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Anime Boston 2015 report

(Many long and heartfelt thank you’s - drafted by our very own Frongi/Suzaku Kururugi - to follow.)


Anime Boston 2015. How to condense all that I want to say?

AB has been my favorite con since I first attended in 2006.Until just this year, though, I’d gone as a casual attendee. I’m not sure what made me determined to be a more-involved participant this time – but I think it boils down to gratitude.

For years, I have sloughed off stress and made memories at Anime Boston. I’ve been grateful for the cosplayers brave enough to put themselves on stage to entertain us, and grateful for the staff of steel that’s been able to make almost anything possible. This year, I started wondering what I could do to express that gratitude… or if I might be able to help ensure somehow – through enthusiasm, effort, and/or spiral power – that the incoming generation of fans would continue to have the fantastic con experiences I’ve had, seeing cosplayers do cool things in character. Like the characters in Gundam SEED, I found myself thinking, “If I have the power to make a difference, I should put it to good use.”

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It was a pretty nice day out. Spring finally arrived, and it made Lucas a little happy. He was going to miss the cold, but it wasn’t like he couldn’t just fly to Sinnoh if he missed it too much. Instead he just took the time to appreciate the weather - not too warm, but not too cold, either. 

As he sat down on a bench, he looked up at the sky. It was a pure blue - not a single cloud. He couldn’t help smiling - yep, this was the epitome of a perfect spring day.

“Gahh, Sand Stream is such a dumb ability!” he overheard a trainer grumble. He glanced over, spying two Ace Trainers sitting not too far from where he was. “The sand always gets in my eyes, and I don’t have goggles to prevent that!”

Sand Stream. He wasn’t sure why, but that rang a small bell in the back of his mind. Like…it was something he forgot about. Did he battle a Pokemon with Sand Stream recently…?

“Well, if you want to raise a Larvitar, you have to learn to deal with it once it fully evolves,” the trainer’s comrade remarked, crossing her arms. “Unless you’re lucky enough to get one with Unnerve, that is. And Unnerve Tyranitar are really rare.”

Tyranitar. Right. That was a Pokemon that had typically Sand Stream. But he didn’t quite understand. Why did thinking about that…make his head hurt at little? 

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hello i have a semi-important message, which ill be reblogging onto all my blogs. 
ive sent in all my muses to be put on hiatus. i am so sorry to the people i’ve been rping with, those threads will be gotten to as soon as i get back. under the cut ill explain a bit and also list who i owe replies to.

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I was tagged by the1957s-caramel this has been in my drafts longer than it should…sorry

rules: repost and tag 10 people you want to get to know better
(If I fuck this up don’t judge me)

Height: 5 foot 4’
Time &and date at current moment: April 6th, 23:51pm
Lucky Number: either 3,13 or 333 (I like my 3’s okay(
Last thing I Googled: youtube 
First word that comes to mind: scream?! One place that makes me happy:either a forest or my bed 
Favorite anime: for TV it’s death note and for movies either: totoro, spirted away or howls moving castle (freakin love that film)
Favorite tv Shows: Skins, AHS, PLL and the vampire diaries (Ian somerhalder tho) 
What are you wearing right now: a ptv/sws world tour tee and TMB pj bottoms Last book you read:the last book I read fully was breaking ties by Tracy Puckett but I’ve started reading paper towns again…

I tag everyone…cause I have no friends

Status Update

*Sags shoulder in shame and guilt*

Yeaaa…I know it’s been months since I’d updated Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. 

For all those not in the know, I’ve been busy with job training since the beginning of January, which consequently leads up to this long-drawn hiatus. It’s been stressful, exhausting and extremely challenging to keep up with the demands and workload. Personal life and work becomes a struggle to juggle between. 

Writing is one of the aspects that has been keeping my life in balance, even at university. 

Oh, how I do miss days of poring over pages of scientific literature and grinding out essays. It’s completely different, the transition from high school to university, and then to work.

But enough of my ramble.    

Did I mention that I’ve been working on Chapter 26? 

The first draft is now complete with 10 000+ words. Because I do have a habit of adding more than removing unnecessary stuff, the edited draft might end up being more. 

I’ll either upload everything in one go, or split it into two chapters like what I did previously. Chapters 24 and 25 were originally a single document.  

I can’t give an exact time for chapter 26 to be out. The next two weeks will be my busiest yet with exams. But like always, I’ll put up an alert and a snippet when chapter 26 is ready to go. So, watch this space! ^^ 

The story poll is still opened. I’ll update this post with the breakdown of the results.   

I would like to thank those who gave me support, the lovely reviews and messages.

Hey guys, I’m really sorry about my lack of replies/stuffing everything in the drafts lately. My fatigue has gotten a lot worse in the past few days and I’ve been off and on in a lot of pain. It seems the second I have time to sit down suddenly I feel like I’m going to pass out. I’m going to try and fix my diet [ what threw me off so bad ] and catch up on some sleep in the next few days. Hopefully I can get a little better and we can be back to our regularly scheduled roleplaying.


moodboard for gross disgusting trash from the fiery pits of hell

putting people like THEM in a room together was BASICALLY a recipe for
  disaster— even if the only people being destroyed are THEMSELVES. they’re
  dangerous enough on their own, that much is for sure but put them TOGETHER?

                –in short, if elisabeth is a RIPPLE, then drew is a fucking TSUNAMI.” 

To the Browns on Draft Day

The draft is almost here and we should take time to recognize that times have been tough for the Browns for a while now. Actually, it has been recognized long enough. Here is the problem with this year’s draft for the Browns: to draft a QB or not to draft a QB.
The options are slim and there are two avenues the team can go (in my opinion). They can trade up to get Mariota or they can wait until later in the draft for someone else. I do not believe Mariota will fall beyond the top ten. I believe Mariota will be a great QB but needs at least a year to get his feet and skill set under him. In this “anti-minor league” NFL, there is very little patience.
Therefore, Mariota will be pushed into the starting role after being drafted by the Browns (which they give up two first round picks to get). I like the idea on the surface, but not sold on it. There are other needs that are necessary and QB, for the time being, is not one of them.
Call me crazy but Manziel might have a good season or he may not. McCown may go back to his Chicago days or he may not. Both have questions on them but the ceiling for right now is high on Manziel because he hit rock bottom when he admitted he had problem and got help. I still have my reservations but I do not want the Browns to give up Manziel so quickly.
The best option is to keep the two first round picks this year. Stay on point and draft a WR, an OT, a NT/DT, or an OLB. These are the necessary needs and ones the team needs to focus on early.
I’m not an expert and this is my opinion.

The team needs leadership and young dynamic players from the draft to fill out the core. I personally like DeVante Parker, Danny Shelton, Jake Fisher, and Bud Dupree. All fit the motto, “Play like a Brown.” There are many others but these guys stand out to me.

I hope the Browns can at least take notice and make the right choices. Good luck on the 2015 Draft.

fragrantfall asked:

★ - a hug from behind

It’s been a long mission.

Sai’s used to long missions–he’s
used to the fatigue and the numbess that
settles over his shoulders and in his mind–
but just because he’s used to it
doesn’t mean that everyone is. 

Sakura is sitting outside of her tent when 
Sai comes back from settling the parimeter, 
her back to him 
as she stokes the fire and keeps watch. 

                              He’s not stupid enough to approach 
                              another shinobi from behind without warning, 
                              so he mutters a soft greeting before 
                         leaning against her back. 

Sakura slumps back into him, sighing once,
reaching back and softly patting his head. 
It’s comforting. Sai doesn’t often care about things
like this, about comfort, 
but he thinks as her fingers catch in his hair
that if this happened after every mission,
it would be okay.