But my future husband is a snake and I’m a faerie…I dunno how I feel about getting a tattoo of someone I know or myself on my body.

I don’t like most faerie tattoos, and as much as I care about my snake, it’s not imagery I personally identify with.

I have some forearm tattoos planned; an acorn on a bed of oak leaves and a thimble with crossed needles behind it, but those are very specifically for my upper forearms right under the bend of my elbow on my inner arms.

I had some Alice in Wonderland stuff planned from when I was a teenager, but I’ve grown out of that imagery. I’m also considering getting three tick marks somewhere on my left hand or wrist as an album count….

werecakes asked:

Few things; One- I adore your art! Two- I can't help but imagine your tiny dwarves are "magnetic" and they zap over to people they like and cling onto them like compatible magnets. Three- What is the size difference between tiny Fili and a thimble?


prob becoz I always draw them along with fingers, feeling like they are approachable lol

and there you go!


approximate height hehe