"Be warned; I will honour my sworn oath to protect this realm as its gatekeeper."

Heimdall cosplay by À Lanna Mode (alannamode on Tumblr)
Photo by Think.Nu
Taken at Fan Expo 2013 

I’m sorry, I must share this photo everywhere. Probably my favourite photo of my Heimdall cosplay so far. Still can’t believe I actually pulled the whole thing off, I’m so ridiculously happy with it. First time making armour and a sword was a success! :D I think this is my favourite cosplay now. Heimdall is THE BEST and Idris Elba is THE BEST and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THOR THE DARK WORLD! A COUPLE MORE MONTHS PEOPLE!

P.S. I’m actually a female cosplayer crossplaying, though I think I managed to fool a lot of you at Fan Expo. Crossplay win! :P

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See Me-Lu Cosplay, and I at 2:42 as Panty and Stocking!

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