Markiplier Reaction Gif Series: THIS

Someone asked me a while ago to make “this” set and a different one. Ever since then I’ve been combing through recent videos, looking for any time Mark points upward. I’ve finally collected enough to justify a set.

Please enjoy. 

All these gifs (plus two pictures) were made by me, and all are free to use, no credit required. Plese reblog them and spread them around so everyone can have a set of THIS gifs from Markiplier. 

All are 299 px or smaller  so they won’t stretch or distort when used in text posts. 

Please, take and use for all your emphasizing needs!! 

Track #markiplierreactionset for updates to this series, and know that all of my gifs are public domain (take and use without credit) unless otherwise stated. 

(That last one doesn’t have giant obnoxious borders, I just put buffers in there to give you a better estimate of its proper size. Click through all gifs to see actual size, some are cropped weirdly by Tumblr)

We’re a bunch of determined individuals camped out trying to figure out how to challenge powers beyond our control and OH MY GOD WE’RE LIVING IN FANDOM END!VERSE. Think about it! We’re fighting a powerful adversary (perhaps only truly an adversary in our minds) that’s wearing the face of the show we love and we can’t do anything about it so we’re setting up our own little Camp Chitaqua and we’re going out defiantly and we’re ultimately going to have our heads stomped on by the show.

I was fucking listening to Eternity served cold and then I got word of this via the–one–and–only–bbb ’s channel and I checked Scott’s page to be sure and omg.
Eternity served cold is perfect for foxy. It’s gives me the impression that caliborn is foxy.

So fangirls, there you have him, your beautiful “husband”.
Now he comes with a tentacle style metal tongue, so now you can finally experience what yaoi tentacle porn, all to yourself!
The new and improved, NIGHTMARE FOXY, fangirls and sensible people.

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Raven threatening Jinx when she visits the tower to pick Cyborg up for their date

“You break his heart I break your face, Hex-girl.” 

Jinx jerked a little under the weight of Raven’s voice. Raven was usually fairly civil and sometimes actually kind of open with her, but since Jinx had started dating Cyborg, she was detecting more than normal levels of animosity from Raven. Jinx leaned back on her heels and crossed her arms over her chest, sighing. “You don’t actually think that I’m going to believe that you can conqure-”

Raven licked her lips. “Daughter of Trigon.”

Jinx winced, knowing better than to push to subject. “Ah… right… so, when is curfew again?”

“Eleven.” Raven turned on her heel and walked away. “And if I see one hickey, I swear to god I will bring the wrath of a thousand dimensions down on you.”

Snippet of a thing:

You hate hospitals.

You hate them so much.

It’s completely irrational, but you’re queasy in a way that has nothing to do with the situation at hand. Telling yourself this is nothing, nothing like the time your dad died helps exactly jackfucking shit. Telling yourself hospitals actively save lives helps even less (didn’t save your dad). Telling yourself you’re a snivelling chickenshit doesn’t help at all, but it at least gives you some perverse satisfaction. All hail King Chickenshit, Karkat Vantas, bow down all ye sorry fuckers and lick your own ass, the world is about to go to hell. 

It’s as you’re going down the hallway and catching glimpses of burgeoning families through open doors, that you realise you didn’t bring anything.

Should you have? You stop.

There’s a giftshop in the lobby. You have a terrifying moment in which you visualise buying Rose a balloon. Something appropriately… postnatal. She’d vault out of bed and beat you to death with it.

Yeah. Bad idea.

Mad max

geekremix I noticed in the beginning of episode of 2 in Life is Strange, Chloe calls Max “Mad Max” through a text message. Then at the end of episode 3, Victoria calls Max ‘Maxine’. Then Max corrects her in saying, “Max, not Maxine.” Victoria then calls her Mad Max. Weird right?
Mad can mean insane or angry. So in the alternate universe, what is Max?

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Some JeriRae? Were Jericho is just so enamored by Raven he tries to paint her but some how end up using her body as a canvas instead. [fluffy/smut?]

- - -

Raven wasn’t sure how the paint had ended up along the curves of her breasts of the slope of her stomach, but it felt strange - cool and foreign. His lips kissed down the length of her neck with little bites, the hand with the paintbrush writing something poetic and sweet on her left arm. Raven could feel the strokes as if they were a brand on her skin.

she taught him
how to use his tongue
to shape a heart
from a piece of ice.

Her eyes fluttered closed and she heard the paintbrush fall to the floor, forgotten as he pulled her closer, his hand moving over the still wet strokes of the poem on her arm. Joey pushed closer to her, the reds and blues streaking down her stomach and smearing between their two bodies into an abstract brand of colors and whispers of love between strokes.



My dad, he taught me this meditation where first you imagine your spirit rising up out of your body, then out of your house, out of your town, out of the sky, like a golden light zooming and growing, out into, and even past, the universe. And from that point, you look back and you realize how small you are in the world.