• Me:no I'm not going to buy that route.
  • Voltage:but you'll love it.
  • Me:no. I don't have money for it.
  • Voltage:*shows me pic of bae all battered and bruised/ pointing a gun at someone/crying*
  • Voltage:guess you'll have to buy the route and find out.
  • Me:.....
  • Me:........
  • Me:........
  • Me:Damn it

March 5th: Samsung Galaxy S5 Lock Screen Wallpapers for Kaiji Akizuki and Takuto Hirukawa

As a note: The Takkun one is specific with name I put on it :P

o-taku-tome, the original plan was to do one. Then I was like wait, I should do something related to the Sirens. Then I couldn’t choose to do just one. THIS IS THE RESULT. HAVE FUN DECIDING WHICH ONE YOU WANT USE! Congrats on finishing your finals~ *throws confetti*

Yaaay~! I did it! I always saw Riki having one daughter he’d spoil rotten because of how much he liked the idea of having a child or two in his future. Though, Mc isn’t 100% girly girl, so I think if they’d had a daughter, she’d be a little tomboy in a skirt. Headcanon: Their daughter is a bit of a player like her father was but has her bits and peices of innocence and dullness like the Mc.


What did Voltage teach you?