Neil Gaiman tells the best stories 2

Neil Gamain was introduced as “the one writer, in all of time and space, that Sir Terry Pratchett wants to write with—and has!” He hadn’t heard about Sir Pterry answering that question on Thursday and said he got quite teary-eyed about it. Then he was asked about writing with Sir Terry Pratchett and talked about when he’d first showed the beginning of Good Omens to him. Sir Pterry had said that he could buy the idea outright or they could work on it together, which to Neil was akin to Michaelangelo turning up on his doorstep and saying “that lump of rock you have, I could buy it from you or I could show you how to bash it into shape…”

He also told us about a phone call he got from Sir Pterry about three weeks ago. Bear in mind that Neil Gaiman does the best impersonation of Sir Terry Pratchett in the entire world, and throughout this story sounded exactly like him.

He said that the call was Sir Pterry saying “I’m working on my memoirs, and I can’t quite remember a few things.” Neil said he felt absolutely heartbroken, going “Oh, Terry, you have Alzheimer’s,” to himself with just the saddest face, and talked about steeling himself and saying, “okay, Terry, what do you want to know?”

And according to him, Sir Terry Pratchett said this:

"You remember in mid-1990 [he quoted an exact date, but I can’t remember it, I’m sorry ^_^;], when we were on that ABC affiliate radio show, and the interviewer hadn’t actually read Good Omens, he’d just seen the tagline, “The nice and accurate prophecies of Agnes Nutter”, and he thought it was a real book of prophecies, and we just sort of let him dangle for about five minutes, while his assistants in the tech booth, which was behind him so he couldn’t see them, and who had read it, were pissing themselves with laughter and banging the wall, and afterwards it was about eight o’clock and we walked down to that lovely little kebab place… was that forty-second street or forty-third?”

At which point, again, everyone in the audience was cacking themselves with laughter and Neil just shouted, “YOU’VE GOT FUCKING ALZHEIMER’S!”