I wonder if Hazel and Gus used a condom when they had sex…

Like what if Hazel became pregnant and Gus obviously dies, and then the baby ends up having cancer too and then Hazel dies of lung complications and once the baby gets older he meets someone with cancer and the cycle keeps going. They have an infinite number of cancer babies, all thanks to Hazel and Gus.

I ship both mainewash and tuckington super hard and sometimes i get to thinking

a au where maine doesn’t die, but it takes him a while to meet up with wash again. 

like he needs time to heal somewhat, body and mind, and by that time wash now has this new team he needs to take care of, with a new guy he may or may not be dating

and maine gets there  and just

wash has already mourned maine, and tucker has helped, and he just cant do it again

but maine has no where else to go so he stays with the blue team and he and wash become buds again but nothing else because wow wash and tucker are inseparable. 

(meanwhile, red team gets super jealous that the blues have a walking tank so sarge gets to work right away)

then, plot twist, maine and caboose hook up because maine is big and strong and plays with caboose and oh no

But what if Paramore did actually play All I Wanted at Parahoy but made everyone promise they wouldn’t tell anyone, like that time in Hannah Montana the movie when Miley revealed she was Hannah and everyone promised not to tell so she could continue to be Hannah Montana 

This penny is from the year 1940. I’m sure everyone’s seen a coin from the past before but i just stopped to think about it for a second…

Do you realize that this penny could have been in the hands of Lucille Ball herself. Or James Dean or even Lou Abbott and Bud Costello. Or maybe a soldier from World War II who fought for our country bravely. Maybe he didn’t make it home. Maybe whoever had this penny had soo much luck and love, happiness, & life one day and then lost it all the next. Maybe this penny was all that someone had. Think about what this penny helped pay for. A stick of gum for a little boy in his button up shirt with his suspenders. Or a soldier sending a present or a letter home to his sweetheart… It’s from 1940 guys. That’s like 74 YEARS AGO. Think of all the hands this penny has been through. Not just in the year 1940 but in the years after it also…

Soo much history.

Soo many hands.

Soo many lives.

Just think about that.