I will not teach my kids about safe s*x because there is no such thing

I sometimes make the mistake of accusing our culture of being ‘oversexed’ or ‘sex crazed,’ especially when I see stories about school districts trying to give condoms to 6th graders. In truth, though, most of the people in this country are petrified of sex. The very thought of it terrifies them. Modern society plays host to the most pathetic collection of bored, sexless cowards ever to walk the Earth. We have taken the honesty, love, passion, beauty, and creative power out of the act, and replaced it with something sterile, guarded, frivolous, and disinterested.
It’s kind of ironic, really.
In this nation, we are concerned about the integrity of our produce and our peanut butter, so we only buy them if they have words like ‘organic’ and ‘raw’ on the packaging. But, when it comes to human sexuality, we’ll sip whatever chemicals we need in order to stave off the natural emotional and physical consequences of our behavior. Imagine the college students who have to chug 6 rum cocktails and 8 Natty Lights between them before they can anonymously copulate in someone’s dorm room. But they require more than booze; they also need pills and condoms and explanations the morning after about how this was all just for
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i had a dream you said you loved her and i smashed a bunch of kitchenwares. it felt like i was underwater.

oh my, the lame comparisons i could make to my chest.

it’s 3:50am and this did not pan out very well at all, did it?

i lacked the tenderness to do so.

i think maybe i still want to die.

i miss my mum.

im still not doing very well.

there’s a bitterness that won’t go away and once fruit starts to rot it’s all over you either need to cut off the bad bits or it all goes to waste.

it was all such a fucking waste.

i remember exactly how i felt at times bad things happen and sometimes i make myself feel it again and i don’t think that’s normal.

my brain associates sex with panic and i know that’s not normal.

i wish i could smash a real plate.

androdea said:

that's cool but how did you decide what to put on there? i don't think i'll ever get a tattoo but even if I did I would never be able to pick something that I thought suited me :P i just can't commit to anything....

I’m pretty decisive about things sometimes!

I make a habit of not regretting my decisions, and I am very passionate about the things that I really like, so tattoo decisions come pretty easily.

Like I said, squirrels are my favourite animal, and they have been since I was about 16. I didn’t get that tattoo until I was about 27.

My first tattoo was the baobabs, and I knew I wanted something from The Little Prince because it has been one of my favourite books for as long as I can remember- it was one of the first books I read when I taught myself how to read when I was 3, and I got that tattoo when I was 25. I picked that illustration over any of the others because the story is symbolic of the need to be proactive and not procrastinate, which is something I struggle with, and also because the design is just perfectly suited for a back tattoo.

The heptagram was a devotional tattoo for my ex-fiancee. She gave it to me just a month before she left me, just over a year ago. If I were going to regret a tattoo, it would be that one, but I still don’t regret it. I think it looks neat, and the sentiment behind it was and continues to be important to me.

The planetary symbol for Uranus is because I am an Aquarius, which is ruled by the planet Uranus, and also because of this (although admittedly my gender/sexuality is a lot more complicated and yet more simple than that and WOW for outdated ways of discussing gender paradigms). I just got that a few months ago sort of on a whim as a bit of spiritual work.

There are a lot of other tattoos I want.

  • I have plans for a biomechanical sleeve on my right arm, likely wrapped in vines.
  • I want epaulettes on my shoulders.
  • I want a thorny vine garter on my thigh.
  • I have tentative plans for some stars in rainbow colours, either near my left ear or forming a semi-circle beneath the symbol for Uranus.
  • I want to have my friend who is a tattoo artist create something unique for me and tattoo it on me.
  • I want a tattoo incorporating a hypodermic needle and a bee, both as a Sherlock-related tattoo and also because bees and needles are pretty much my two biggest fears so hey, good magic.
  • I’ve considered getting something on my hipbones, but I haven’t decided what yet?

I’m sure I’ll think of more, too. I just really love tattoos.

real quick I got woken by a message today and ended up on tumblr but this one question I got asked fucking annoyed me. 

First of all all this negativity people are feeding into is fucking ridiculous, it is true sometimes there is no way to stop you subconscious mind to think things that you don’t want to think about and make you feel terrible but it is even easier for a person to think to themselves when they have these thoughts something positive. Like for goodness sake people hammer it into your heads people, the only person standing in the way of your happiness is yourself, if you really wanted to be happy you’d fill your life with positive people and things that make you happy. It isn’t a hard concept to understand, like I got tired of relying on drugs to stimulate my happiness so I went out and I grabbed it by myself. I fell in love with the world by myself. I realised sometimes bad things happen and sometimes I make choices that lead to those bad things happening however I can always try and change anything negative I’ve contributed to. Stop sitting around and waiting for something good to magically happen because believe me I waited around a long time and it didn’t happen, it took me going out and finding the good things that matter. And I didn’t even have to go far. As soon as I stepped out of my fucking bedroom I realised I had a beautiful family that supported through everything, a family that didn’t want to ever see me hurt or gone from this world, no they are not perfect but they care and that’s the most important thing. And again there are friends pushing you to be happy and relying on you sometimes too. It isn’t fair on the people around you to drain their happiness away with your negativity. And I’m not trying to attack anyone I do realise depression and anxiety are real things. I was faced with them myself and I’ve been battling them for a long time. But sometime soon people you must realise that you must push past that and not let it slow you down or the life you want to be living or should be living. And everybody should be living a happy life. Cut all things and people negative in your life and get motivated for positivity. DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF. BE SELFISH.

sometimes my friend designs things and I make them for her.  Sometimes those things are pastel goth as fuck. This was actually incredibly fun to make. I had forgotten how fun it was to work with leather.

Also, when did “pastel goth” become a thing? Back in my day we only had one kind of goth and we liked it goshdangit, uphill both ways.

i love answering things verbally sometimes i make more sense when i’m actually talking plus i just like talking so if you ever want me to verbally talk about something just hit me up

not-so-godofshinobi said:

NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE. Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers uwu

Ok, let’s do it :D

1. I’m always laughing and smiling
2. I can spent more time taking care about other and worrying about them, that doing the same things for me
3. Sometimes I make jokes of the worst things for helping the other cheering up and see the positive side of things
4. I don’t care how late it is, if somebody needs my help I’ll be there to help
5. I tend to carry a bright smile

I am at a point in my life where realizing who my true friends are is crucial to my growth as a human being. I am not the best at letting go (of anything or anyone, for that matter) and I grip so tightly to the things that I know.

Sometimes we make friends and they make us feel alive for awhile - we make beautiful memories and outrageous memories, they help us in times of need or they don’t help us at all. I don’t believe that absolutely everything happens for a reason, but I do believe that not all friendships are meant to last forever. It’s okay to cherish the time that you have with someone and once that time has expired, it’s time to be strong and let them go.

Friends I thought I would have forever have turned into strangers I don’t believe I ever really knew at all. Never feel guilty for releasing poisonous people from your life. Embrace change and find excitement in new beginnings, because there are plenty to come.


{ A  S O N G  O F  R O A D S  &  T I R E  C H A I N S }

A Game of Thrones AU in which the state of Westeros is ruled in part by brutal motorcycle gangs : the Starks in North County, centered on the small but bustling town of Winterfell; the Lannisters in Westerlands County ; the Baratheons making their base Storm’s End in Stormlands County. Leadership of the gangs changes hands faster than money can be wired, and the seven dominant clans, most based on families who have been killing and riding since the sixties, fight for control of the state’s highways. 

The death of the Stark’s leader, a leather-clad, rifle expert named only as E Stark in the papers, caused a seismic shift in this power struggle, and now the weapons and drug stashes each gang has might just have to be put to use if anyone wants to survive the coming months.

broken crown

an olivia benson mix (l i s t e n)

i. broken crown - mumford and sons  ii. dramamine - modest mouse iii. are you hurting the one you love - florence + the machine iv. gila - beach house v. the end - kings of leon vi. breathe me - sia vii. the high road - broken bells viii. hopeless wanderer - mumford and sons