I believe in traditional and modern values, I believe in the family, I believe in marriage. I think it’s such a great institution, I think men should be able to marry each other and women should be able to marry each other.
If I can kiss my wife in public, I don’t see why you can’t kiss your husband in public.
When there are children in need of a loving family, and gay couples with so much love to give, we should not allow prejudice to stand in the way of progress for our children or for our wider societ
—  David Cameron

Dear Anon who asked about ‘human makara family’: I have thought about them. In numerous ways and styles. And you didn’t specify WHICH human makara family so i will just drop this one. *swims away in to the ether of the internet*

"I miss you, admittedly—or maybe I don’t. I don’t want you back; In fact, I quite like the silence. Having you back in my life in any regard would be synthetic. I don’t want you back in my life. You give me something to think about, and surely life would be dull without thought" - Anonymous

anonymous said:

haru and rei cuddling headcanons?



  • Whether or not his partner is taller than him, he always wants to be the big spoon because he can properly communicate his feelings that way. He always feels safer when they’re in his arms.
  • He loves touching and kissing his partner’s hands, so whenever they cuddle, he always has at least one of their hands interlaced with his own and won’t ever let go. He squeezes their fingers or runs a thumb over their knuckles rhythmically.
  • When they cuddle, he settles into a really romantic mood, so sometimes he’ll kiss the back of his partner’s neck or lips softly every once in a while and gets really pouty when they have to get up.


  •  He’s really stiff when it comes to cuddling at first, but eventually he grows very affectionate about it and kisses them often.
  • He prefers for his partner to be facing him so he can see them properly, but also because it’s a real pain to lie down with his glasses on so he feels a little self-conscious with them staring at him so intently. 
  • When he finally gets comfortable enough, he uses one hand to rub their back gently and the other to run his fingers through their hair. Sometimes he’ll give them a kiss on the forehead and whisper a few “I love you”s and his partner usually ends up falling asleep in his arms.

Jessica was a trainee for seven years before debuting as a member of Girls Generation.

She was the first member signed to SM Entertainment. She watched as each of the members came in and she watched as potential members left. 

Jessica’s been a member of SNSD for seven years. She’s dedicated over half of her life to those 8 girls she calls her sisters. 

She has done everything, from modeling, to acting, and most recently, she achieved her dream of being a fashion designer. 

And now she’s being booted from the group she spent the last fourteen years with because she wants to pursue that dream. 

Now how is that fair?

excuse me while i have feelings over the fact that that total shit killian jones faked being knocked out at lake nostos and saw the whole episode with emma and cora and was probably cheering under his breath but noooo he had to stay fake knocked out because drama queen, yet he was just so damn impressed

and the next time he sees her he greets her with a cheery “hey beautiful” despite broken fucking ribs and other car related damage, because he’s probably still got that on his mind and he knows that her heart can’t be taken and already let her get back to storybrooke and her family (sure he had a backup plan but he obviously did not need to do so)

this idiot has had it bad from the very very start and i love it