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Rich Boy - Part Three

Pairing: Luke & Y/N 

Words: 1700+

Warning: None.. yet, the fourth part will contain smut xx

There will be a fourth and final instalment to Rich Boy which will contain smut, so don’t panic lmao. I hope you guys enjoy this and thank you so so so much for all the notes on the previous parts, you guys are fucking awesome and i love you xx 

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“God, what’s with your brother?” you scoffed angrily, running a hand through your hair as you stomped into the kitchen. Sam looked away from his salad in surprise, frowning as he watched you open the doors of the cabinets and then slamming them close. 

“First he ignores me all day, then he says that I’m not going on this hunt, and then – and then,” you growled, turning to an amused Sam, “even after I finally agreed to stay – he doesn’t let me borrow Baby because I could apparently lose control of her in the rain! It’s just a little sprinkling, but no, the great Dean Winchester has to make sure that his Baby is alright, doesn’t he?”

“He wants to make sure both of his babies are alright,” Sam chuckled, shaking his head slightly and turning back to his salad. However, his head shot up again a second later, his eyes wide and containing the same surprise as yours.

“Both?” The snap in your voice was gone, instead replaced by a softer tone. But Sam couldn’t answer you, as his mouth was closing and opening without out making any sounds.

“Uh…I don’t–”

“Hey, guys,” Dean grinned, waltzing into the kitchen calmly. “Whatcha talkin’ about?”



Ian McKellen: “Hmm. It’s a bit different for me, because I did the previous three. The end of my journey happens next month, in December, and it began in January 2000. A lot of the audience seeing The Hobbit part three wouldn’t have been born when we started filming it. It’s a wonderful bonus that we’re part of the culture. Reviled by many people, but millions know and care about Middle-earth. I hope Peter Jackson continues the Middle-earth journey and opens a museum or a theme park in New Zealand. He’d create a brilliant experience for those audiences. He owns all the props from all the films. And we wouldn’t have to be involved!”

Martin Freeman: “But somehow we would be. He’d say, “Could you stand at the top of that mountain?”, “Can’t it be an Ian McKellen lookalike?”, “No I want the real thing".

  • <p><b>Trott's birthday:</b> psychological torture through buying him gifts he wants and destroying them before this eyes when he fails, emphasising how much of a failure he is<p/><b>Smiffy's birthday:</b> both physical and psychological torture, through asking him questions about subjects he hates and regardless of his answer giving him a "choice" of two foods, all of which are full of mayonnaise, alongside the slow destruction of a near-burgundy shirt he could of won<p/><b>Ross's birthday:</b> idk they kill him probably<p/></p>

“Boys want love if it’s torture, but real men want you to text them back. Honestly. The way you can tell the boys from the men is how they react when you don’t play games with them. A boy will become bored. A man will want to get to know you more. Everyone wants a challenge, but you shouldn’t have to completely manipulate your communication style in order to seem like one. Your conversation, your outlook, your wit, your accomplishments, your charisma, those things should challenge him. Any man knows that if you’re showing him all of those qualities, you could just as easily show them to someone else if he plays games. You know what they say, play games with a girl, she’ll chase you. Play games with a woman, she will replace you.”

  • Ma
  • Shari Heck

i don’t want to be afraid to show my love

every key just seems to take it’s toll on me

momma said there ain’t no hurt in loving some

but you can’t teach a man new tricks once he is trained

i use knives to cut out all my  lovers’ names

ever since i swear it doesn’t phase me much

buried under skirts, i’ve been disambiguated

forces crash so high, i tend to avoid elevation

i don’t want to be afraid to show my love

every girl i ever loved has changed me some

momma doesn’t ever want to know their names

but everyone is different, growing up, how could i blame her


This is an add on to the previous gifset that I made (x)

I just want to empathise how important Damon’s choice of words were. Bonnie sacrificed herself so he could come back (something that he struggled to wrap his head around). After all, Damon is used to not being the first choice, to not being placed first, but more than that, the idea that Bonnie (judgemental, do gooder Bonnie who has never let his crimes slide) would think his life worth, not only saving but, sacrificing herself for is mind blowing. And this is after she learnt what he considers to be his darkest deed (killing a pregnant woman).

It’s perhaps the greatest, most selfless thing that anyone has ever done for him - and there was nothing he could do to return the favour, to show Bonnie just how much that meant to him. Instead, whilst he was able to reunite with the people he loved, Bonnie was stuck in 1994, first with a murdering psychopath, and then, even worse, all alone. He tries to save her and that fails. 

(’I’m over here and she’s over there and I hate myself for it’).

He hates that he gets to be home whilst the person who really deserves it is suffering. He hates himself for leaving her. That he wasn’t able to stay behind. That no matter what he does he can’t make that up to her, can’t make himself worthy of the sacrifice. 

When he finds out that she’s going to commit suicide, again he’s powerless to do anything. 

And when she does come back it’s through her own actions. Bonnie Bennett saved herself, again. And he can’t forgive himself for that. And worse, even though he tries to be a good friend (and let’s face it Damon has always sucked at this in the past), he fails again and again. His selfishness rears its head, first when he brings Kai to her and again when he tries to take the ascendant from her. 

And he’s aware of the price she paid to send him back. She makes him aware. She tells him what she went through, what it was like, and clearly it tears Damon up. But still he can’t do anything about it. He can’t make it up to her.

He tries, giving her the opportunity to trap Kai in the other world, but that’s not enough, it even backfired.

And I guess what I’m trying to say is that season 6 for Damon has been a lot about his guilt and inability to forgive himself (which we don’t see a lot of throughout his run on the series). First, it’s presented with the pregnant woman he killed 

(Bonnie: You remember it, don’t you? You make pancakes every day.

Damon: ‘Cause I’m bored.

Bonnie: No. 'Cause you’re punishing yourself. You call this place your hell, and it means you feel remorse.)

and then with his self loathing for leaving Bonnie behind. 

And so by the point where Damon has to choose between Bonnie and Elena, I’m sure he’s already promised himself that Bonnie was never going to be alone again, that he was never going to leave her alone. I doubt waking Elena a few decades early at the price of Bonnie’s life was even an option for him. 

And I think it’s real character development for Damon, because we’ve seen him do terrible shit, we’ve seen him throw a tantrum over said shit and, occasionally, feel guilty about it, but we haven’t seen him try to make amends, we haven’t seen him really work to make up for it. And the beauty of it this time is that it wasn’t even Damon’s choice to come back, this wrong that he is trying to make up for wasn’t even something that he chose - bonnie did. 

And I think what they’ve both needed for so long is a person who will put them first, who will choose them. And they’ve become this for each other. Bonnie sacrificed herself for him and she was the first person she ran to see upon coming back. And Damon, more than anyone else, focused his attention on bringing her home from the prison world, he risked ruining his friendship with Alaric in order to this also. And, in the end, he chooses her over Elena.

So I’m interested to see where this goes in Season 7

And i’m tired and kind of lost where i was going with this so i’m going to leave it there. This is just what I took away from it anyway. Bonnie’s my favourite so i’m more used too analysing her but I don’t think I’m too far off the mark here. Maybe. what do you think?

Simon has handled Zayn’s departure very oddly. He’s not been telling a consistent story.

On the James Corden show, he said he wanted to jump off a cliff, which was probably actually the case. Zayn leaving is going to cost him money. It’s going to cost Sony money. It’s going to cost everyone money. So, yeah, I bet he was begging on his hands and knees for Zayn to stay. He goes on to say that Zayn’s been unhappy for a while and has wanted to quit for a while and that when the decision was made, there was nothing he could do. Simon wouldn’t have had the opportunity to try and convince Zayn otherwise if it happened THAT day. I think Zayn decided he wanted out last year, and Simon and their team have done everything they could to get him to stay since then. After that angle was lost, I assume they went into solo career talks. Zayn would have been ripped apart by lawsuits if he left prematurely. Of all the research I’ve done, that’s mostly what suits come down to - artists leaving before their contracts expire. It must have been a litigation nightmare. I bet Simon is telling a version of the truth, but what he condenses into a couple of days probably was a couple of months. Zayn wanted to quit, Simon tried to tell him not to, solo contracts were arranged, Zayn left. Simon’s behavior in this interview is just weird. He keeps scratching his face, which is a sign of deceit. He’s not telling the truth here. And he handled the future of 1D question very, very oddly.

In the Sugarscape interview, he acts even more agitated. He rarely looks at the interviewer, he keeps fidgeting, scratching at his face, and that’s not the behavior I expect from Simon Cowell. He keeps stressing how talented they are, how Zayn needs a break, and how the other four have got a bright future. He says the other four were “surprised and shocked” but then “got over it” or “got used to it” which I’m not sure how that happened over the course of a few days. You don’t just get used to it when a fifth of your band leaves unexpectedly.

Now on Good Morning Britain, he says there was no warning, nothing.

The boys said on Corden that people on the outside could tell, that Zayn wasn’t happy, that they were angry and disappointed when he made his decision. They all repeat the mantra of it’s fine now. But, they’ve all handled this oddly, especially Simon. I would think he would have a very refined idea of what happened and how to spin it. They seemed to have been sticking to the party line of “he wasn’t happy for a while, we tried to get him to stay, he decided he didn’t want to, he left, they deal with it.” But, now, Simon’s acting like he had no idea and was completely blindsided. The timeline changes with every interview. With James Corden, it sounded like it was maybe over the course of a couple of weeks. With Sugarscape, it was long enough for them to get used to it. With GMB, it was completely sudden. The boys made it seem like they’d known it was going to happen for a while, almost like they expected everyone to have been able to see it for a while. It’s a messy situation, so I’m not surprised that the story has been a little erratic. What surprises me is that Simon keeps going back and forth, and he looks extremely uncomfortable when speaking about it.

On Jay Park’s “몸매”

Where to even start in talking about “몸매”?

When I first started watching, I hoped that at the very least, it would be a music video that I could laugh at. Something done so much to the extreme that it would be ridiculous and comical, and I could make fun of it and move on. I was really hoping for satire here, for some unexplainable reason. But as I watched, I really just could not laugh.

Does Jay Park seriously think that this is an acceptable way of telling a woman he appreciates her body? By saying sexually explicit things to her until she agrees to sleep with him? 

Of course, right? I mean, I don’t know about all you other ladies out there, but I totally sleep with every random guy - that I have not previously met - who comes up and says they want to see my boobs or that I make them hard. Don’t you?

In real life, no, women don’t often go home with strange men who randomly come up to them and compliment their breasts, asses, or other body parts or tell them to take their clothes off, and then continue acting like perverts. When this happens in real life, it’s often unwanted attention, not very fun, creepy, scary and potentially dangerous.

I am sick and tired of seeing artist after artist, music video after music video, and song after song, objectify women and send out the message, “Hey ladies, your worth is based solely on how you look, which should be (insert random ideal body type here). Oh, and by the way, you only exist for my pleasure and the only thing you’re good for is sex.”

It really frustrates me. There is nothing wrong with putting out a “dirty” song. There is nothing wrong with using sex and sexuality in a song or music video. But there are much, much better ways to use sex, sexuality and show appreciation for a woman’s body in music than this song and this music video. Ways that don’t involve reducing women into a stereotype of strippers.

But then again, it does open up with phrases commonly used in street harassment. That should have been my first clue on how things would go.

I be like hold up
Wait a minute girl.
Where you goin?
Sorry for staring,
But you’re so sexy
I can’t take my eyes off of you
I wanna see your body
Your body

Sound familiar to anyone else?

And yes, I do know that this is not the only music video or song like this. I also know that Jay Park has released other “19+” songs before. And that other music genres and artists in other countries and cultures have the same problem.

I’m not saying that “몸매” is any more or less worse than others (check out the unrated version of “오늘 밤” by Honey Family… That came out in 2007 and is FAR worse than this music video). But I kind of feel like this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. For so long I feel like I’ve been inundated with songs and music videos that objectify women and treat them as objects for men’s sexual pleasure. They either make songs that are solely about f**king women, to borrow from Skizzo. Or they put scantily-clad women in music videos just to have them there when they serve no purpose to the song or the music video.

As a female fan of hip-hop, it’s frustrating and disheartening to see so many hip-hop artists disrespect women this way and treat them as objects in their music. It really makes you wonder how they treat women in real life.

Why is it that women (and in a lot of cases in Korea specifically black women) must be reduced to objects and hypersexualized stereotypes in music and music videos? How difficult is it to create a song or a music video that allows a woman to be presented as an actual human being?

Why have hip-hop artists (and other musicians) become so lazy that they continue to use the same offensive formula over and over again? It is really that hard to be more creative than half-naked women humping some rapper or the floor or playing with bananas and condoms while the rapper and his posse watch like a group of elementary school boys looking at Playboy for the first time?

It’s disgusting and it’s boring. Move on and start making good music, will you?

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i remember when i was just getting into 1d (late 2013) and looking at all this twitter stuff, and everything was confusing as hellllll, but the one tweet that made me seriously raise my eyebrows was the one @louis sent to rebecca ferguson. i could never believe louis would defend modest over a mother who just wants to see her kids, like.. never in a million years. they just used his account because he was the most outspoken, but it was SO out of character. that tweet makes me so angry ugh

Ohh yeah! That one was so cringeworthy!! It was right in the middle of Rebecca filing a lawsuit against Modest! 

Really loved Rebecca’s classy reply and it’s subliminal message

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Ben Winston posting zayn's Red Nose Day video seemed quite interesting to me. If he left the band and they didn't want any connection with Zayn there's no reason to post it. Unless...

Well, since Zayn is very famous now, I can see how it would be used to promo Red Nose Day. However, it does seem a little shady, given that Ben Winston is still an official Modest mouthpiece as far as I can tell. An hour later he tweeted a video of all 5, which he could’ve done in the first place. Reacting to the fandom’s reaction, maybe?

Not to mention, that vid is more good PR for Zayn. So yeah, it does seem gently shady. 

frat boy!luke

request:  can you write a small imagine about Luke who is a frat boy and he’s a huge player and flirts with everyone and he tries to hit on you and then they end up making out and he acts all hot and shit cfofglgogvo

smut: eh,i mean,not really 

The music was very loud,people dancing everywhere and cups of alcohol being exchanged all around the place.You felt so out of space.Parties weren’t really your thing and you definetly didn’t knew how you were supposed to act around all these people.Your friends left you all by yourself so they could go and have fun and now you were just confused and wanted to go home.

You looked around,searching for a familiar face so they could tell you how you could get back home from here,but there was literally no one you knew here besides your best friends,who were nowhere to be found.Sighing,you took the first cup of beer you saw and had a sip of it,but then threw it on the floor because it was even worse than you expected.

“wow,easy with that,sweetcheeks!” someone yelled from behind you over the music,making you turn around.”this stuff is pretty expensive.” 

it was a actually real boy.usually boys never talked to you because you were just a nerd that always hid under oversized clothes and big glasses but now there was a guy talking to you.and he wasn’t asking for your homework,wow.

“s-sorry.” you muttered embarassed.

“sorry,love.watcha say?i can’t hear you over this music.” he laughed and you smiled at him.

“i said i’m sorry.” you repeated louder and he just shook his head.

“i was just kidding,don’t worry.” he gave you a full smile.

his hair was a dark colour,a single strand of blonde hair being dyed in his fringe,making him look somehow different.he was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and a grey t-shirt.his style was so simple,yet so cool.

“i’m calum.” he confessed.

“y/n.” you responded and he smiled.

“well,y/n,would you like to join me and my friends back there?” he pointed at a group of kids somewhere on a couch.”we’re just having a game of truth and dare.” 

“oh.” you grimaced just at the thought of that stupid game. “you know,it’s not really my thing.” you tried to explain but he cut you off.

“oh,come on,you don’t have to play if you don’t want to,i just figured it would be better than sitting here all alone.” did he think you were really that boring?

“okay,i guess i could stay with you guys…” he smiled and lead you to the group of teenagers who were laughing around and drinking from their red cups.

“guys,this is y/n.” calum said and everyone turned to look at you so you did some kind of awkward wave.”is it cool if she stays with us?” they all nodded and said yes so you sat next to calum on the carpet,looking at what the others were doing.

“hi.” you heard someone whisper in your ear and you gasped,turning around,almost knocking your head with someone else’s. “sorry,didn’t mean to scare you,doll.” he chuckled.

he was a very nice stranger.his hair was a dirty blonde and his eyes were a deep captivating shade of blue.there wasn’t anything really that extravagant about him,maybe only his lip that was pierced,but other than that,his style was just like every other boy’s around here.although,there was something about him that gave you a weird vibe.maybe it was the way he was looking at you with that big dimpled smile.

“what’s wrong?cat got your tongue?” he whispered close to your face and you swallowed hard,backing off a bit.

“n-no.” you whispered and he just shook his head.

“sorry,babe.can’t hear you over this music.what’y your name,again?” he asked.

“y/n.” you answered.

“hmm.” he hummed.”pretty name,for a pretty girl.” he was grinning at you,maybe enjoying the way your cheeks flushed at his words.”i’m luke.”

after that you just turned around,looking at the game that was played in front of seemed so immature and pointless.after a little while you excused yourself to the bathroom,needing a moment to just get a little bit of privacy.

as soon as you walked in you sighed in relief,enjoying the quietness of the empty washed your hands in the sink and splashed a little bit of water on your face.

the door opened and you ignored it,thinking it was just another drunk kid looking for a place to throw up,but as soon as hands were placed on your shoulders you looked up and gasped,seeing luke’s reflection in the mirror,a smirk obvious on his face.

he suddently pushed you hard against the first wall of the bathroom,the cold surface making contact with your heated skin,giving you chills.

“you know.” he started whispering.”i sent calum after you.” he confessed and you frowned.” i was watching you.for a while.” he bit his lip while looking at yours.”and i like you.” you swallowed hard just at the thought of someone like luke actually liking you.”and i’ve been dying at the thought of this.” he whispered and then crushed his lips onto yours.

you gasped in shock when he released a little moan and pressed your hands on his chest.your mind was screaming no at you but there was this fuzzy felling in your stomach that told you to don’t even dare get aways from him,’cause it was way too good.

his hands were around your waist,bringing you close to him.your nails dig into his shirt and he groaned for an unknown reason for you,but in reality,he was just really enjoying your touch.his lips working perfectly with yours,guiding you in what you have to do,because you were totally new at this.

first time you were making out with someone and you discovered you actually liked it.a lot.there were goosebumps rising on your skin and everything felt like it was on fire.then he disconnected his lips from yours breathing heavily and you whined,making him laugh.

“i’mma make you feel so good,baby girl.”

A/N: idk if i should make a part two for this,you guys tell me lol

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He thinks you’re cheating, part 6 (Ashton)

rejected-official said: Its okay if you don’t want too its completely your choice but if you could make a part six of he thinks you’re cheating where the boys apologized?

a/n: i kind of love this series so yeah! it’s kind of super fun to write ^-^






In all honesty, you weren’t really paying any attention to the movie. Ashton had put on some b-movie he found lying around under his bed, but instead of paying attention to it, he was deeply concentrated in trying to braid a part of your hair. You relaxed into the feelings of his fingers scraping your scull slightly. You had missed this, you had missed him so much.

Ashton hadn’t left you alone for more than an hour since you got back together, and that was four days ago. You knew he was mad at the boys and even though it wasn’t your fault, it still felt like it. When you told Ash about it, he just shushed you, wrapping his strong arms around you, kissing your forehead and told you repeatedly that it wasn’t. Fuck what the fans said, he said, I don’t care what they think. The day after you came back, you had asked him to make some grocery shopping, and while he were at it, buy you some tampons too. Ashton did as told, but that quickly escalated as everyone thought he’d already gotten a new girlfriend. You told him not to worry about it, but he snapped and told some paparazzi he was back with you, and the gossip magazines were heads over heel writing about you.

Ashton from 5sos and y/n back together after cheating scandal?

Ashton Irwin forgiving y/n for cheating?

Cheating scandal couldn’t break up Ashton from 5sos and y/n!

“What you thinking about?” Ashton mumbled, his breath tickling your ear.  

“Nothing”, you sighed.”

“Don’t believe you”, he said, letting his hands fall from you hair, “about the paparazzi basically standing in front of our windows?”

Our. Not mine, ours. His words made you smile. “No, just thinking about how I’m always gonna be the cheater girlfriend.”

“I’m gonna make your name clean as fresh water.”

You gave him a slight nudge in the side. “Shut up, you know I’m right.”

He smiled slightly. “Yeah, but I’ll try my best.”

“Don’t blame the boys in media, okay?”

Ashton laughed shortly, “I’m not that stupid, babe, the boys-“

His voice died out as the sounds of someone knocking on the door filled the house. You could clearly hear it, even though it was downstairs. Ashton glanced down at you.

“Speaking of the devils”, he mumbled before letting out another laugh, “never thought they’d come.”

“What you mean?”

Ashton bit his lip, “I told them I wasn’t coming back until they had apologized to you in person.”

You gave him a sharp glare. “And they’re here now?”

“Pretty sure it’s them”, he nodded, reaching out his hand for you to grab it as you walked down the stars to open the door.

“How do I react? Should I be mad?”

“Are you?” he asked.

“I don’t know”, you admitted, “more hurt than angry.”

“Just let everything you feel out.”

You nodded, before letting go of his hands, reaching out to open the door. Ashton was right, it was the boys. Calum was standing in the middle, staring down at his shoes, his look was nervous. Luke was on the right, biting his lip and Michael just stood there, arms hanging down his sides.

“Hi”, Ashton greeted them when you didn’t say anything.”

“Hi”, Michael was the one to answer, nodding towards Ash, “uh, hi y/n.”

“Michael”, you mumbled, “what you doing here?”

Calum looked up this time, meeting your searching gaze, “we’re here to apologize.”

“You don’t have to-“

“We do”, Luke added, will you let us in?” You didn’t really react on the fact that he asked you even though it was Ashton’s house.

“Yeah”, you said, stepping aside to let the three boys step inside. Ashton was walking first, leading the way towards the livingroom. It was like he had it all planned out, basically dragging you down to sit in the couch, leaving no space for the boys, so they stood awkwardly in front of you. The silence was almost too much, but finally someone broke it.

Michael cleared his throat. “Y/n”, he started, “what we did was wrong, and I guess we’re here to ask for forgiveness.”

“I know we don’t really deserve it”, Luke mumbled, “but I guess we all kind of need it. We had no right to get down in your business, your relationship, and we took it so many levels too far and I don’t think I can express how sorry I am-“

“Try”, Ashton cut in, clenching his jaw.

“Look”, Calum said, his voice almost desperate, “we thought you were a distraction for Ashton, and for some reason breaking you two up was the only idea our stupid heads could come up with, and for that we’re sorry.”

“We should have talked to both of you, expressing what we thought instead of what we did. It was selfish, stupidly fucking selfish, and stupid on so many levels and just wrong. We only thought about ourselves and not about how you would feel or Ashton on the other hand, and we didn’t even consider how the fans or media would react.” Michael’s words was the ones cutting through the defence you had put up around yourself, and you basically felt your heart clench.

“We don’t deserve your forgiveness”, Luke said, “but we are so sorry, we’re sorry for what we did and we will never do anything like it again. We have learned an important lesson, to respect others, something we didn’t do when we spread the rumour about you, but we will now. You are a friend of ours, and the girlfriend of our best friend and bandmate, and if you think we deserve a second chance, we would take anything you would give us.”

“We promise to respect you and Ashton to the fullest and we promise to speak to you if something feels off or wrong, and we’re so fucking sorry, y/n.” Calum was giving you puppy eyes.

The room fell quiet, and you could feel everyone’s eyes on you. You swallowed. “I, uh”, you started, “thank you for telling me all this but I don’t think we can just go off as we were. It wouldn’t feel right, because what you did really hurt me, and will hurt for a while, especially since the media-“

“We’ll go out in the media, telling them everything”, Calum cut in, and he two other boys nodded repeatedly.

You shook your head, “no, don’t do that”, you said, “but thank you.”


“I wanna start over”, you said quickly, before you got into an argument about it. You got up from the couch. “I forgive you”, you said, “but I can’t forget this, especially not for a while, but I can try to start over with you.”

You could see the relief literally rushing down them all, and they all relaxed visibly. “Thank you”, Michael mumbled, “we’re so sorry, fuck, I’m-“ Suddenly he looked up, “and you, Ash? What about you?”

Ashton sighed. “It’ll take time to forget, but if y/n is willing to forgive, I am too.”

“Thank you”, Calum nodded slowly, “I know we don’t deserve this, but thank you.”

“But don’t fuck this up”, Ashton warned, “don’t make me choose.”

“Never”, Luke said, “promise.”

You nodded. “Good. Anyone want leftover pizza?”

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Reincarnation AU cantplaywithoutaheartbeat

Before Josephine died she cast a reincarnation spell on Gia. She didn’t entirely trust the Mikaelson family after reading Hayley’s future. All she could see was dark and gloomy things. So she protected Gia the only way she knew how. But neither Gia or Elijah knew Jospehine had done this. So when Gia went up into flames and Elijah watched the spell was enacted.

It has been fifty years now since Elijah had watched Gia burn in the flames because of the sun. It was the anniversary of that day and he had never taken that day well. He always went to a bar to get drunk. He didn’t want to feel anything on that day. All he wanted to do was be numb. He was on his fifth drink when he heard a familiar song. He felt his jaw go slack as he looked up at the stage and saw Gia preforming. And after she was done, she locked eyes with him and remembered everything from the years prior. She smiled and walked over to him drinking his drink before planting one on him.

But think about this:

A woman comes up to Air Temple Island with a baby in her arms. She tells the air family that she’s an airbender and is willing to train with them, but she can’t stay unless they allow her child, who isn’t an airbender, to stay with her. Everyone says of course, because an airbender can never turn their back on someone, and they have more than enough help to take care of the baby when she’s training and whatnot. 

However, the next morning the woman is gone, but she left her baby behind. They all realize that she never intended to stay, but just wanted a place to leave her child that would be safe. Everyone is saddened and concerned, but Kai is completely furious and is yelling things about how careless and terrible she is and how could she just leave her child with complete strangers like that. 

Jinora is the first one to make the connection, and she’s definitely sure that Kai is reliving a moment that he didn’t, and didn’t want to, remember when she looks down at the child and sees that he has bright green eyes. She goes and comforts Kai, telling him that it’ll be okay, because if the baby is anything like him, then he’ll have a family that loves and cares about him at the air temple. 

Kai then grows really attached to the boy and adopts him as his little brother, similar to what Bolin did to him. Jinora knows how much Kai cares about him, and makes just as big an effort to make him feel loved and cared about, and together they feel like their own little family.

Howling Commandos: what’s up with Morita

I want to know more about his history in MCU-verse.  Comic-verse even doesn’t have much info, but I’m not really a comics person so I could be wrong here. Where is his family? Are they in a camp (maybe one of these?) or were they one of those allowed to live ‘under the supervision of an American family’ (wtf).  Does he have siblings? What year did he join the army? Pre-1942 also makes the most sense, right? because that’s when FDR signed Executive Order 9066 (Feb 19, 1942)  I am so curious about all of this. He’s potentially got such complex motivations and I want to include them in fic. I may just not have looked hard enough.


5sos pref - You’re breaking down

The girl who seemed unbreakable, broke
The girl who seemed so strong, crumbled
The girl who always laughed it off, cried
And the girl who never stopped trying, finally gave up

Ashton: It was all a bit too much. There wasn’t necessarily a lot going on but everything was piling up and you didn’t know if you could take it anymore. All of this had resulted in you collapsing to the floor, your knees pulled into your chest, crying. That is where Ashton found you. His face dropped and you could literally see his heart breaking from the look on his face. ‘Y/N what’s wrong?’ He asked. He sat down next to you and pulled you close. You thre your arms around him and sobbed quietly into his shoulder. ‘Baby.’ He whispered in your ear. He soon realised you didnt want to talk and he cradled you, making you feel safer than you ever had in your entire life. Finally he said, ‘Baby, I dont know whats going on and you have every right not to tell me, but I want you to know that you are the strongest woman I have ever met and I know you can get through anything.’ 

Calum: You were just sitting at home with Calum. He was watching some lame reality t.v show and you were on your laptop flicking through some stuff you had to do for work/college. You don’t really know or know how to explain what happened but suddenly everything just got a lil overwhelming and you just burst into tears and started uncontrollably crying for 10 minutes straight. At first Calum freaked out but then he realised that him freaking out wasn’t going to help you in any way possible so he just held you. You were curled up into a ball and he had his arms wrapped around you. After a while, once you had calmed down he said, ‘What happened?’ to which you replied, ‘I don’t know.’ Making him giggle. He wiped the tears from your face and kissed your forehead. You took a deep breath and smiled reassuringly at him, ‘Sorry about that.’ He shook his head, ‘Don’t be sorry - emotional outburts are normal and I don’t want you to feel like you can’t cry around me.’

Lucas:  The whole day for you had been a very stressful experience. First you had woken up late and had to rush so that you could make it to work in time. Then your boss had yelled at you for 10 minutes for being late. Then you had found out that one of your best friends had to be rushed to hospital and wasn’t very well. So, by the time you got home you’d had enough. You sunk to the floor and cried. Just cried. Luke walked in from work and as soon as he saw you he dropped everything and sat next to you. He took your hand and you leaned your head on his shoulder. He asked you what was wrong and you told him everything. ‘I’m sorry baby. That sucks, it really does.’ He kissed yoru forehead and sat with you for a whole hour while you let it all out. At the end of it he hugged you, making you feel secure. ‘I love you. You’ll get through this.’ He whispered.

Michael: You had tried so hard all day to not just break down crying. But then, when you were out in a cute park with Michael and he asked you ‘Are you okay?’ You lost it. At first you nodded and tried to smile but then the tears started falling and you whispered, ‘No.’ Michael’s face changed and at first he was hesitant but then he went straight for it and embraced you in the tightest and loveliest hug you had ever experienced. You cried into his chest and he just held you, neither of you caring about the staring people. After a while, once you had calmed down, Michael took your hand and reassured you that everything was going to be okay. You nodded. You looked at his white t-shirt and noticed a black smudge on his chest, ‘I’m sorry about your shirt.’ You said, your voice cracking. He smiled and shrugged, ‘What are boyfriends for?’ 

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Meryl gets in a terrible car accident. Possible dream, if so, she calls Maks up right after. if you want to make it fast. Or a possible multi-chapter story... It's up to you. Thank you.

“Is she going to be okay?”


Please, Charlie.  Just tell me.”

“We don’t know yet.”

He sat on the edge of his bed, the moonlight and glow of his phone screen the only sources of light in the room.  He ran a hand over his face.

“How can they not know?”

Charlie’s sigh crackled through the phone.

“They did all the scans and tests they could, and they say there’s nothing they can see in her brain that would cause her to stay asleep, so we just have to…wait for her to wake up.”

“They can’t do anything?” he asked incredulously.  “We just have to wait and hope she’s okay?”

“I know, Maks.  It sucks.”

He hung his head in front of him.

“Are there people there with her?”

“Yeah.  Her parents, me, her boyfriend, Tanith and Brooke are on their way.  So is Clay.”

He hesitated.

“I want to be there, but I don’t want to interfere.”

“Maks, you should come.”

He didn’t say anything.

“You’re literally the second person I called, after Clay.  Both me, Tanith, and Meryl’s parents think you should be here.”

“Charlie, I don’t know.”

“Look.”  Charlie exhaled deeply.  “I know things aren’t the best between you right now, and things were shitty when they ended, whatever.  But that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve never seen her as in love with someone as she was with you, and you wear your heart on your sleeve, so I know you felt the same.”

Charlie’s words hurt, stab him like a knife to the stomach.  It was a few moments before he could speak.

“But her boyfriend,” he whispered.

“Forget about him.  Forget about everything expect her.  How would you feel if she didn’t make it, and you didn’t get to see her?  Because that’s the reality of the situation we’re dealing with.”

The picture Charlie paints is too painful to be thinkable.  He winced.

“Don’t say that,” he moaned.

“You need to come, Maks.  She needs you to be here.”

He glanced over his shoulder at Peta, still sleeping.

“Can she hear you?” he asked Charlie suddenly.  “If you tell her something, can she hear you?”

“We don’t know.  Maybe.”

“Well, just in case, can you tell her I’m coming?”

His voice breaks, and a few of the tears he’s been holding in fall down his face.

“Can you tell her that I love her, and I’ll be there as soon as I can?”

“Yeah, Maks.  I’ll tell her.”

{ demonhiro | cont. }

He looked over at his mistress and quirks his eyebrow, he had been making her breakfast, “yes mistress?”
The demon walked over to the bed and smiled down at her, his wings dragging behind his back, “was there something you wanted?” He looked down at the woman on the bed.

“You here making me some company would be nice, but I can conform with that cake over there” She chuckled without even making an attempt of getting up the bed. Her long golden her was all over the pillow and her eyes could abrely open with all the light that filled the room. “Do I really have to go to the masquerade tonight? I’m tired to meet more of those pretentious suitors and their annoying families… I could do better things with my time!”

But why couldn’t Death have launched both Winchesters into space?

That way, Sam couldn’t break the world with his quest to get the Mark off of Dean. And Dean couldn’t kill everyone on earth if he was hanging out on… let’s say Mars.  

Then Sam and Dean could have what they always wanted - an eternity of each other - without unleashing an evil on the world that previously took God and all of the archangels to contain.

Problem solved