An Endless List of Reasons to Love the Tenth Doctor: The Way He Gets Excited About… Well, Everything


David Tennant when asked about what it was like to work with Catherine Tate [x]

Let's Make Things Physical Tour Set List

1. Back In Your Head
2. The Con
3. Walking With A Ghost
4. Monday Monday Monday
5. Goodbye, Goodbye
6. I Couldn’t Be Your Friend
7. Now I’m All Messed Up
8. I Was A Fool
9. Sentimental Tune
10. Alligator
11. The Ocean
12. On Directing
13. Love They Say
14. Nineteen
15. Arrow
16. I’m Not Your Hero
17. Feel It In My Bones
18. Shock To Your System
19. How Come You Don’t Want Me
20. Drove Me Wild
21. Closer
Call It Off
23. Living Room
24. Let My Love Open The Door

hvshmoney asked:

I used to draw and paint every day since I was a child. College is something I never wanted, so when my dad found out he told me I'd never be a great artist unless I went. It broke my heart and my passion withered because I just wanted my dad to be proud of me. It's been about 5 years (I'm 23 now) since I've felt like this and I don't know what to do. I miss it. Every time I try to make something I feel like I can't. This feeling confuses me, I hate it. I miss being inspired every day by life.

It’s never too late to make a change- whether it’s mental or physical. Find a new way to reawaken that passion in your life - it’s still there burning strongly within you!! Pay attention to what makes you really excited. Make a list of things you absolutely love - whether it’s colors, flowers, emotions, certain foods, types of weather, crafts, history.. Really notice when certain things get you super exited and light you up. While we do have the ability to be excited and enthusiastic about anything ever, sometimes start with what feels effortless. Find your complete happy place where you are at peace, joyful and feel like your brightest truest self. Create from that place. Answers to questions will flow naturally, trust your inner voice / your golden compass. It guides you to follow what is true and right for you and only you. Other people may mean well and have pure intentions, but only YOU know what is right for YOU. Stay strong and stay positive and it’s okay to feel sad sometimes. It’s hard to remember that you have the extraordinary ability to transcend difficult situations and appreciate all parts of the journey, the painful and the fun. It’s all learning and it’s all growth. Love you!!

Researching the effects of seizures, and more proof that Trosephim are really really good at this thing they do. (Forgive me if this isn’t entirely logical and coherent, it’s late.)

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Heat, Pollution, and Skyscrapers Make Cities Have More Thunderstorms

"Ah, city life: The culture! The food! The music! The thunderstorms! Wait, what? Thunderstorms? Yes, that’s right: You can add weather to the list of things that are more exciting in the city than in the sticks.

Ok, not all cities. But in regions like the American south, normal urban attributes like heat, pollution, and tall buildings could stir up more storms. New research examined nearly two decades of meteorological data from Georgia and found thunderstorms were slightly more likely to form over Atlanta than the surrounding rural areas. Through modeling and other research, meteorologists have known about the connection between cities and storms for decades, but this is the first time data has shown the phenomena in action.”

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What are you excited about?

I’m excited about a lot of things, but I’ll just list a few

• It’s been seven years since my brother has celebrated his birthday with the fam bam so I’m super excited about that! His fiancé and Muggsy Wheaten (his adorable doggy that he wouldn’t let me name Mufasa,) will be returning also, and I get to help out with their wedding, woohoo!

• My home girl, cairod will be returning home to celebrate one of our dearest friends, katestipona get married to her childhood crush

• The Kintana sisters will reunite in Washington and hop on a plane to Chicago to have adventures with these two cuties, easyoak and undefinedisabella! (I would love to meet thereisntenoughtime and 91fo!)

• And when that adventure ends, I will meet up with ofbisonandbanjos and ethanisfizzy in Washington to start our road trip! We’re planning on visiting the Redwood Forest, the Goonies House, and hopefully thebrinkofawe and sierramocardigan will be able to show us around San Francisco!

• Then when I return home I shall not get sad, because mmmumbles will be back home and I can finally have a person to go on random hikes, bike rides, and adventures with!

• One of my childhood friends will be having a beautiful baby and I’ll be Aunty Mary Jane (of course the cool aunt that drinks all the wine).

• AND I’m always excited when there are events at the Ratchet Patch because I love the random dance parties and being around beautiful souls! Shoutout to ricetwink, ethanisfizzy, feel-good-incorporated, and shannamichele!!


Has anyone else watched the video of Steve Janaszak on NBC Sports talking about the Miracle on Ice reunion?? Because, regarding who’s going, he said, "no one has said no yet."


(Though I’m assuming that it’s Pav that hasn’t said yes yet, because that’s just what he does. And I’m basically afraid to do so much as breathe the wrong way because it might trigger something in the universe to make him say no.)

People who think I’m sweet

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People who think I’m funny

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People who think I’m cool

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Just slowly chickety-checking things off my list (work and chores bleh) and compulsively checking my email to see if lady from potential jorb has gotten back to me. I emailed her my concerns and a couple suggestions for how we can maybe make it work. She said she’ll run them by the big boss. I feel like she’s pulling for me, which is very nice. It’s not like it’s my dream job, but I think it would fit well with my schedule and would be a good resume builder/foray into the tech-editing world, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Now to fold the laundry.

I love glebe markets so much!! today I spent $25 but i got

  • asos black canvas slip ons
  • two summer dresses (one doesn’t fit at the back v well but I can fix it pretty easily I think)
  • a pair of red bettina liano pants (which the girl selling them originally got for $110 oh my god)
  • a denim skirt 

all $5 each and most fit really well!!! I love glebe markets

My theme is fixed! Ahh I’m just so excited about it. I’ve been trying to work with/edit my theme for ages. There are still a couple things here and there that I will work on in the future, but I’m pretty happy with it for now. The notes and tags and stuff should work now, and I was able to keep my puppy paw print background. 

Im about to fall asleep but I thought I’d tell everyone this first; i was in a car accident this morning. My friend turned in front of a speeding ford pickup and he plowed into the passengers side, mushing the back door in. Luckily I was in the front seat, so I was about a foot clear of it. If it had been a foot upward Id be seriously hurt.
I am fine aside from being a bit skittish and tense, it only shook me up a bit, and I suppose I can check that off of my “dangerous things that have happened to me ” list
So yeah
Exciting day
I thought I was dead for five minutes after

42 Things I've Decided to Do (and you should too)

1.) Sleep in when you want to
2.) Wake up early when you want to
3.) Stay fit
4.) Have lazy days
5.) Eat healthy
6.) Pig out every once in a while
7.) Go to the gym
8.) Express your feelings
9.) Dress nicely
10.) Wear sweats
11.) Do the things you love
12.) Love the things you do
13.) Take a risk
14.) Run around
15.) Wear shorts and tank tops and bikinis underneath
16.) Take off your shoes
17.) Watch TV all day
18.) Believe in destiny
19.) ^ Don’t let that stop you from doing anything
20.) Read books
21.) Memorize quotes
22.) Try to act sophisticated
23.) ^ Fail at that and be silly
24.) Watch the sunset
25.) Watch the sunrise
26.) Look forward to things but also be content with now
27.) Get excited about little things
28.) Eat ice cream
29.) Go tanning
30.) Draw with chalk
31.) Be yourself
32.) Make new friends
33.) Don’t be shy
34.) Go swimming in the rain
35.) Love yourself
36.) Love someone else too
37.) Take lots of photos
38.) Remember the happy times
39.) Learn from the hard times
40.) Go to the beach
41.) Start a collection
42.) Appreciate your family