STAYING AT MY DAD’S NEW APARTMENT THING BY MY LONESOME there are a lot of mirrors to make it look bigger since it’s tiny excuse me while I admire myself in them.

“You live in England??? Oh my gosh lucky, I want to go there so bad!”

today the campaign bus for a racist and yet somehow still legal political party crashed into the train station while i was going to buy sausage and beans in a can


'Mae govannen, mellon nín.'

okay so if you reblog this (likes don’t count) i’ll make up an original character based on your blog, i’ll describe their personality and looks and who knows maybe they won’t even be human, maybe they’ll be a robot or an alien or a squid (but probably humanoid)

your submission box has to be open! that’s where i’ll send the info so there’s no word limit

this probably won’t even get any notes ;;;;

Jokey Jammer, happy Kaner and smiley Tazer at the Chicago Blackhawks’ 2013 Stanley Cup Rally