this is a journey all in itself for her

anonymous asked:

I don't personally think this will happen, and I don't like the thought of it, but with all the talk of Beth being tested on for a cure and her losing memories from being shot in the head, what if it turns her into something she's not, something darker? Just a thought.

I see her essentially being the same Beth as far as spreading hope but I do think we’ll see her being more fierce than she was even before.

The thing is she’ll have just come through a pretty dramatic event. So her coming back from that will be a journey all by itself. Put that with finding her family and it’s sure to change her some. What that might highlight in her character traits or what new ones will emerge remains to be seen

But I think ultimately we will see her underlying strengths and those are her hope and light. If they bring her back, and I really think they are, they’ll not waste a chance to show us that their hope is not dead after all. Otherwise what would be the point. Make sense?

Less than four weeks!