17: The Honeymoon [PREVIEW!]



"Oh god!" I cried out clinging onto him for dear life as my back slams against the shower wall. "Toneee!"

"Shhh" he mumbled against my neck slamming his length deeper inside of me making my eyes slightly roll back hissing before biting into his shoulder. After a few more powerful thrusts into my g spot, my walls oozed out on him squeezing his length with a death grip. "Shit!" he growled speeding up. "Open up for me baby"

This was our third round today. Seeing that my mother was always out of the house, and Dynasty was off on a trip for cheer leading, me and Tone were in a slight honeymoon type of phase, constantly humping like rabbits. It’s been like this every morning and evening I get out of school this past week, but the honeymoon didn’t really start here. It started the morning after we went at it in the basement. Carelessly fucking every chance we get and smiling chilling whenever we’re not.

I know you’d think I was the one being careless, I’m the one coming on to him, but that was all Tone. Every chance he gets his hands and lips are on me. I don’t know where all this is coming from, but I’m surely not complaining. 

"I’m.. I’m gonna—" I whimpered before feeling his lips crashing into mines, cumming hard. Our tongues were tangled together, wrestling roughly as he pinned my hands over my head letting the water fall on us. It felt like a dream. A magnificent wet dream I never wanted to wake up from. I didn’t even care that this nigga got my hair wet, I just never wanted this to stop. 

"Ima bust" He groaned trying to work through my shy walls pumping with more strength. I could damn near snatch his condom off the way my walls are gripping him right now, but I couldn’t help it. 

"Fuuuck.. mn cum with me" I whimpered out feeling his swollen length twitch within me as I held his face crashing my lips into his again roughly. I could feel him building up just as fast as I was. The bathroom was an array of grunts and moans as he crammed himself as deep inside of me as he could. Suddenly we heard the front door slightly creak as he snatched himself out of me with lightning speed grabbing a towel and rushing out the bathroom leaving me on the shower floor.

Fuck my life.

I could hear somebody making their way up the steps, and I had no idea who it was but I could care less. Tone was probably in him and mama’s room by now and I still had to get myself off. 

Biting my lip I tilted my head back against the shower wall slipping a few fingers inside of myself and pulsing them slowly as Tone lingered my mind. Letting out a soft moan I finger fucked myself into a less powerful orgasm. 

Still mad this nigga dashed out the bathroom like Zorro.

By time I got out, got dried off and got dressed, I came out of my room to find Tone in his doorway as my mother came up wrapping her arms around his neck giving him a gentle kiss. Cute. I continued my way down the steps with a smile. Good to see them getting along again. \

Last time I checked it was something off about them, something that kept her out and kept him in my bed; kudos to them.

Not that I care..

The season hasn’t even begun yet, why the hell are people (I’m looking at you Rossi) bitching about the Pens? Unless you have some crystal ball I don’t know about, you have no idea what this year is going to look like, and I think it’s ridiculous to shit on a season that hasn’t even started yet. 

We have two of the best players in the world, but we haven’t made it to a SCF since 2009. We completely collapsed in the third round two years in a row. Everyone, literally everyone, I’ve heard after our loss to NYR was calling for a major overhaul of Penguins organization. That’s what we got. And now everyone is bitching about it. 

Who the hell were you expecting to coach us? Who did you think would become our GM? I like Johnson, and I think Rutherford is a good fit until Botterill, Guerin, etc. are ready to take his seat. (not gonna lie, I also love seeing Tocchet back with us)

I think Crosby and Malkin do need to lead the team better and be more like Toews in that respect. I’m not saying they’re bad leaders, but I know they could be better. I think that under Bylsma and Shero they got to be too comfortable, and that having new management might force them to improve their game. I don’t care who the hell Crosby wants on his line. He’s not the coach. I care who best fits on his line, and who can get the job done. If that means breaking up Kunitz/Crosby/Dupuis then so be it. 

I think Bylsma and Shero did all they could do in Pittsburgh, and that we need some fresh eyes to look at our problems and fix them, not just stick to the same systems that fall apart under pressure. 

Furthermore, that fucking thing that Rossi published read more like an angry tumblr post than an actual article. Get it together, Trib. You’re better than that. 

p.s. I’m still standing by the Neal trade. I like what we got for him. He’s a skill player. That’s his job, and that’s what he’s paid for. He’s not paid to defend guys or be an agitator, and furthermore, he’s not good at it. When he gets suspended for stupid hits, it hurts the team because we relied on him putting up points. 

To contrast, Downie and Carcillo ARE paid to be goons and enforcers. You’re not expecting either of them to score 20 goals this year. If one of them gets suspended, it doesn’t really matter for the score board or the top lines. 

I keep seeing posts that say “if we got rid of Neal because we wanted to avoid dumb penalties, then why do we bring on Carcillo or Downie” and I feel like those comments are missing the point I just detailed above. 

Also, we need toughness. We lost Tanner Glass. We lost Matt Cooke and Big Mac before that. Bortuzzo is sometimes inclined to drop the gloves, but we need guys who will not let the antics from last year’s playoff run go unanswered (like Marc Staal almost decapitating Crosby). I’m not a fan of either Downie or Carcillo, but I think they both bring the toughness we’ve lacked for quite some time. 

FAT BURNING LADDER! I love this workout:

In the first round, do each move for 45 sec each. Then in the second round, 30 sec each. Third round, 20 sec each. No breaks because this is short.

The moves are:

1. Froggy hop

2. Pushup plank

3. Inner thigh lunge

4. Criss cross abs

Good luck!! Please reblog if you plan on doing it later! :) 


hey everyone!! so here’s what my team came up with for homestuck shipping world cup 2013’s first round. it’s a dersecest-centered visual novel titled “A Seifuku Story.” in summary:

At the first annual school-wide presidential campaign, Dave presents questionable material to the proletariat as he challenges Rose’s crown! With a seifuku and a team to rival Rose’s mean and machine campaign squad, who will prevail, and can Dave win her heart?

instructions for downloading and playing the vn are as follows:

To download the game, follow the appropriate link for you operating system: (Windows) (Mac) (Linux). After you download and extract the files, open the extracted file folder titled “dersecestMR1-(your operating system here)” and open the game’s application file, titled “DersecestMR1.”

To progress through the game, click anywhere on the screen. To adjust volume, adjust your preferences in Prefs in the lower right-hand corner of the game screen.

(if, for whatever reason, you can’t/don’t want to download anything, there’s also a video walkthrough of the vn being played through here.)

and as for who did what: the propaganda poster was illustrated by sena, the rose, john, dirk, and jane sprites were made by chel, the dave sprite and illustration were made by megan, roxy sprite was made by alexi, jade was lined by myself and colored by cy, and the newspaper cutout was illustrated and designed by jen; dialogue was written by sarah, helen, and sena, and the visual novel itself was coded by j!!

(note: the songs used were these three songs, as well as an audio clip from a sailor moon; the background image we used is from neon genesis evangelion.)

i believe that’s all! we hope you enjoy!! \o//


Federer d. Benneteau 4-6 6-7 6-2 7-6 6-1

OMG WHAT A MAAAAAAAAATCH! I almost got killed!

Some Stats:

14 aces, 1st Serve %101/156 (65%), 4 Double Faults, Win % on 1st Serve 80/101 (79%), Win % on 2nd Serve 31/55 (56%), 53 Winners, 29 Unforced Errors, Receiving Points Won 62/168 (37%), Break Points Conversions 5/13 (38%), Net Approaches 22/39 (56%).

Please, Roger., in the next round, lets win this easily!

Watch on blogilates.tumblr.com


This is a timed HIIT (high intensity interval training) and fat burning, muscle toning routine! Here’s how it works: The first round, you do each move for 45 sec each. Second round is 30 sec a move. And third and final round is 20 sec a move. The moves are:

1. Froggy hops

2. Pushup plank

3. Inner Thigh lunge

4. Criss-cross abs 

Have fun!