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baekhyun casually ruining your life ;;
for ohbaekhyuns ♡

Every Time i think about that hug and smile that Connor gave me after i told him that his coming out video helped me come out to my best friend, i start crying because i just felt so loved and accepted and i just love him so much.

Ah well. Even though I’m working on revamping this blog again. I have an obscene amount of followers and I kinda wanted to hop on the bandwagon and thank all of you for sticking with me even when my muse is dead for long periods of time and all you see is crack and edits on your dash. This is for all 5,000 + of you who feel like I’m something you want to keep around. I really appreciate it–because sometimes  you don’t get that kind of attention offline and whether you want it or not, it feels good once in awhile. 


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You guys are pretty much the people I’m most comfortable with. I’m not much of a talker so I tend to not speak to anyone all that much but I’m happy to have you all as partners and friends, and if I weren’t so lazy would probably write a message to each of you individually to tell you what you’ve done for me. Regardless of how small an action you think it was. Anyways, forgive me for being a sap but thank you.


 These are some people I’ve either spoke too a few times and was too shy to talk to more or have just been stalking in the shadows but really want to get to know better. This pretty much goes for most everyone following me but these are just a few shout outs.

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