Tis the season to be thirsty fa la la la la hide your wiiiife.

Thirstmillion wants nothing more than a nice chimney to slide into and a bell to ring on Christmas after a long day of collecting for the Salvation Army.

Passing thru the snow with his half glass empty thirst he looks in your window first lusting all the way ho ho ho.

Never one to be deterred by a satin bonnet and a head full of rollers as mom puts out cookies and milk for Santa, Thirstmillion wants to add her to his naughty list.

Happy holidays from Thirstmillion! #art #sketch #comic #funny #thirsttrap #drawing #thirstmillion

Hustle + Muscle = Success. Our hero Thirstmillion makes sure to move swiftly on any opportunity to quench his thirst and kills two birds with one stone. He builds his body for the arduous thirst journeys AND finds new missions at the same damn time.

Having just controlled his morning wood Thirstmillion is ready for a morning workout. But he came at the wrong time today. He’s not strong enough to resist staring at the fit and tight women in their little clothes and has a little too much rise to his rise and grind. This won’t end well for Thirstmillion.

Did she REALLY have to put her mat in front of the butterfly press? Why do the thirst gods mock him so??! #art #sketch #thirstrap #drawing #illustration #thirstmillion #fitness