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► (2.01) Nature Under Constraint and Vexed 

Friendly reminder in light of tomorrow's GCSE results

Some people will be just as happy with C grades as others will with A*s

Some people will be just as disappointed with Bs as others will with Fs.

This is okay because different people have different expectations of themselves

It is not okay to make people feel ashamed of how they react to their results

If people are happy with lower grades than you have, congratulate them

If people are upset with Bs or missing A*s by a few marks, congratulate them anyway

Do not tell them they’re being ridiculous

Do not tell people that they shouldn’t be happy with a C if they tried really hard to get one

Do not tell people that they have no right to be upset just because they didn’t get an A if they really tried hard for it

If you do, then you are an arsehole. 

So don’t. 


Guys, I need help.

Last night, Ari Wager died in a car accident, along with her father, on her way home for Christmas. She is an inspirational person. She hardly ever thought of herself, and she spent the last three summers in Africa, working with children. She had so many dreams in life, and now she’ll never get them.

Ari loved dancing. She danced all of the time, usually barefoot. It was a thing of beauty to she her dance.

She loved all Disney movies (especially Frozen), but her all time favorite was Peter Pan. When I asked her why, she replied “Because all you have to do is believe that you can fly, and you can.”

Music was a second language to her. She opened her mouth and brought you to tears. She listened to all music, thoroughly enjoying it, no matter what.

Her art was something else. She smeared paint like a child and made it beautiful.

Ari loved musicals. She obsessed over Les Miserables and RENT. She LOVED Starkid.

She also read John Green. No, she breathed John Green. Ari never met a person whose life she didn’t make better. She read and it shaped her life and her personality.

Please help me make John Green find her.

Ari is a beautiful soul. She deserved far more than her little infinity.


[ pacific rim fashion ● striker eureka ] [ studs and spikes to be worn like badges of honour. wrap in leather and sprinkle with a healthy dose of accessories. go on and pick a fight. those boots were made for walking and kaiju fighting ]


I live to let you shine (x)

happy graduation, Rachel. I love you so much. 

Aesthetics to try more of
  • Summer aristocratic vampire : matte foundation, pale pink/purple blush, bright ombre lips , pastel mineral shadows. 

                clothes: black everything,tank tops with minimalist print &

                skinny jeans, shorts with a monochrome jumper, ankle boots,

                plain sundresses with stockings, lace tops & purples.

  • punk!Where The Wild Things Are:  fake fur hoodies, mermaid print bra’s and or leggings, patches, striped tank tops. small crowns & ripped denim.

                make-up: dark brown eye shadows blended out , coral/light 

                pink lips.   

  • modern!Lost Girls ( lost boys gender bend from peter pan) : summer dresses, blouses, floral, doc martens/rain boots, feathers, bows, polka dots, glitter, ripped skinny jeans.

               make-up: purple, pinks , orange. lips with metallic center fade                    out, solid colored lines around cheek/nose area, dark 


  • modern feminist!Aries: spikes, crop tops, shorts, muscle-tee’s . Black, pink, gray & reds. unadorned metal jewelry; thick bracelets, stacked rings. 

                make-up: thick mascara,mineral shadows in pinks &            

                metallic,lips neutral, blue-red or red with a gold center fade  

                out no blush. cheeks high lighted & brows thick .

anonymous asked:

Every time I see you're updates I end up reading through them religiously and smiling at them...>< They really make me wish I had an rp blog!(even though I don't know a single character I could be or how I'd even start.) Everything you do is amazing, y'know?

You can have a RP blog, I can help you if you want sweetie cupcake!~

Thank you a lot Anon-san… To being honet, I don’t think that I’m the big deal, no matter how hard I try to be noticed by people. Yet these messages makes me smile just as much as you.

Really, Thank you. I mean it!

anonymous asked:

I hope you have a fantastic day! You are one of the sweetest people in the whole community, and I enjoy seeing you on my dashboard!!

Thank you Anon-san… Unfortunately I’m not feeling that i’m like that at all. At least not now.

I’m glad you can enjoy my Lucy on your dash. -I say Lucy bc she’s my main character- Thank you ~