Still in a mood for fun when the party ended, Gable and Lombard decided to visit the amusement pier at nearby Venice. Lombard had once rented the entire place for one of her wacky parties, so the owners had shown their appreciation by giving her a life-time pass. She took Gable for free rides on the roller-coaster, bumper cars, Ferris wheel, and other attractions. They held hands and necked like teenagers. (x)


Shipping This Ship To The Undying Lands

Harold Finch/John Reese, Person of Interest


Aaron + Rachel | 2.15

"You have to trust me."


The Matheson-Monroe Family | 2.12

"You people are nuts."

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my exact thoughts lmao like….i just hate netizens? so much? you’d think that in my third year of kpop i’d be like ‘yeah whatevs’ but nope i still hate them

mostly i’m tired of pretending ‘cute’ concepts aren’t as sexual as ‘sexy’ concepts

like when i went to watch the nonono mv one of the top comments was ‘does anyone else want to bend chorong over a table’ so the hypocrisy ABOUNDS

I also stayed at my client’s house for fucking ever tonight just talking to the mom after the kids went to bed and basically just let her know everything that’s been happening with doctors and all that in my life recently.

She knew about the dog thing, but then there’s the gynecologist thing and the medication interfering with my period thing and the therapy thing aND EVERYTHING ELSE EVER.

This woman did not know I was suffering from depression and anxiety or that I’ve been in therapy for over a year and a half or how losing NaNo every year after losing that one horrible job when before I’d always won so easily takes an emotional toll on me every time it happens or that my new medication is an antidepressant that’s fucking up my period OR that my lady business is broken.


She wasn’t weirded out and was sympathetic to all of the above. So. That’s good.

Of course now that I’ve told her these things I do wonder if they’re going to stay there brewing in the back of her mind until she decides I’m a terrible caretaker for her kids and gets rid of me.