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"Their relationship started off a little rocky, but they grew to become life-long friends.

Best friends”

*cries* Zukaang Brotp feels have resurfaced again because of the recent Korra episode. I can’t ;A;


Bran + empathy and selflessness


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Good luck with the feels.


This is literally what happened today when I decided to log back onto tumblr…you guys nearly convinced me that I was dying or something.

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I really didn’t mean to worry you like that.

I just didn’t want to draw anything for a few days. I wasn’t angry or upset or anything, just kinda numb. My thorki feels kinda vanished too, so there was no point for me to come on here at all… 

But then it has never even occurred to me that this blog really mattered to anyone but me…it’s my one happy place, yes, but I thought it was just another junkyard of thorki for other people…I really really didn’t know…gosh I’m crying, I’m so touched. I’m sorry. If I’d known I’d never have published that anon’s message in the first place…or at the very least, I would have returned sooner…

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"We need to talk about elven rights more!"

*only talks about Dalish elves*

*assumes all elves want/need to be Dalish*

*considers Dalish elves to be more elven than city elves*

*thinks city elves need to become more like the Dalish*

*fails to acknowledge the negative attitudes Dalish elves have for city elves*


"… It was not meaningless".


Elle Greenaway + Being the best thing about Season One Quotes

Wow, did they teach you that in FBI school? Nah, they taught me that in Brooklyn.