Ink Om Truth and Understanding by ~ThirdEyeWisdom

Finished scanning a lot of my art pieces and will begin uploading. This is one of my favorites. The inside cover from “The book that recognizes now”

"The most important question is Who am I?"

"Who is the I asking?"

"What is my true self?"

"Becoming self is all about throwing caution to the wind and going for it."

"Speak not when thou must listen. Perform actions with intent. Realize the implications. All actions shall be known. Dance when thou feels the desire for dance. Be Active. Enjoy every moment. It is your last. Practice pranayam. Be aware. Use your intuition. Be mindful of others. Respect thine brothers. Meditate with content expression of Mind, Body, Spirit. Recognize symbol in everything. Sing to your heart’s content. Observer as to understand. Act with willpower. Be your own mantra. Remember; Thou art thine creator. Dream"