capriwolf asked:

Would someone here be willing to help me understand what I could do to improve my art? I would love if someone went over the anatomy/pose of a drawing I completed today. It would mean a lot. Please and thank you?


As much as I want to, it feels irresponsible of me to readily say yes to this when I have so many followers who may end up wanting the same thing (i can’t possibly tend to all of them). 

Instead, I’d like to direct you to /r/artcrit, a very friendly subreddit created solely for this purpose. I frequent it sometimes, so you may get an answer from me either way :p 


Fast and easy manifestation

Inspired by createyourlifeofabundance recent posts,

When there is a dominant feeling of: other people are manifesting things so much easier/faster than me, see if it’s possible to change that to something with less resistance and a little more joy like,

If I attract what I am,

And I am seeing people manifest things with much more ease than I have,

then this must mean that I am capable of doing the same thing, or else I wouldn’t be seeing this.

This must mean that I have the capacity to create with as much speed and comfort as I could ever want.

This must mean that I am already manifesting things faster and effortlessly.

This must mean that I can feel better and better right here and now–

Everything is perspective. When we can use everything we see in the moment as a catalyst for clarity insight and inspiration, instead of using it to fuel the illusion of lack, the game changes. And it becomes a really fun really expansive game, really fast.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it out and document your results while you’re at it :)

Fury Road & the Search for Our Better Selves

So I’ve wanted to write something about Mad Max: Fury Road since I saw it. But I didn’t really have anything to say without massive spoilers besides A) It’s good, go see it, or B) restating what has already been picked to death: that the film is outspokenly feminist, anti-masculine, and treats its female characters with respect. Other than adding that I love how the film makes the metaphor of women as cattle literal by having the bad guys fucking milking them of all things, I’m not sure what I could possibly add to that discussion. 

But all that stuff, while great, isn’t really the main theme of the movie. It’s mostly just George Miller doing what everyone else should ALREADY be doing, which is giving women interesting, 3-Dimensional characters to play. Most of the discussion I’ve read has been either “Yay feminism” or “Yay really good action”. Both of which are true. Fury Road is fucking badass and pro-women as hell. But what the movie is really about is hope. Specifically misplaced hope. 

So here we go. SPOILERS, as I said, but if you haven’t seen Fury Road already, what are you doing with your life, seriously?

Furiosa and Max are the dual protagonists, both because they are primarily responsible for driving the action, each in their own way, but because they share the same arc. They both start at a similar place emotionally, and they both in the end learn the same thing, albeit while coming at it from different angles.

Furiosa and Max are similar in that they are both deeply repentant people of violence. They’ve both lived incredibly hard lives, and been the victim of, but also the cause of, a lot of suffering, and they carry that guilt with them. The primary difference when they meet is Max has already given up all hope. He has been reduced to little more than an animal, barely staying alive as he wallows in his misery. As he says to her, “Hope is a mistake. If you can’t fix what’s broken, you’ll go insane.” Furiosa still clings to a sliver of hope. She seeks to find home & redemption by taking the Wives back to “The Green Place” where she was born, a mythical sounding paradise, home to the Vuvalini, a tribe of warrior women. 

But once she and Max set out, they soon discover that Furiosa’s sought paradise is just as too-good-to-true as it sounds. There is no Green Place anymore. It’s long ago dried up and rotted away, just another dreary wasteland in a dead world. 

It’s here that Furiosa reaches her lowest point. The one hope that she held on to, the only thing that kept her going all these years is gone. But ironically, when Furiosa is at her lowest is when Max suddenly dares to hope for the first time in the movie. Maybe it’s seeing someone in whom he saw a kindred soul finally break as he once did that spurred him to action, or maybe it’s just he can’t take anymore ghosts following him around. Either way he realizes the flaw in Furiosa’s thinking. She wasn’t wrong to hope, as he had told her. But her hope was misplaced. 

We as a species are obsessed with paradise as a concept. We’ve been inventing them since we had language. No one is ever happy with the world as it is, so we imagine a better one. The religious among us dream of promised lands and afterlives, others look to the stars and dream of living on other planets in a magical future world, still others dream of an idealized, rose-tinted view of the past. For us, a better world than this, a world worth living for is always…somewhere else. It’s never here and now. Here and now is shit. Fuck here and now. We always wanna be anywhere except for here and now. 

Likewise Furiosa pins her whole hope for a better tomorrow on the Green Place, instead of realizing that everything she and the Wives need is right there at the Citadel. The answer was never to just give up on where they were, to abandoned the thousands suffering & go somewhere else where there are no problems. It was to make the world they where in better, rather than running away to chase a different one. Likewise Nux & all his fellow Warboys where so fixated on the idea of a better life in Valhalla that they’re rushing to an earlier death than their half-lives already allow instead making the most of what time they have. 

This is the message of Fury Road: don’t put pin your hopes on fantasies and paradises. Fight to make the world you have better rather than dreaming of a different one. Because this world may never be a paradise, but it can always be better.

The film closes with these words: “What can we do? We who wander the wasteland in search of our better selves?”

superbleachgirl asked:

Okay, so hey. I'm kind of new to the whole Tumblr thing and I don't have many followers but, I'd like to start writing on my blog but I literally have no idea what to write about. I'm a huge Supernatural fan and other shows but I'd rather people ask me to write, if that makes sense? So anyways I was wondering if you could help me in any way possible?Sorry it's long! Btw I totally love your blog! Keep it up! ^_^

Thank you, and no worries, darling! I do have some similar asks, so I can refer you to these bottom things below! :3


For Dean (and this is a pretty generic thing, I guess) I would consider incorporating some kind of rough language (like dark humor for when not wanting to express stuff or changing the point of things, also swearing) and maybe an accent from now and then. Although really the accent thing is more for words that we all typically cut off (freakin’, swingin’, really it applies to a bunch of ‘g’s).

For Sam maybe some softer language, although not too soft, you know? I guess it’s kind of weird to explain (especially for me, a person who can’t describe how to get to a bathroom without showing physically), but he’s still human and a Winchester. I think Sam would be more likely to say stuff like “Oh my god,” or something similar to that than Dean. I guess another tip would be trying to watch episodes within the time period that you’re writing.

Grammar stuff:

  • Please don’t just keep writing “said” after every dialogue, try to use variations of it that express emotions. It’s boring to just read in the same tone over and over again.
  • Don’t put “said” after a character is screaming. E.g.

“I can’t believe you would do that!” she said,screamed/cried/shouted. Just use something else than “said.”

  • Please don’t capitalize things after a question mark or exclamation point after ending the quotation marks unless you’re starting a difference sentence. What I mean by that is that both what the character is saying and the way that they’re are expressing it are one sentence.


“You know I didn’t do anything wrong!” he shouted back.


“You know I didn’t do anything wrong!” He shouted back.

On the wrong one you’re telling me two difference sentences, one being what the character is saying and the other “He shouted back.” That’s literally it. They should be connected, but when you make the “h” a capital “H” you are giving me two different sentences completely separated from each other. Here are the exceptions to this, though, which happen when you do want to consciously give another sentence.

  1. “How can you even expect me to believe that?” Her eyes were alive with ember flames as she looked at him and bit back tears.

That is completely different idea, although you could also just break the paragraph right there instead of having to continue it.

  • Please, please, for the love of Chuck, use paragraphs. Please. Don’t write a block of something (ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE USING DIALOGUE). It looks really heavy and boring to read, so please, just don’t do that. Just…don’t.
  • Don’t just randomly capitalize or bold a word if you want it to have emphasis. Italicize it. Please. E.g.


“Gosh, I TOTALLY hate Lauren,” she grumbled angrily, rolling her eyes.


“Gosh, I totally hate Lauren,” she grumbled angrily, rolling her eyes.

  • I might be wrong about this one, but in my opinion it just makes things look better; don’t capitalize every single freaking word when a character is yelling. Leave that for when they’re hollering, or really angry and just basically exploding in emotion.


“JAMES, can you get the groceries?” she yelled into the house.


“DAMN IT, CAS, JUST DO SOMETHING ALREADY!” Dean roared, his hands clutching at your immobile body, one hand on your cheek and the other holding you against him.

In the right example above, Dean obviously feels really angry and panicked, which is why he is roaring so loud. Also, just to mention the corrections for the first example, you would have to put an ! after “JAMES.” It wouldn’t make it all that better (you would simply have to not capitalize the whole “JAMES” thing), but it would at least be decent.

  • ALWAYS use a comma after a character’s name if the person speaking is addressing to them.


“Hi James would you like to meet my parrot Danny?” She questioned, pointing at the feathery creature on her shoulder.


“Hi, James, would you like to meet my parrot, Danny?” she questioned, pointing at the feathery creature on her shoulder.

  • Use “” if a character is speaking, not ‘’.
  • A name always has the first letter capitalized.
  • In English, words in titles that are typically more than four letters are capitalized.
  • (Edit) Okay, so using an apostrophe after a word that ends with s is cool. Don’t use it like the following.


James’s eyesight is bad because he didn’t want to meet my parrot.


James’ eyesight is bad because he didn’t want to meet my parrot.

Anonymous: I just made an imagine’s blog, but I don’t know how to get people interested or requesting things. What did you do?

Ahh, my old, sweet days as a fresh imagines blog…now, those were good times, I’ll though I prefer these better.

Anyhow, the first thing I did was introduce myself to the imagines community in a little message and encouraged people to send me a request, which was what got me my first few followers and requests! After that, I just kept posting and this blog grew little by little, and I would just ask for requests when I ran out.

One big tip that I would give is tag EVERYTHING. There’s this thing about the first five tags showing up or something (?) and I don’t know a lot about it, but I do know that a bunch of things with tags beyond that show on the mobile search engine, or I might be crazy, but still, use tags as much as you can.

I’m now lucky enough to have a ton of followers and requests, and even an amazing co-writer, so don’t worry really about a rough start, it really becomes better! :) Hope this helps!

Anonymous: How can I start a oneshot blog? How do I get people to send in requests? Thank you & I love this blog <3

Aw, thanks, sweetheart! What I just did was post a littlemessage, you know, those that you see around every once in a while in the Supernatural imagine tag, and waited for any requests to come in (which luckily they did and I love and appreciate my first requesters very dearly). From there on I just posted whatever I could and tagged it to get it around. I bold that word because it’s seriously important to tag your stuff. 

Izzythesociopath said: Hi! I’m starting my own Supernatural one shots blog, and I was wondering of I could have some advice or pointers?

Oh my god, I was going to answer this last night in depth and everything but I just kept wandering away for some reason. Sorry! Anyhow, I don’t really know how to instruct people but I will try my best. So, things to keep in mind:

  • Have a consistent kind of theme to your one shots. By that I just mean putting them in the same format always, like how I do the Request, A/N, Word count, Pairing, Warnings, thing. Make up your own, experiment a little. It’s probably going to change until you find the one you’re most comfortable with and that’s totally okay!
  • Decide if it’s gonna be strictly one-shots or also just kind of Supernatural themed.
  • Always tag your stuff. And by that I really want to point out to use the tags that people are going to see, because often I’ve read amazing stories that I had never seen before because of the way the tags are written. I would recommend tagging: supernatural imagine, Supernatural one shot, and whatever character it’s about (e.g. Dean Winchester imagine, Dean Winchester one shot, Dean Winchester x reader).
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of likes of followers at first; you will grow in time!
  • Theme for mobile: Try to have a theme that’s easy to the eyes. My theme is just black and white, so do keep a nice consistency like that.
  • Theme on desktop: Also try to have a nice theme that goes with the one on mobile in the desktop version. This all relates to the color scheme and just makes it look better (this is where my professional communications class came in handy).

So…yeah, just be yourself with your followers and always keep alive that same passion that inspired you to write in the first place and you’ll do great!

Anonymous: Hey! So I’m starting a Supernatural oneshot blog and I need an advice from you. I see that you have a wonderful relationship with your followers, so I wanted to ask you how did you build that? :) xoxo

No problem, dear! At first I just mainly answered asks for requests and just kind of opened up about my life and encouraged people to ask anything. I just answer whatever I can with the most positive attitude I can because I love being kind and happy, and I really think that that’s mainly what can make your followers feel more comfortable!

Also, tspofspn, I think I accidentally answer your ask privately, so if the links don’t work (or if you have no idea what links I’m talking about because they didn’t show up) here’s what I was talking about! :)

[TRANS] 150525 M-ON ! LIVE WOOYOUNG Showcase Interview

(26:16 - 31:37)

Due to the pressure that I have to fill up the stage all by myself, I thought about it a lot. The thing that seemed the most important to me… My image as a dance singer might be something that the fans are looking forward to. And I have also displayed that kind of image quite often. So then I thought how it would be possible fill up the stage on my own.

First, music is the most important thing, so I wanted to let the fans hear my “voice” the most. I thought about different ways of how my voice could be heard. For example, instead of appearing at one spot, I thought of how it would be possible to make an entrance in various places. I also tried to change the outfit as much as possible. As for the overall stage atmosphere… I wondered what kind of atmosphere would allow the audience to listen to the music comfortably, and as it turned out into a jazz bar kind of setting, in order not to be void of charisma or the actual performance, I worked on every detail from the lighting, piano, and the placing of everything. Because in the end it all leads to the stage directing.

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The Mist Of What You Believe (Album)

Here’s my piece. I’ve spent quite a long time, lost hours of sleep, drank too much of my vice, to let you hear what it’s like for me think on a daily basis. I see and hear everything in bright colors. And, I hope you’ll enjoy this record as much as I did making it, because I’m truly proud of what I’ve accomplished. I also hope you see what I obsess about, colors and lush, melodic sound scapes.

People have told me everything you could possibly say to someone negatively about pursuing music or art. This is my answer to anyone who wants to do this stuff. You can. Fuck anyone who says you can’t. If I told you that all you’d have to do is just believe in yourself to accomplish things, would you believe me? Because it’s completely true. 100%.

I’ve stripped everything to the bottom. Simple drum machine, simple synth programming, and simple presentation. However, it is complex at everything else; expression, production, and emotion. You don’t need fancy analog gear or a jaw dropping studio. Just some ideas, time, belief, and the drive to do it. Make something, do something. Live.

“Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” - Claude Monet. 

Download the album for free, here.

Am I an otherkin?

I don’t know. Are you?

How do I know if I’m otherkin?

If you’re asking that question to start with, there’s a pretty good chance that you are.

Ask yourself why you want to know. Ask yourself if you want to become this thing, what you would give for it, what you would do if it happened. Especially, ask yourself what you would do if you found out it never could. Would you be disappointed? Would you feel like you have an itch you can’t scratch, or a chronic pain you can’t treat? Like now you’ll never be whole, and maybe life isn’t worth living?

Now ask yourself this: Isn’t that exactly how a real one would feel, in your situation?

But the thing I admire is so [X], and I’m so [NOT X]. How can I possibly call myself one?

Let’s turn this question on its head. We’ll use dragons as an example, since there are a lot of them and I’m fond of them.

In this example, then, the real question you should be asking is “Why am I letting people insult me when I’m a flippin’ dragon!?”


You’re not born with the idea that you’re stupid or ugly or worthless, or that it’s hopeless to wish or to care about things. You get that idea from the small, shallow people around you, who don’t know or care what you are inside and who think that the tiny sliver they see is the real you. Who encourage you to be only that thing, if they like it, and stomp on it mercilessly if they don’t.

If you wish that you were the kintype you imagine – if you long for it, daydream about it, know exactly what you’d give up for it – but you feel like you don’t have permission to be it, then give yourself permission. Right now.

You don’t need to convince anyone else.

You don’t need to act a certain way.

You don’t need a “real” one of that kind to approve you.

You are one.

What you do is what “they” do. What you’re feeling right now is what “they” feel. And what you look like is what “they” look like.

Someday you’ll be able to change what you look like, to match how you feel on the inside. In the meantime, keep longing and dreaming. You’ll bring that day closer for everyone.

anonymous asked:


Let’s be honest for a minute, because i get this often.

1) You probably don’t have anything you could possibly send me on Snapchat that would interest me.

2) I really don’t want to have to sift through your boring and irrelevant snaps all the time.

3) I’m not going to snap you photos if i don’t know you, and i rarely use the story function so time you’re not going to see anything unique

4) You can’t even ask with a face, which just confirms #1.

So in conclusion, I’m sorry, but Snapchat is one thing i prefer not to add strangers on.

thanks for all the kind messages and wishes about the (possible) hades&persephone webcomic!! you guys are so nice ;; v ;;; i really just wanted to see what kind of reception it’d get, because i don’t have anything planned yet, i don’t even know what sort of plot it would have -.- in the next few months i’ll be planning these stuff and searching more about how those interested could support the comic in the best way for me and for you c: this is really not a sure thing for now (webcomics are hard work, to be truthful i’m not entirely sure i’d be up for it) but i’ll keep you updated! thanks again!!

iglompsh asked:

How do you find the motivation to keep working out and exercising? I have so many moments where I set myself a schedule and routines only to give up on them about a month into it... Is there something that could possibly help me maintain my want to keep fit for when I lack the drive?

Okay so here’s the thing. Motivation is always hardest whenever you’re starting out, because it hasn’t become habit yet. The key is to set a goal (usually about three months of good, consistent exercise) and then promise yourself an awesome reward IF AND ONLY IF you stick to that goal. At that point, you should already start seeing results, which is what helps motivate you from there on out.

anonymous asked:

This question is probably odd but... I have a fictional universe that I want to feel as real and complex as possible. Would it be weird if I wrote poems, songs, plays and mock history book entries/newspaper articles centered around that world? They would be under the names of people in that world that wrote them though, not my own. I love stories with depth beyond what you see surface-level and have always wanted to craft a world that feels like it could have actually existed.

Like I always say with this sort of thing - it’s great worldbuilding, but be sure you’re not crafting all of this stuff for the sake of procrastinating on the story itself. 

anonymous asked:

Unbreak my heart. You're anti-Swan Queen friendship? You don't even want them to be buddies? How could it possibly be a bad thing for them to have grown to be friends? How is is unrealistic and poorly written for two people who will forever be linked because of their child and who have corresponding pasts to become friends? Like they have to interact for the rest of their lives. Did you honestly think they would just hate each other forever? That's way more unrealistic to me.

OK, look. There’s only so much a person can realistically forgive. If a person tried to kill you as a baby, tried to kill your mom and dad multiple times, accidentally/indirectly almost killed your shared son, killed the guy who had your job before you, kept a woman locked up for 28 years, kept a man locked up for an unspecified amount of time, sent several children to their deaths via Gingerbread Witch, killed at least one full village of people, planned to destroy your entire town, framed your mom for murder, kept your dad in a coma, put your MOM in a coma, keeps a room full of people’s hearts with no attempt to return them, killed a young boy’s father, killed her OWN father, broke apart at least one family purely out of spite AAAANNNNNDDD has NOT ONLY said she isn’t sorry for any of it, NOT ONLY hasn’t tried to do a thing to make up for a majority of those offenses, BUT ALSO acts like the wronged party constantly, would having to be around her constantly and having shared custody of a kid make you want to be friends with her?

I can’t speak for you  but I can tell you for a fact, it would make me want nothing more than for her to rot in a jail cell for every day of the rest of her miserable life. And I definitely wouldn’t want my kid anywhere near her. Like, I’m all for trying to cooperate for the sake of the child but there’s, “I don’t like your personality but we both love little Jimmy so we’ll work it out” and then there’s, “You murdered 12 people but we’re going to overlook that.” Even if she was sincerely repentant it wouldn’t make me suddenly become friendly with her. Just tolerant at the most. Just ONE of those offenses are enough to get you on my forever shitlist (and arrested, another thing Regina has never had to deal with). I just can’t treat a murder (let alone several) as a water under the bridge offense. 

At a certain point, there was a way to write a realistic friendship for Regina and Emma but I feel that ship has sailed. Although, in the roadtrip episode, they write Regina as being way more friendly with Emma than usual (by my accounts at least) and it’s less…unpleasant to watch I’ll say than their usual odd, one-sided banter. I mean, it seems ooc to me but still not as hard to watch.

tehdono asked:

So, I've been studying for a few months now and I feel absolutely lost. Even my tarot readings (which I've done for years) say I'm kinda fumbling around in the dark, and that I need to pick a path and stay on it. My gut is telling me the Celtic direction is the way to go (the Goddess that called me to this being Brigid and all), but I don't know what I need to be doing. I guess this is my big cry for help.

You could try a couple things:

  • read the FAQ, Resource page, and tags, especially “beginners,” to see if you get any ideas on what you might want to do
  • figure out what’s important to you (loved ones, loyalty, honesty, idk), whether or not it’s related to spirituality/religion, because this will give an idea of what you’re actually looking for
  • research different paths and see not only which ones ‘call’ to you but which also seem to have the possibility of meeting your priorities or satisfying your needs; if you need something that focuses a lot on environmentalism, you can look into Druidry, but if poetry and self-expression are important to you, you may be interested in Filidecht

We have plenty of tags and links for various Celtic paths, e.g. “irish polytheism” and “gaelic polytheism,” that you can check out.  Keep in mind that these paths are not interchangeable.  I’m not sure what else to suggest without something more specific to work with.

- mountain hound


I was five days away from my due date, and I was ready to pop. I was huge, couldn’t see my feet, and the contractions had begun a day before. I wanted to hold the baby in for as long as possible so I could at least make it past Chris’ birthday so we could celebrate; I didn’t want to take away from his special day. Of course, I could put my baby at risk if I held him in, but I wasn’t trying to harm either of us. I just needed the baby to wait.

Three days before Chris’ birthday. He and I decided to have dinner by ourselves before things got hectic when the baby arrived. It was his idea, but he stressed the point that I didn’t have to go if I felt like I wouldn’t be able to make it without going into labor. It was risky, yes, but I knew I could do it.

Boy, was I wrong…

“Ouch,” I whispered as another one hit; this one was a bit more painful.

“Hey,” Chris called quietly. “Are you alright?”

He knew of my contractions, but figured they weren’t bad. “Um, just some contractions.”

His eyes widened and his jaw went slack. “Do I need to take you to the hospital?”

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anonymous asked:

What comes after NET?

right now, i’m taking some time to just rest and simply be. i’ll then start working at a coffee shop the first week of june, i’ll be photographing a wedding later in the summer (could be scary… i’m pretty rusty in that department as it’s been a while since i last shot one, ha!), possibly teach a faith formation class + lead a small group, and see what happens after that. besides that, though, there are a few smaller things i’d like to do now that i have more time on my hands. i want to put more time + energy into this blog, to meet more of you who live in minneapolis, build a coffee table with my brother, explore northern minnesota more, simplify + purify my life and the things in it, train for a half marathon, camp more, get back into writing letters, etc.

Meet the Aro Day!

So, apparently I completely missed out on AceDay a few weeks ago. Luckily for me I’m also on the aromantic spectrum so I can totally make up for it today.

(I apologize for the weird colors. Not sure why it’s doing that.)

1. My name is Arden and although I know they’re out there I’ve never met someone who has the same name. It’s such a small thing but I’m really proud of my name and really love it a lot.

2. I’m still figuring out my romantic orientation. I know that I fall somewhere on the aromantic spectrum but I’m not sure where exactly. I really connect with Cupioromantic because I have a very real romantic drive and really want a romantic relationship, but I’ve never felt a romantic “pull” towards any specific person. I wonder if I could possibly be Demiromantic and just haven’t developed the right kind of bond. Or I might be Reciproromantic? But I also might just be straight Aromantic? Idk, it’s all really confusing tbh.

3. I loooove dogs. They are my absolute favorite animal of all time ever. I just love them so much. Just looking at pictures of dogs puts a smile on my face.

4. I’ve been playing pokemon since I was four years old. It started out with pokemon cards and watching the show. My love for it grew from there when my parents finally bought me a gameboy advance and the original Sapphire game. I have been addicted ever since. It was through copying pokemon art that I basically taught myself how to draw and it’s still my favorite thing to doodle.

5. I really wish I could play a musical instrument or sing. Sadly though, I was not gifted with the talent to make music. I do, however, love music and am very open to many different kinds of music.

6. Maybe it’s my inner artist, but I have a strong love for colors. Any kinds of colors. Pastel, neon, bold, pale, bright, dark, neutral. Literally all the colors of the rainbow plus some. I’m kind of really jealous of Mantis Shrimp being able to see colors we can’t even comprehend.

7. This fall I will be starting my fourth year of college. I’m majoring in Graphic Design, but am uncertain as to what I actually want to do with the rest of my life.

8. I’m a very proud Hufflepuff. Fight me!

9. Discovering I was asexual was very freeing and eye opening for me. It took me all of five days to reflect and come to terms with it for me to accept and embrace my asexuality (although I think I always knew on some subconscious level). It was through this discovery of self that I looked into my romantic orientation and I’ve come to realize it’s not what I thought it was. It’s taken me much longer to come to terms with my romantic orientation, something that’s happened only very recently.

10. Doing this is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking for me. I’m out as ace to only four people and this is my first time acknowledging in any kind of “public” manner that I’m aro too. So, yeah, that’s all.

Happy AroDay everyone!

anonymous asked:

when is the new gag reel? when is the new gag?? reel???!

LIKE SEPTEMBER PROBABLY??? sooner maybe, if it gets super sneaky leaked from SDCC…….which i shouldn’t condone but……..well, you know, if it gets out, the delicious gooey gag reel practically gets shoved into your eyes on complete accident months early, and who could possibly want that??  ◉‿◉

Anonymous said:

Hey! I really really want your Sams purple dog shirt in a kids size. Is there any way you could make it available?

sure, here ya go! i do have bad news though, because i think the reason i never put it up before is because it doesn’t come in purple??  which is a huge giant bummer all things considered. your child isn’t experienced enough to handle the purple i suppose

Anonymous said: 

I owe you one for introducing me to Centipede


Anonymous said:

so i think you should totally draw cas as the impala. like, human impala, but cas.

I’m really tired because Gordon started yelling at the crack of dawn and ruined my sleep, but here’s a short rundown - everything went well, there was no ‘are you suuuuure’-ing. The 6 month initial period is not an ‘are you suuuuure’ thing so much, but because their resources are spread thin - there are only two gender clinics in the entire country, and they are the ONLY ones legally allowed to handle gender stuff. It’s fucked up. Still, I told them I want to expedite things if at all possible because I’m not getting any younger, here. They seemed to understand.

Since I’m on disability because of depression due to dysphoria, and have pre-existing mental conditions, they also think it’s a good idea that I see a therapist in conjunction with visiting them, which I am meh about - it’s a good idea in theory, but my last therapist didn’t really help me, and I felt like I was grudgingly going so I could keep my disability. (There was a lot of “Yes I know [x] is my brain being mean to me but logicking my way out of it doesn’t actually work,” and my few “I don’t know what to do about this” problems she had really… awful suggestions for without even considering there might be something more going on, like with my skin picking stim/self-harm). 

SO I’M NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT but I’m going to be straightfoward and businesslike about it so we can cut the crap and figure out what’s going to be useful so we don’t waste our time.

I’m also not looking forward to waiting for up to six months to start hormones but actually knowing why it can take that long and have it not being a patronizing bullshit reason alleviates some of my stress. I feel like I can hold on that long so long as it means things are still moving forward.