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What am I drinking? I'd love an exceptionally large glass of wine. But unfortunately I'm all out, therefore I'm drinking a juice box like the badass adult that I am. What am I reading? NCLEX study notes. It's getting to be that time of the semester. What's on my mind? Stress. Overwhelming amounts of stress. What about you, my friend? What are you drinking, reading, and thinking..?

Responsibility x hard work + perseverance = current state of being, it seems.

I’m drinking on some defiancewhiskey, currently reading the Dark Mountain Manifesto, and thinking about… This and that and what have you’s.

Cheers to you and your studies, best of luck on the trials and tests to come.

Time is a beast we struggle against every day. Fast thinkers and reflexive actors don’t feel the pressure as much as slow thinkers do. Especially slow thinkers with a knack for perfectionism. The fast thinker’s heuristics tend to create good judgments most of the time but are prone to many , and some severe, errors. The slow thinker likes to look at the “whole picture” and take their time to look at the problem from every angle in order to assess the best course of action dependent on every detail and repercussion. Unlike the fast thinker who use “snap judgments” and uses gut feelings to make decisions. Time causes the battle between a pure logical decision and a reactive gut judgment in the slow thinker, who despises what time does to their assessment and logic, who must cut analysis short due to the continuous flow of time in the physical realm.
—  Scienceknowledge blog