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Your best friend is getting married and guess who else is at the wedding…

Warning: Sexual content, mature language, etc.

Word count: 1.5k

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hey girl i'm confused about something and thought you could help. everyone keeps saying that dean started dressing better since s8 but i haven't noticed much of a difference. is it subtle or am i just really stupid with mens fashion?

The everyday Dean Uniform of jeans, boots, and fifteen layers of plaid is the same.

But here’s Dean in a suit in season six:


Serviceable, clearly off-the-rack, rumpled, and doesn’t fit that well.

Compare it with this gifset from Captives (because I couldn’t find a screencap): (x)

He is dressing WAY better when he dresses up, and I don’t know where the hell those shoes came from but they should be illegal. Or, you know, mysteriously appear in my closet in my size.

Does it mean anything? Eh. Who knows. I jokingly theorized that snappy dressing was a symptom of the Mark of Cain, some people have seen it as Dean being more comfortable with adorning himself as he grows out of his effemiphobia.

Personally, those shoes scream Jensen Ackles to me. They’re almost as good as the shoes he wore to the CW Upfronts this year.

And do not even get me started on the Upfronts shoes because I will stare off into the distance and sigh heavily to myself for at least an hour. Jensen Ackles’ footwear collection is my religion and the Upfronts shoes are Jesus.

I’m sorry what was your question?

Recovery reflections - 1 liter, 1/2 hour

This morning I was rather busy; so busy that my 1 glass of water and 2 cups of chocoffee (coffee with hot chocolate and milk) got reduced to one small cup of chocoffee. I also did not have time to prepare my usual fruit bowl that I have on the side, which is high in water.

My busyness was a result of time pressure to deliver my final essay on time. The essay had to be delivered at the university, so I had to ride my bicycle there in a hurry. I arrived, tired and sweaty, and so freaking thirsty. I was in a hurry there too, so I thought I should not ‘waste’ time buying something to drink. I live a 10-15 minute bicycle ride from the university, so I thought ”I’ll be home soon anyways”. Well, I ended up staying a bit longer than expected due to some technical problems. 

When I came home, my first thought was I NEED SOMETHING TO DRINK NOW! I drank and drank, and suddenly I had drunk 1 liter in 1/2 hour. I usually need far less than 1 liter to satisfy my thirst, but I was just really goddamn thirsty because I had too little to drink earlier, and not to mention I had been riding my bicycle for 20-30 minutes in total, so I was sweaty too.

1 liter is ”officially” half the recommended daily water intake. In other words, I just had half the recommended daily water intake in 1/2 hour. I obviously did not worry about this, because I knew why I was thirsty, and that I would not keep on drinking myself to death (though it at some point felt like my thirst was impossible to satisfy). I knew that when I was no longer dehydrated my body would stop giving me these DRIIIINK!-signals.

The point with this story is that when you are undernourished, it is completely natural that you get so-called ”extreme hunger”, which makes you eat, eat and eat; you never feel satisfied, you just want the food inside you NOW, and food is all you can think about. You might eat way more than normal very fast, even without enjoying the food.

I was dehydrated for a few hours. You have been undernourished for.. how long? 

- Amalie

Something Red

I’m pacing. I don’t know why, I know I should be leaving and getting in the car and going to pick her up, but my feet won’t leave this room. These flowers might wilt before I even get them to her, and then what? 

"Oh yeah here’s some dead, brown petals hope they still smell good."

Yeah, that’ll charm her. 

I wish I wasn’t so nervous, I’m not usually this bad, but I’ve never seen eyes like hers in my life and I’m going to sit across from them for the next few hours or so and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to do that.

"They’re just eyes. I’ve never seen someone go so off the walls because of how ‘nice’ someone’s eyes were."

Your friend’s voice echoes from your phone, teasing you jokingly as you fidget and nervously comb your fingers through your hair. 

"Listen. You didn’t see them, it’s like someone melted gold, added a teensy little bit of fudge and caramel and turned them into eyes." You throw yourself onto your bed, making sure not to wrinkle your outfit. "It’s ridiculous." you add, sighing.

"And they’ll be on you tonight. So stop being so nervous. I have to go okay?"

You smile and glance at your phone, grabbing it and turning the speaker off as you bid your friend goodbye and she wishes you well, reminded you to have fun and “If he’s so hot, sleep with him if he wants you to.” before hanging up.

You shake your head, a loving smile on your face. Your smile fades when you glance at the clock- you should be leaving soon. You touch up your make up and run your hands through your hair, flipping it down and back up trying to get it to sit just how you want. You groan, frustrated as you comb your fingers through, settling and letting it do what it wants. You check the time again and figure you should head over to the restaurant that’s only a train stop and a few blocks away, shrugging on a jacket and grabbing your things as you head out, the cold air blowing away the nervousness as you walk.

What if she doesn’t come? What if she does and doesn’t like the food here? I hope I picked a good place, I hope she likes it.

I hope she likes me.

You stand, holding onto a railing as the train bumps along, tapping your feet to the beat that’s playing from your headphones. You smooth your dress down, wondering if it’s too much for tonight. The train comes to a stop and the doors slide open. You step out, the nervousness setting in again when you realize how close you are, how close he is if he’s already there. Your heels click up the stairs and then along the sidewalk as you follow your typed directions on your phone’s notepad. You spot the place from down the block and you swallow as you walk through the crowded sidewalk.

And from across the street, over people talking and walking and the world going on, yours stops completely.

It’s too cold to be waiting out here but I guess I’ll stay in case she thinks I didn’t show up or something. I don’t see her, just a bunch of people, some dressed up probably coming to eat here, too.


I see her now.

And damn, does she look stunning.

You cross the street, already smiling at the bouquet you spotted in his hands. He quickly puts out the cigarette that was hanging from his lips, dropping it to the sidewalk and stepping on it. You clear your throat when you step in front of him, signaling your arrival even though his eyes haven’t left you since he spotted you crossing the street. He doesn’t speak at first and you smile at his shyness. He wasn’t so shy when he’d spotted you doodling in your notebook on the train one day. Or when he got off at a stop that wasn’t his just to get your name and ask you if you wanted to meet back here later. Or when he actually did meet you in the tube station to “apologize for being so forward” and “ask you to dinner”. 

"Those for me?" you ask, voice playful as you reach out and touch the soft, pink petals. 

"Oh, yeah." he says, his arm reaching out to give you the flowers. "Sorry." he says and you smile, taking them from him and smelling them, smiling up from behind the roses. 

"S’okay." you say and he smiles.

"Do you like them?"

"Of course."

His smile is relieved and happy and you hide yours, turning away and biting your lip. When you turn back, his arm is bent towards you, inviting you to link your arm with his. You accept and he guides you into the restaurant. As soon as your through the tall, frosted glass doors you thank every higher power that people believe in for wearing this dress with heels. Your jaw drops slightly at the dimly lit surroundings, the cream and gold walls and floors, the golden-white lights that give the place such a warm feeling. You follow a hostess to your table, pausing to admire your surroundings some more.

"I’m glad I dressed up." you tell him and he smiles. 

"Me too." he says near your ear, helping you out of your jacket, revealing your red dress complimented by nude pumps. "You look stunning." he says quietly and you smile, a blush creeping up your cheeks as you sit down across from him.

"You look pretty sharp, yourself." you reply, meeting his eyes quickly in between admiring his all black ensemble- his button down shirt and perfectly fitted pants- as he shrugs off his blazer. He joins you, sitting down at the table across from you. 

You grab your menu and flip through, glancing up at him when you think he’s not looking.

Aha! Caught her looking. I like how she looks at me. 

I like looking at her, too. She looks so beautiful, so soft. It was so hard not to kiss her before.

"So." you begin softly, snapping him out of his dreamy state.


Before you can speak, your waiter arrives, addressing Zayn with a bottle in hand.

"This is the one you chose, yes?" he asks, and Zayn nods, a pleased smile on his face.

"Yes, thank you."

"Of course, sir." you raise your eyebrows at the way the man addresses Zayn, shooting him a questioning look. He shrugs and you watch your glass fill up with liquid as the waiter asks what you’d like to start off with. 

"You first." you say to Zayn, continuing to look at all the delicious choices. You catch Zayn saying something about some "Lobster Linguine" and you smile, putting your menu down and looking up at the waiter when it’s your turn to order.

"I’ll have the same." you tell him and he bows his head as he grabs your menus and leaves you to sit together. You swirl your drink in your glass and lift your glass in the air in between you.

"Toasting?" he asks with a smile and you nod.

"To having the guts to talk to me on the train."

"And to you saying yes to this date." he replies with a cheesy grin and you giggle.

"I’m glad I did. Cheers." you say, tapping your glass against his, watching him over your glass as he bites his lip before sipping.

Her voice is so soothing and sweet. But she’s so quiet, so shy. I want her to talk to me. 

"Talk to me." he states boldly, breaking the silence that’s fallen between the two of you.

“About?” You lean forward, bringing your hands away from your lap and folding them under your chin, tilting your head slightly to one side.

He mirrors your position and you giggle, your eyes falling to his mouth when he speaks again.

“Anything. Do you have a job? What’s your favorite color? Were you just doodling on the train or are you really into art? What do you like to do for fun?”

You laugh at his spew of questions, raising your arms.

“Okay, okay. I work at a little pastry shop it’s nothing special but I do enjoy our food. Purple or gold. I’m into it, are you? And before you answer I guess I’m pretty boring I don’t really do much that’s ‘fun’. I’m very homey.”

He nods and you noticed, too, the slight raise of his eyebrows when you said you were into art.

“I like to draw and paint. I like spray painting and drawing, like… cartoons, that kind of thing.”

“Spray paint? Like graffiti?”

“Yeh.” He replies and you smirk, lifting your glass to your lips before speaking again.

“What, do you run around at night tagging buildings, the resident bad boy?” and he chuckles, shaking his head.

“Hey I’d like to think I’m a good guy. And the only thing I spray paint on are my own walls.”

There’s something about her smile I can’t read. I can tell she’s thinking when she’s not speaking but what? Is it good? Is it bad? Is it about me? What if she’s bored, what if she wants to leave? What if-

“I’d like to see some time.” You say and he smiles.

“Only if I get to see some of what you do.”

You catch the innuendo and you see it in his eyes, the question, the little inkling of hope. You feel yourself blush slightly, but keep your eyes locked with his.

“Deal.” You say and he smiles, reaching out his hand and letting his fingers brush over yours as he locks his pinky finger with your own.

“Pinky swear.” He says with a grin and you smile at his boyish charm, curling your finger around his in agreement.

Neither of you moves your hand and you look down at his hand touching yours, then back up at him, at his warm smile and bright eyes. You hate the butterfly feeling in your stomach telling you that you’re already feeling too much for this boy, but you ignore it- until the brush of his lips across the back of your hand sends the butterflies into a frenzy.

“I’m sorry-“

“Don’t be.”

“I just wanted to say thanks for coming out with me tonight.”

“Thanks for asking.” You say quietly, avoiding his eyes and biting back the smile you feel about to stretch across your lips.

Please, don’t ever look away from me.

“Hey, don’t hide your smile.” He says softly, lowering his head a bit to level his eyes with yours.

You can’t help the blush you feel again and you shake your head, meeting his gaze.

“I can’t help it.” You tell him, adding, “You’re quite the charmer.” He grins and you melt.

“I try.” He says with a laugh.

You banter back and forth as you wait for your food, sharing stories, making each other laugh, finding an easy comfort in one another. Your hands often come together and release again, keeping each other in contact. You giggle at something he’s said and glance up when you notice your food has arrived, the plates being set down in front of you forcing your hand apart once again.

“Can I get you anything?” and you both shake your heads at the waiter, thanking him as he walks away with another nod.

You dig into the delicious meal, pausing when you catch him looking at you.

“Am I messy?” you ask and he chuckles.

“No, you just look like you’re enjoying it is all.”

He forces his stare away, focusing on his plate and on his fork twisting into the food. You watch him when he’s not watching you, admiring the flexing of his jaw as he chews. How does someone chew hot? You didn’t think it was a thing until right now. You admire his hands, one wrapped around his glass and the other on his fork. Your eyes fall back to his mouth, focusing on his lips- so pink and full and soft looking, like they could kiss away every pain you’ve ever felt. You look away when his eyes meet yours, and just catch the little smile that plays on his lips as he takes another bite.

This food is great, and I’m happy to see she thinks so, too, but I want to get out of here. I want to get her out of here and with me.

You place your fork beside your plate and sigh, rubbing your hand over your belly.

“That was delicious.” You tell him and he nods in agreement, wiping his lips with his napkin.

You do the same and sit back for a little, watching as he gestures for the waiter to come back and give you the check.

“No dessert for anyone?” he says and Zayn glances at you. You shake your head and he tells the man no, smiling as he walks away to get the check. He’s back in no time, placing the check down on the table and thanking you both. You smile as Zayn grabs the check and you sigh, leaning forward and getting his attention.

“Should I even bother getting my wallet or are you gonna play chivalrous?”

He laughs at your comment, shaking his head. He fills out what he needs to, slipping a card into the little leather envelope. Your waiter quickly scans the card and is back again, wishing you a nice evening and hoping you’ll be back soon. You smile and thank him, watching as Zayn shakes his hand and thanks him as well. You stand up from your seat and grab your jacket, pulling it on and fixing your hair. Zayn follows suit, shrugging his blazer on again and stepping beside you, outstretching his arm and waiting for you to link yours with his again.

“Thank you for tonight.” You say as he step out of the building, bracing yourself for the cold.

“Thank you.” He says and you smile.

He notices how tense you get in the cold air and he lets you go, only to pull his jacket off.

“Just like in the movies.” You gush and he laughs as he rests the jacket over your shoulders.

You take it off though, handing it back to him.

“There’s no use in you being cold, too.” You say and he shakes his head, grabbing the jacket to place it on your shoulders again.

“I insist.” He replies with a nod.

“You could just do it.” You say and he raises his eyebrows in question. You step behind him and guide his arms back into the sleeves, smoothing the fabric over his shoulders and down his arms. You grab his hand and guide his arm over your shoulder and he smiles, looking down at you.

“See?” you ask as you squeeze into his grip, smiling playfully up at him.

It’s been one date and I already love seeing her like this.

“Did you want me to take you home now?” he asks and you shake your head.

“I’m not ready to leave just yet.”

“No?” he asks, a wondering smirk on his lips.

You give him another shake of your head, and wrap your arm around his waist.

“So what else are we doing on this first night together?” he asks, voice playful, his warm gaze finding yours.

“You tell me.”

“We could get something to drink, maybe?”

“We talking coffee or liquor?”

“Both if you’re up for being with me that long.”

That’s it. I want to drink with her at night and have coffee with her in the morning and spend all the time in between that together.

You hum to yourself, tapping your finger on your chin in thought. He pauses and pulls you with him against a wall in between shops, wrapping his arms around you, warming you in every way possible.

“That’s quite the long first date.”

“All the more time to do this.” He says, his bravery getting the best of him as he leans forward and pulls you closer, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. You wrap your arms around him and part your lips against his, letting him in a bit. He pulls away shortly after and you smile, resting your forehead on his chest to catch the breath he stole and looking back up at him.

“C’mon.” he says, nodding his head in the direction you were walking in. “I know a place we can go.”

You let him wrap his arm around you again and you snuggle closer, admiring his features, his perfect cheek bones and the little bit of scruff that accents his face so beautifully. He catches you staring again and he leans down, giving you another quick peck as you walk together under the moon and street lights, anxious for what the night ahead holds. 

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Hi, I am Erica! How are you? :) I am a game developer and I and my team are currently working on a new on-line game. We would like to ask you a favor. Can you test it out and see how it works? Will take ONLY few seconds! Would appreciate your opinion and feedback. Try it on my Tumblr. Thank you very much darling, tell my how it was we can chat later!! Erica :)*~

oh sweet Erica i don’t need your game.. i neED FINE DWARFENCRAFTS DIRECT FROM ORZAMMAR