The Big Three: Islam, Iman, & Ihsan

Scholars consider Islam, Iman and Ihsan the three stages in the path towards Allah (swt). The first path is you force yourself and bring yourself to do those actions which you know that Allah wants you to do. The second level is iman where you are not only doing those actions, but you are strengthening your relationship with Allah (swt) and you’re beginning to taste the sweetness of your relationship with Allah. The third level is the level of Ihsan, which is to worship Allah as if you see Him, and even if you cannot see Him, to know that He sees you. So, you are moving in this path, this journey, towards the Divine. And in doing so, it’s getting more and more intense. #hadith40


"If I swim out and the sea takes me it’s different, I’ll be making the choice. I want to be conscious until I’m gone, I want to feel something even if it’s the pain of salt water in my lungs, I want to feel the fight. Something huge and terrifying…and brave"

Imagine playing hide and seek with your first, second and third favorite character. 

Although this guy is a tad tight in the headset, this is where you should be for the third/fourth levels, even the beginning of the FEI really. There is now significant drive coming from the hind end which is pushing the forehand up and out creating that nice, sturdy topline and making a very controlled powerful gait.