this has been sitting in my drafts for a long time

there’s not really a name for the kind of community i’ve found myself relating to the most, but somehow i’m surrounded by these people anyway: girls who struggle with sexuality labels. girls who like boys once in awhile, girls who have maybe even kissed boys or gone out with boys, but are generally kind of wary about boys and find their attraction to them weak and confusing and not really worth pursuing. girls who are overwhelmingly attracted to girls, other people, anyone but boys, sort of; girls who try out “bisexual” and feel just a little bit wrong–maybe wrong enough to discard it or maybe not; girls who would almost but not quite be telling the truth if they turned down boys by saying “sorry, i’m a lesbian.” (“i’m not into boys” is easier and more true but still itches, because what about that crush in seventh grade, what about that friend you’d kiss if he asked.) i don’t know where i’m going with this but i remember the incredible relief when i first saw someone else feeling this way and realized that it was an okay way to be.

so you want to wear red lipstick

HECK YEAH. go red lipstick. it is awesome!

But for every one person I see talking about how great red lipstick is, I see three people lamenting “oh I can’t wear red lipstick!”

that’s a flat out lie. don’t lie to yourself. Beyonce wouldn’t want it that way.


“but ooh oh oh Emma. I really don’t look ‘good’ in red lipstick!”

we’ll get to those scare quotes at the very end, but first the main point of this whole thing: there is a red lipstick for everyone. I promise promise promise.

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Matthon’s pocket burned.

But there was one he hadn’t used yet, and he intended to

“There’s really only one absurd thing I’d like to do with you. Just one more thing I want to ask”

The floor seemed impossibly far from his knee as he knelt down

If it weren’t for the ring he revealed in his palm

“Oh damn it” he mumbled under his breath “will you marry me?”

theres a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach. it fills me with longing for the softness of your lips brushing across mine. the feeling intensifies, and the fuzzy warmth turns to a hot blade.

i want you to kiss me, hold me, stroke my hair, and caress my sides. you remind me of a thing that some would call kindness. i know it as beauty. 

in the morning ill be fine

but now i sleep with the hot blade turning in the pit of my stomach, restless and alone.

The police of Paris a short time since apprehended and lodged in the Bicetre a man named Antoine Langulet, who, they were given to understand, had been for a long time past in the habit of satisfying an unnatural appetite with food of the most repulsive and disgusting description…

Human Ghoul Extraordinaire, a playlist about a gross man who actually existed (but also happens to be my oc)

track list:

i. Dirty Night Clowns - Chris Garneau ||  ii. Old Man Cabbage - Blair Crimmins & The Hookers ||  iii. Ruler of Everything - Tally Hall ||  iv. A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contains - MewithoutYou ||  v. Devil’s Train - The Lab Rats ||  vi. Checked Out Early - Blair Crimmins & The Hookers ||  vii. Live - Yoav ||  viii. All Of My Friends - Tally Hall



“I am Shin from Prints, from now on, let’s spend time together, alright, my princess?” -Shin

“Hai hai~! Everyone, this is Coral from ai✧dolls! ^w^) From now on, please take care of Coral!” -Coral

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Herro guys,
As you know, I have been holding an event(?) called the “Rice Ships” and it has been going on for quite a long time!

I’d like to apologize for the amount of time it has been taking due to my injuries, technical difficulties, and time management! BUT IM STILL WORKING ON THEM *GOES SUPER YOUNGJAE MODE* I SHALL NOT GIVE UP. I have most of them sitting in the drafts section waiting to be revised then posted.

There have been about 3-5 new ship requests that have been coming in every couple of days, and I really appreciate the participation!❤️

Thank you for being so kind and patient. I really do appreciate it and I am honored to do your first BAP ships for some of you. Please let me know if you like them and if I should continue to make this a “special event(?)”

For those of you who have messaged me wanting to know more about the progress:

Currently there are 34 ships in my inbox.
I rechecked and 3 are private ships and 31 ships are public. There have been 21 new public ships requested over the past two weeks. The estimated wait time is one to two weeks since I will be out of school very soon.

Again, thank you for being such patient angels❤️❤️❤️ I hope to visit you soon! About 4-6 ships will be posted or privately sent tomorrow. Hope you lovelies are having a good day or good night~! Wishing you the best of the best!!


So, I know I’ve been extremely inactive roleplay-wise as of late, and I am very sorry about it. 

Unfortunately, my Rumpelstiltskin muse has just been wavering; he never seems to stick around long enough for me to sit down and work through drafts. 

There are a few reasons: For one, life has been generally wretched lately. Also, the Once fandom’s negativity–especially towards Rumpelstiltskin–proves exhausting and discouraging after while. And, of course, I’ve very recently flung myself back into SGU, which is more or less the main issue. I have a tendency to focus on one fandom at a time, so I’d be lying to you if I said Once hadn’t been demoted for the time being. It doesn’t help that SOMEBODY (I’m looking at you gameoftywinning) lured me into a ship that I never could have anticipated loving so fucking much, and now I am in too deep…so, there’s that.

I’m sure I’ll wake up one morning just to be punched square in the face by my Rumpelstiltskin muse; the bastard always makes an aggressive return when I least expect it. For the time being, however, I thank you all for your patience. <3

anonymous asked:

Professor Layton playing any Professor Layton game

{ 🎩 } ~ “ … Professor Layton and the Curious Village? A game based around me?

{ 🎩 } ~ “ … Haha, well the protagonist is certainly dashing, if nothing else. 

It was clear that was more a bit of humor than actual self-glorification.

{ 🎩 } ~ “ … The art style is rather peculiar, but who am I to judge? Artistic freedom is a right I won’t question.  

~~ Some time later… ~~

{ 🎩 } ~ “ Ah… what a charming re-telling of the mystery of St. Mystere! It was certainly quite fun to see it from an outsider’s view. 

{ 🎩 } ~ “ But… hold on. No one was supposed to know the resolution of that mystery…

{ 🎩 } ~ “ … This is no longer fun and games. I will need to approach this ‘Level-5′ company about this issue, immediately. 

It’s been an absolutely mental two and a half weeks. The teachers always preach how important it is to manage your time and then do a, frankly, terrible job of it themselves by at first having us sitting around and twiddling our thumbs doing nothing for ages and then piling mountains of homework on us in the span of two weeks. I’ve managed to tackle the first draft of my Maths IA and short answers and long answers for all levels of analysis in Psychology but I’ve still got miles to go. I’ve missed some deadlines but I decided that it’s fine because studying until 3 a.m. every night is not living and it will lead (in my case) to sleeping at random places and times during the day and mild panic for various reasons upon waking up.

What to take away with you from my rambling:

  • Your time management is not foolproof and might easily crash and burn when the teachers decide to gang up all of a sudden.
  • Do you prioritize your health or deadlines? Don’t strain yourself, sometimes you cannot do everything and it’s okay. 
  • Invest in study buddies with whom you can complain about life in the middle of the night to keep yourself sane and who you can rely on when you need a couch for taking a nap.