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i dont understand how it is a huge deal when a kpop idol speaks up about sasaengs. i'm not saying its a bad thing, oh no, definitely not! in fact i think its a great thing that they do that. i just find it weird how it's so rare that when they actually do speak up about it, it's seen as this amazing thing. i see american idols yell and swear at the paparazzi numerous times and literally no one seems to see it as some major thing. it's part of their rights if their privacy is being breached.


Attack on RWBY (Shingeki no Kyojin AMV) (by A Bad Idea)

Por razões que desconheço, nossas aproximações foram sempre pela metade. Interrompidas. Um passo para a frente e cem para trás. Retrocessos. Descaminhos. E me pergunto se, quem sabe um dia, na hora certa, nosso encontro pode acontecer inteiro.
—  Caio Fernando Abreu