So the first three pics are the gifts I have Chris. I showed him Mother Goose and I apologized for breaking the head off the smaller goose (happened after the pic was taken) and said I was just really clumsy like him. And he opened the little box where the head was and was like, “Oh good! You kept the head in here, so I can fix it.”

And then I showed him the Froggy one and he told me he’d gotten little boxes like these before but never Froggy and Mother Goose and said they’d look really good on his shelf (I WAS DYING).

And then before I showed him the Carson stripper merman I said, “Please don’t judge me for this.” And that got Alla’s attention so she leaned in to see what I was giving him. And I said, “Well when I was in San Francisco I came across all these stripper mermen.” And Chris like IMMEDIATELY went “Oh, no judgement!” And Alla laughed.

And I said, “And there was this one with a blue tail and brown hair and blue eyes and Carson’s blue hoodie and so I bought it because it sort of looked like him.” And Chris and Alla both looked really excited when they I pulled out the stripper merman Carson and Chris said, “I can see he has Carson’s abs too.” And I laughed and said he definitely did.

And Alla was still looking at it and she said “This is actually sort of amazing.” And Chris was like “Oh totally!”

And then I asked to shake his hand and he said of course, and then he asked if he’d signed my book yet an I didn’t know so I slid it back to him to check so he had and so that was all good. AND OH MY GOD HIS HAND IS SO SOFT AND STRONG AND PERFECT

And then when I walked out Verena was hugging Rob Aguire so I stopped and then he went and hugged me which was unexpected but SO AMAZING. And he asked how we were related to chris - and by that I think he was asking what we knew him from. And I think I was just staring at his chest the whole time because e was wearing a v-neck and you could see his chest hair and chest hair actually really works for him.

And anyway before I could answer him Ashley poked her head out and asked him if he needed to pee. And then she noticed me and looked a little embarrassed that she’d asked that in front of a fan but she hugged me and said hello and thanked me for coming.

And then I went back a second time (I bought another book) and me and Verena were the very last people in line. He remembered me from earlier because I said I was the girl with the Carson stripper merman. And I’d realized I’d forgotten to show Chris my SBL nails the time wrote so I made sure to show him this time and he said something like, “That is so amazing/cool/neat” (something like that) and Brenna (hummelmcghoul) said he looked really, really excited and wanted to know why so I guess he liked them. And he asked if they’d taken a really long time and I said, “Well I used a toothpick and I messed up like three times so yeah.” And he laughed and said they were worth it. And then he told me to have a good day and I told him to enjoy the rest of his day at Disneyland. And then it was over.


thirlwaaall replied to your post: thirlwaaall replied to your post…

i would LOVE to!!! i actually needed someone to go with me (because my friends probably wont like to go) so yeah lets see what happens! I just need to confirm with my family and then i will let you know :)))

Well if your family’s ok with it message me your contact info (I’d send you mine but your ask isn’t open :P) and we can plan how we’ll meet up at the signing! :D