked at the boy, seizing him up.

“Fine. It’s Alexa.” Natalie said, looking away.

“No!!! Her name’s Natalie! Everyone knows her here.” Shouted one of the boys. Natalie glared at the boy.

“I’ll get back to you later!” Natalie yelled.

“Oh! I’ll be waiting for it.” The boy called back. The other boys snickered and they exchanged their annoying handshakes. Natalie started to move towards the boys, but Ella and Yana stopped her.

The boy chuckled. “Well… nice meeting you tonight, Ms. Natalie. This won’t be the last.” The boy said, winking at her, and then he left.

When the five of them got out, Natalie kicked Yana’s boyfriend’s car. “Damn you asshole!!!! You’re going to say hello to my fist the next time we meet!”


“Ali! Wake up… you’re going to be late for school.” Ella shook her.

“My head hurts like hell, Ella. I’m going to rest.” Natalie said, pulling the covers over her.

Ella pulled back the blanket and pulled Natalie up. “No, you’re not. Come on…”

Natalie sat up and rubbed her eyes. “Ella…”

“No. You’re going to school. Hurry, you have twenty minutes.” Ella said, looking at her watch.

Minutes later, the two were on the car to school. Natalie was wearing her sunglasses and just a hoodie over pants, with her sneakers. Ella glanced at her.

“Everyone will think you’re sick.” Ella said.

“I am sick.” Natalie replied.

“I’m sorry Ali, I know it’s my fault for that hang-over of yours… but you cannot skip this class today.” Ella said.

“And why is that?” Natalie asked.

“You’ll see.” Ella said, smiling at her.


Natalie sat at the back, with her arms crossed. Sebastian walked over to her and sat next to her.

“Woke up on the wrong side of the bed?” Sebastian asked.

“You can put it that way…” Natalie said, putting out her phone, busying herself.

“Oh. I think I get it… hangover.” Sebastian said grinning at her. “I wonder what made you drink that much this time.”

Natalie faced him, her glasses lowering an inch. “Don’t go there Sebastian.” Natalie said.

“Okay.” Sebastian said, nodding his head. Natalie fixed her sunglasses and went back to her phone.

Minutes later, the teacher came in, followed by a very familiar boy. Natalie sat straight, her glasses lowering down to her nose. Sebastian looked at Natalie then to the boy in front.

“You know him?” Sebastian asked.

The boy looked up and smiled when he saw Natalie. All eyes then set on Natalie.

“It seems you two have met… why don’t you introduce him to us Natalie.” The teacher said.

“I’m sorry… I don’t know him. He was just someone I met at the bar.” Natalie said, with a stubborn tilt in her chin. Sebastian choked. The teacher looked at the boy. The boy just laughed.

“She’s telling the truth. She doesn’t know me.” The boy said, never looking away from Natalie.

The teacher cleared his throat. “Well then… to everyone’s benefit and most especially to you Ms. Natalie. This is Thomas. The heir of the Delacroix Family.”

All jaws dropped. Natalie’s sunglasses dropped on the floor. Sebastian turned to face Natalie. The boy grinned.

“Well… because you two seem to have built a relationship. I think it is best for you two to sit next to each other.” The teacher said. Thomas walked up to the steps then sat next to her.

Thomas leaned in. “I told you. Last night, wouldn’t be the last.” Thomas said.

Natalie rolled her eyes and rested on the table, ignoring the world and most especially the boy next to him. Minutes later, Natalie was awoken by the sounds of the bells ringing, announcing lunch. She sat up and stretched, finding the room empty. She looked at her watch.

“Shit.” She muttered.

“I told them not to wake you; you seem to need all the sleep in the world.”

Natalie jumped at her sit. “Holy fucking cow… You gave me a heart attack! Why are you still even here?”

Thomas smiled at her. “I was thinking we could have lunch together.” He said.

“Seriously?” Natalie asked suspiciously.

Thomas smiled again. “Of course, I’m serious.” He said, standing up. He then offered a hand. “So will you give me the honor of having lunch with you?”

Natalie ignored his hand. “Why am I always stuck with weirdoes?” Natalie asked, walking away first. Thomas followed closely behind.


Everyone was looking at them, whispering to each other. The girls were giving her dirty glares. Natalie rolled her eyes and ignored them all, sipping from her milkshake.

“What is this?” Thomas asked, pointing at the burger in front of him.

“What are you, alien?” When Thomas looked at her, like she was the alien, she sighed. She lifted the burger. “This, my friend is what you call a burger.” Natalie said, taking a bite. She moaned. “O my God! This is really delicious. You’re missing half of your life if you and this magical thing have never met before.” Natalie said.

Thomas looked at her fondly, that she lost her appetite. She put the burger back down. “Try it.” Natalie said, pushing the plate to Thomas. Thomas lifted the burger and took a bite. His eyes lit up and looked at the burger like it’s the most wonderful thing in the world. Natalie burst out laughing. Thomas looked at her, like she has grown two heads.

“I can’t believe this. The famous Thomas Delacroix haven’t eaten a burger his whole life. This is a revelation.” Natalie said. Thomas remained solemn, that Natalie stopped laughing.

“I’ve never eaten in a fast food before. It was all fine dining in fancy hotels.” Thomas said.

Natalie looked at him, bored. “Your life sounds boring. I suddenly thank God I’m not born with a famous surname.” Natalie said. Thomas smiled at her. Just then, a group of jocks passed by and threw a ball at Natalie. She caught it.

“Hey Als! Want to play?” One of the boys called.

Natalie looked at Thomas. “Hey Tommy, want to play soccer?” Natalie asked.

“I haven’t…” Thomas start, but Natalie cut her off.

“Okay, okay… let me rephrase my question. Want to learn how to play soccer?” Natalie asked. Thomas beamed.

“Then what are you waiting for? Let’s go.” Natalie said, pulling Thomas from his seat. “Daniel!!! Count us in.”


Minutes later… Thomas was enjoying soccer with the rest of the team. Natalie was sitting next to Daniel on the bench.

“So that’s Thomas Delacroix in flesh. He doesn’t look like an heir to a big company. He looks more like a kitten to me.” Daniel said.

“Yah! I love kittens.” Natalie said.

“Do you love him?” Daniel asked. Natalie made a face.

“I only met him last night Neil. I can’t develop feelings for him overnight.” Natalie said.

Daniel threw his big arms around Natalie. “Of course… because you only do freelance.” Daniel said, ruffling Natalie’s hair.

“When you say it like that, you make me sound like a slut.” Natalie said.

“Aren’t you?” Daniel asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I am not!!! I’m still a virgin.” Natalie said, punching Daniel. Daniel chuckled.

“Hey look at that! Prince Charming seems to be getting jelly.” Daniel said. Natalie looked over at where he is standing and true to his word; Thomas is looking at them, with a feral look. “It seems Prince Charming is already caught up in your web.” Daniel said.

Natalie ignored him. “He is off limits Neil.”

“Uh oh… I can smell something in the air.” Daniel said. Natalie glared at him, and he raised his hand in surrender, chuckling.


Thomas sat next to her. The two of them were the only ones left in the field.

“I think I’m going to audition for soccer.” Thomas said, stretching his legs, supporting himself with his hands.

“Good for you.” Natalie said, absentmindedly.

Thomas looked at her. “What’s wrong?” Thomas asked, resting his elbows on his legs.

“I’m tired. Can we go home now?” Natalie asked, standing up.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to take up your time.” Thomas said, looking up her. Natalie faced him and crossed her arms. Thomas looked at her, feeling self-conscious.

“What?” Thomas asked. Natalie sighed and sat back down.

“I’m sorry… I know I dragged you into playing soccer, when you kindly just ask for lunch, and now I’m acting like some kind of a bitch.” Natalie said.

Thomas smiled. “It’s okay… Thanks for today anyway.” Thomas said. Natalie blushed and looked away. She held her heart. This is bad.

“What’s wrong?” Thomas asked, worriedly. Natalie stood up.

“I, uh… you know how to get home, right?” Natalie asked, avoiding looking at Thomas.

Thomas nodded. “Yes…”

“Sorry but I really need to go now…” She said, running off.

“Wait! I can take you home.” Thomas said, standing up.

“No, no… stay there. I can handle it… bye!” Natalie said stuttering. Then she took off. Natalie reached the gates before she noticed her bag missing. She slapped her forehead.

“Stupid.” She looked back to where she came from, and started to shake her head. “No, no, no…” She looked around and found the telephone on the guardhouse.

“Ella. Can you fetch me? I’m at the gates.” Natalie said.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Ella asked.

“I left my bag.” Natalie said.

“Where?” Ella asked.

Natalie groaned. “Just pick me up, okay?”

Minutes later, Ella’s car stopped by in front of the gate. Natalie ran towards the car, opening the door.

“Thank God!” She exclaimed, entering the car.

“Care to tell me?” Ella asked.

“I’ll tell you everything. But before that… can we get some Chinese take-out?” Natalie asked. Ella rolled her eyes but agreed. Then they rode off.


“Ali this is it!!!” Ella exclaimed excitedly.

“Will you pipe it down?” Natalie asked.

“Ali!” Ella squealed, ignoring the stares of the other customers. “I need to call Yana.”

Natalie rolled her eyes. “I really need something to drink now.” Natalie said.

“No.” Ella said, reprimanding her. “You really should stop drinking alcohol. It’s un-lady like and Thomas wouldn’t like it.”

“What?!” Natalie asked, surprised. “I don’t care if he likes it or not.”

“Shhh.” Ella raised a finger to shush Natalie. Natalie glared at her and looked away, crossing her arms. She sighed listening as Ella excitedly told Yana about her blooming love.

“This is annoying.” Natalie said.


Next day. Natalie was back to her usual self, wearing a short dress, her curly blonde hair cascading down her shoulders and her high-heeled shoes.

“Natalie is back.” Declared Sebastian, before sitting next to her. “Does the prince charming approve this look?”

Natalie rolled her eyes. “He can think whatever he wants.” Natalie said, applying lipstick.

“Why do you like looking like a slut, when you’re clearly a virgin?” Sebastian said.

Natalie looked at her. “If you don’t shut up, I will plant this lipstick down your throat, and you know I won’t hesitate.” Natalie said. Sebastian zipped his mouth and went back to his seat. Just then, Thomas arrived and stared at the new image of Natalie in front of him.

“What?” Natalie asked, innocently.

Thomas sat next to her. “You look different.”

“This is my normal look. Yesterday was the hang-over look.” Natalie said, smiling at him.

Thomas kept on staring at her.

“Stop that.” Natalie said, closing her compact mirror, giving Thomas a look.

“Sorry…” Thomas said, under his breathe, he then looked away. Just then, the teacher went in and the class started. But Thomas still kept sneaking glances at Natalie. After the class ended, Natalie hurriedly went out of the classroom without saying anything. Thomas ran after her.

“Can we eat lunch together?” Thomas asked.

Natalie stopped. “I thought after seeing the real me, you would stop eating lunch with me.”

Thomas smiled. “I don’t care if you go naked in school. You’re my only friend here; I don’t have anyone else to eat lunch together.”

Natalie put her hands on her hips. “Oh. So that’s it. I’m just for the meantime lunch buddy while I don’t have friends yet kind of friend.” Thomas was about to argue, but Natalie cut him off. “Tsk. It’s okay Tommy. Come on… If we don’t hurry, we’ll end up sitting on the floor.” Natalie said, smiling at Thomas. Thomas smiled back and followed after Natalie.


Daniel sat down in front of Thomas.

“Hey prince charming, do you want to practice soccer with us?” Daniel asked, getting fries from Natalie’s tray. Natalie flicked Daniel’s fingers. Daniel ruffled Natalie’s hair, Natalie punched him. Daniel laughed, rubbing her arm.

“Okay. I’ll stop.” Daniel said. Natalie smiled smugly.

“Count me in later.” Natalie said, eating from her fries.

“In a dress?” Thomas asked.

“Of course.” Natalie replied, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

Daniel put an arm around Natalie. “That’s why you should come to the practice later. You won’t miss that spectacle.” Daniel said, winking.


Thomas and Daniel sat at the bench watching as Natalie did some tricks on the ball, barefoot.

“She’s quite the catch, isn’t she?” Daniel asked.

“Yeah…” Thomas replied. He cleared his throat. “Do you like her?”

“Not like…” Daniel replied. “Love.”

“Oh.” Thomas said, looking at his hands.

Daniel looked at him, seeing the solemn look on his face, he chuckled. “Not that kind of love, you have in mind…What I mean is… I love Natalie like a younger sister.” Daniel said.

“Why? You’re starting to like her?” Daniel asked, grinning at Thomas.

“What?” Thomas asked, blushing.

Daniel chuckled. “It’s okay, pretty boy. You’re not the only one. But let me warn you. Natalie… she’s not like any other girl.” Daniel said.

Thomas looked at Natalie, tackling one of the boys. He smiled. “That’s what makes her interesting…”


“Are you okay?” Thomas asked, pointing at her feet.

Natalie looked down at her feet and smiled. “This isn’t the first time.” She replied. “Ah! I missed the feeling of squishy mud between my toes. You’ve got to try it sometime.” Natalie said.

Thomas stared at her.

“What?” Natalie asked, chuckling.

“You’re quite a puzzle, aren’t you?” Thomas said. “And I really do love solving puzzles.”

Natalie raised an eyebrow, looking puzzled. “What are you talking about?” Natalie asked.

Thomas smiled. “Nothing.” He said, shaking his head. “Are you really sure, you’re fine?” Thomas asked.

“Yes…” Natalie chuckled. Just then, Thomas knelt down in front of her.

“What are you doing?” Natalie asked.

“Hop on.” Thomas said. “If I’m really a prince charming, they say I am, then I wouldn’t let a damsel-in-distress walk without her shoes on.”

Natalie rolled her eyes. “I’m fat.” Natalie said.

“No, you’re not.” Thomas replied.

“My feet are all muddy.” Natalie said.

“I don’t care, okay? Come on.” Thomas said, smiling.

“If you insist prince charming.” Natalie said, hopping on Thomas’ back. Thomas stood up, giving Natalie a piggyback.

“For a skinny girl, you sure are heavy.” Thomas said.

“Hey! That’s rude.” Natalie said.

“Kidding.” Thomas said, chuckling. “But seriously… you should start to diet.” Thomas said.

“Then put me down.” Natalie said, annoyed, kicking Thomas.

Thomas laughed. “That hurts!”

Natalie stuck her tongue out at Thomas. Thomas laughed, shaking his head.


“Rise and shine young lady.”

Natalie woke up and came face to face with very familiar green eyes.


That’s when it clicked in her mind.

“Charles!!! O my God!!!” Natalie threw her arms around her brother. “When did you arrive?”

Charles chuckled. “Last night. But you were sleeping like you are hibernating. So we didn’t wake you.”

“We?” Natalie asked.

“Bash and Liam are home too.” Charles said.

“Really?” Natalie asked, excitedly.

Natalie’s face lit up, when Charles nodded. “Come on… let’s eat downstairs. Liam cooked breakfast.”

Charles started towards the door, but Natalie just stood there on her bed, crossing her arms.

“It has been a long time, since we’ve seen each other. You’re supposed to treat me like I’m a princess.” Natalie said. Charles rolled his eyes, but smiled.

“Fine. Hop on, princess.” Charles said, turning around.

Natalie smiled, and jumped at her brother’s back.

“Ooof! Whoa! You weigh like an elephant.” Charles said chuckling.

“An elephant?!” Natalie exclaimed. “You’re exaggerating!” Natalie said. “But seriously am I that heavy?”

“Why? Did anyone else carry you besides your brothers?” Charles asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No. I was just asking.” Natalie said. When Charles just stared at her, she pinched his cheeks.

“Come on, Charles… I’m hungry.” Natalie said.

“Okay, okay…” Charles said, chuckling. Natalie stared at the back of his brother’s neck, smiling to herself as she recalled last night.


“I heard you met Thomas.” Liam said. Natalie looked up from her breakfast. Bash and Charles exchanged looks.

“You know Thomas?” Natalie asked.

“Of course.” Liam said.

“How?” Natalie asked.

“He’s a classmate of mine…” Liam said. Natalie looked at her other brothers. They’re hiding something from her.

“Come on spill it. I know you’re hiding something from me.” Natalie said.

“Just tell her Lee.” Bash said.

Liam sighed. “Why me?” Liam asked.

“Fine. I’m going to tell her.” Charles said. He took a deep breathe. “Thomas Delacroix… he’s your fiancé.”

Natalie burst out laughing, sending tears in her eyes. When she saw her brothers just sat there, looking at her like she’s gone insane. She stopped laughing. “You’re serious?”

The three boys nodded.

“Shit.” Natalie muttered. “How did it happen?” Natalie asked, losing all the appetite.

“Blame that to his grandmother.” Bash said. Natalie looked up at her brother. “Remember, the old lady at the old mansion?” Bash asked. Natalie nodded. “She grew fond of you and our mother, absentmindedly agreed to it.” Bash said.

“And that was it? I’m betrothed to him? Can’t I have a say on this?” Natalie asked.

“I heard you two were getting really close lately.” Charles said.

“Sort of…” Natalie said, shrugging. Then it clicked. “So… the meeting at the bar… it was not any coincidence…”

The three nodded.

“And Ella… Urging me to go to school even though I have an extreme hangover?” Natalie asked.

“It was planned.” Liam admitted. Natalie sighed.

“It was Thomas’ grandma’s last request. We just set you two up, but everything between you two. It was all you.” Liam said.

Natalie made a face. “You three. I love you, but sometimes, you three can be really annoying.”



“You knew?” Natalie asked. “Who am I kidding? Of course, you knew.” Natalie said, shaking her head. Thomas stared at Natalie’s tummy. She was wearing a tank top and a skater skirt with matching boots, and her hair, tied up in a bun. When Natalie saw Thomas staring at her, Natalie flicked her fingers in front of him.

“Earth to Thomas!” Natalie said.

“I’m sorry… It’s just you really never fail to surprise me…” Thomas said.

“What?” Natalie asked, confused.

“Nothing.” Thomas said, shaking his head. “What were you talking about earlier?”

Natalie rolled her eyes. “About you, me… fiancé?” Natalie asked.

“Who told you?” Thomas asked.

“My brothers arrived earlier to tell me about the conspiracy they did.” Natalie said, crossing her arms.

“I’m sorry about that… I was meaning to tell you. I just didn’t know when’s the right time.” Thomas said.

Natalie sat next to Thomas. “So you’re okay about this?” Natalie asked, lazily resting her head on the table.

Thomas looked at her, smiling fondly, revealing two dimples, Natalie just noticed. “I don’t mind.” Thomas said, playing with Natalie’s hair. He then, put the stray strand behind Natalie’s ear. “I’m starting to like you Natalie…”

Natalie stared at Thomas. “What about you… are you okay with this?” Thomas asked.

Natalie turned her head to the other side, facing away from Thomas. “As if I have a choice.” Natalie said, casually. But deep inside, her heart was doing a little victory twirl.


“I’m really sorry Ali!!!” Ella said, clasping her hands in front of her.

“It’s fine Ella… I know my brother’s just dragged you into this.” Natalie said.

“Actually… I kind of put myself into this mess.” Ella said. Natalie was about to say something, but Ella shush her. “I just did it, because I really want you to be happy, Ali.”

“I do not need to have a boyfriend to be happy, Ella.” Natalie said.

“I know…” Ella said, sitting next to Natalie. “But wouldn’t it be nice waking up excitedly in the morning because you know someone’s waiting for you?” Ella said smiling.

“Whatever…” Natalie said, rolling her eyes. She won’t admit it yet… but, something has changed.


Natalie went home late that day, after a loaded work in the school paper. She just reached the parking lot and was about to open her car door, when the parking lot dimmed. Natalie swore under her breathe. Then, there was music… she turned around and there in the middle, stood Thomas, with a bouquet of roses.

“Thomas… what’s going on?” Natalie asked.

“I want to make this official.” Thomas said.

“What is?” Natalie asked. Thomas walked over to her, grinning.

“Thomas… really, what’s going on?” Natalie asked, putting her hands on her hips.

“Now that the rabbit has been pulled out of the hat… I want to make everything proper.” Thomas said. “Natalie Novak… can you be officially, become my girl?” Thomas asked.

“But… it has only been days…” Natalie said.

“Well… If it doesn’t work out… then we’ll end it. But now, can we just take a leap of faith and just… jump then fall?” Thomas asked, shrugging.

Natalie crossed her arms. “Thomas Delacroix… You know I do love challenges. And I never back down if asked to one.” Natalie said, winking.

Thomas’ smile widened. “Natalie Novak… You really are a mystery I want to unfold.”

Natalie rolled her eyes. “Here you go again with your cryptic words.” Natalie said.

“You hate it?” Thomas asked.

“Nope… I find it smexy.” Natalie said her eyes full of mischief.

“Smexy?” Thomas asked raising an eyebrow.

“Smexy… Smart and sexy…” Natalie grinned. Thomas chuckled.

“What do I do with you Natalie Novak?” Thomas asked.

“Just keep me entertained Thomas Delacroix. And we’ll never have a problem.” Natalie said, smiling.

_the End.

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