my favorites of 2013 - 9 male characters | (4/9)

Roman Godfrey (Hemlock Grove)

You must make your heart steel.

jebus this took me 5ever since idk how to sunflower or hand EVERY1 GO READ THE FIC BENVENUTO RIGHT!!!!NOW!!!!1! p.s i wanted to finish it on your birthday happy birthday :p

One of my favorite things to do in Uncharted 2 is to hang onto the edge of the cliff you and Elena climb up just before the monastery and stealthily pull off the five or six enemies one by one as they casually walk too close.

It’s even better if you do it in new game plus as Skelzor.

#flashbackfriday baby Mia, c. 2008. eighteen going on nineteen, timid, green, young and hungry. fresh out of high school, no tattoos, no piercings, 105 lbs and all I wanted to do was be @tyrabanks as though my life depended upon it. At this point, it would be years before I saw a decent-sized check. I was grinding for free, paying my dues, shooting for trade. This was one of my very, very first portfolio shots. I’m worlds better in front of the camera now. I know my lengthening and contouring angles, my expressions, so much better. Clearly I’ve always been comfortable being scantily clad in the name of art, I suppose- but I was only just then realising how much more I needed to learn. Being beautiful is hardly enough to be a model. It doesn’t even begin to cut it. I look at the reticence and fear in my eyes here and am so proud of how I’ve strengthened myself over the ensuing years to become the opposite. #modelbehaviour #inretrospect #babymia #teenagewasteland #iwasamberrosebeforeamberrosewasamberrose