Profit for profit’s sake.

Your family does not matter.

Your friends do not matter.

Your health can be bought and replenished later.

It’s profitable to degenerate society; to sell filth and indoctrinate people into degeneracy? Great! Time to make profit.

So, are the dreams of a better life being realised? Or has the transition to democracy stalled?

Presenter: Shihab Rattansi

Democracy is not good

The people of Libya are aware of the propaganda in and concerning Libya.

Si liberamos al socialismo de sus aspectos materialistas, ateos y modernistas y si rechazamos los aspectos de la tercera posición como el racismo y el nacionalismo estrecho, arribamos completamente a una nueva ideología política. La llamamos la Cuarta Teoría Política
—  Aleksandr Gel’evich Dugin (Алекса́ндр Ге́льевич Ду́гин)
You were born not by chance but by excellence. You are alive today because of the unbroken chain of your ancestors that have survived and given life to this world. They have fought other predators, other humans…
They have fought nature itself.
And they have won.
The story continues - make it not mediocre, make it outstanding.
—  You have a story to write through your actions.

"Grow daily, do not succumb to stagnancy; Train your warrior spirit.

Connect with your kin, and the wild things within.

Be a powerful force of regeneracy; Give your descendants beauty to inherit.”


Learn your nature. Move in harmony with it and plan your life in a way as to develop all aspects of it.

72% of black babies are aborted

#Whites Outnumber #Blacks in #Mississippi But 72% of Aborted Babies Are #Black" Disgusting.

— ThirdPosition (@Third_Position)

February 28, 2014

Help stop the murder. Support local charities that will save these lives.