Do we exist at all?
On the West Coast I live in a small town the news often wrongfully names,

On the East Coast,
I do not live,
Or anywhere outside my small town.

These words exist in your mind, but I am nothing, a girl at the very least,
You glance at on the street, or in car, but dont mind to think of.

We keep eachother alive, with other people who are nobody like me, alive but deprived of existence, of self worth, of living.


The other day someone said to me, “art is useless” 

This person sees art as only something for people to look at and admire. Yes people do like art for the simple fact that it looks nice but art is not only a painting on the wall, it is a message portrayed for people to see the world through the artist’s eyes. 

The quote “the Earth without art is just eh” is really fitting for this. When I go anywhere I pay attention to details, and in those details I notice that art is everywhere. Any sort of advertisement is art, the architecture of buildings is art, movies and tv is art. No matter where we go art is all around us. 

The person that said that to me used the example of a shovel as something “useful”. But a shovel can be art. Someone had to make that shovel, and people use to hand craft shovels by carving them out of wood etc. So even in things that most people don’t see as art you can find it. I think art is the basis of everything, because every single invention or creation begins with an idea. Something that was once in someone’s mind comes to reality. That is art.   

Props to Rugged and Raw in the UK for showing love to the destruction.

E. Grizzly is an alternative hip hop artist from Philadelphia, PA specializing in a philosophical, poetic flow similar to Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique, and Zach De La Rocha. The point o…