• Helena Cassia Bauer

20 | thief | ellery romanko 

waitress by day, cat burglar by night, bitter and gay all the time.  only steals things because 1) she’s got the power of total invisibility aka she can render herself completely undetectable (except from telepaths & psychics) and 2) she pretty much hates most people. yay!  she’s the kind of person that’s got a tough shell, with a gooey center…somewhere…reeeeally really deep in there.  she’s mostly shell.

(totally going to be looking for a leverage-inspired group for her…just fyi…if ur interested…)

(also more on that.  the “mastermind” in the group will have to be a telepath, just ‘cause of the plans i have re: why she’s in the group in the first place)

  • Elliot Hale

26 | grad student | bob morley

probably cries after sex, but is generally a pretty nice guy.  his sister got all the #coolpowers so he’s stuck patching her up after she kicks ass all over the city (too bad he went into classics, instead of medicine like his mama wanted).  has written his fair share of love poems to girls he’s dated, was emotionally compromised by the 2005 pride and prejudice movie, fences in his spare time, and has a cat named hecate (to which his sister said “fuck you, man, now i can’t use that as my superhero name”)  not as much of a wimp as this makes him sound.

(also gonna be requesting his sister!  fc will probs be alex steele & she’d be 18 and a magic user)

Thief in the Night//Mideival AU// Closed RP for donatell0hamato

She held onto the shovel tightly against her chest as her back pressed against the wall, hidden within the shadows. The thief would surly come this time. And when it did, she’d be there to chase it away. This was her farm, HER responsibility. And she wasn’t going to let this animal do what it wanted on her property. She was going to show it who’s boss…and she wasn’t going to show mercy…

If I told you how I long to hear the sweet echo of gears slowly clicking, as deft fingers skillfully glide along the cold metal around my heart, would you attempt the feat? If I showed you how much I need and crave, shamelessly, to feel with sweet abandon, the unmistakable sliding of each notch, as it gives way unlocking a combination long forgotten, would you be my thief in the night?

~ R.M. Costa

* Beautiful words by John Mark Green that complement my own so well. ~ Rose
Thief in the Night || College AU || Rapunzel & Flynn

Flynn pushed himself onto his feet when he heard someone at his door. It was odd to get a visitor at this time of night, but he went with it. It wasn’t like he was sleeping. His mind was too cluttered for things like sleep now-a-days. Opening the door, he yawned a bit before allowing his eyes to focus on the figure before him. But when they did, they widened with horror. “Rapunzel.” He breathed while catching her falling body in his arms.

She was covered in blood. Blood, blood everywhere. His eyes scanned her with fear as he took a sharp intake of breath. “Oh my god.” He slowly dragged her over to the couch before lightly setting her on top of it. “Rapunzel please. Look at me!” Fear was flooding through his veins as he checked her vitals. 

Tears were threatening to could his vision. What happened? What happened to the happy go lucky girl that he was slowly falling in love with? Who did this to her? It seemed as if his heart shattered into pieces as he noticed it was hard for her to breathe. 

“Hang on, Rapunzel. It’s going to be okay.” He ran and got a first aid kit and some water before nursing her. He didn’t know what he was doing, and he was too hysterical to think straight, but he tried his best to take care of her. “I love you. You’re going to be okay. I promise." 

She had to make it to his door. She needed his help. She hurt and felt nothing at the same time. It had all happened so fast, but she couldn’t think about that right now. Couldn’t think about the look on his face or the sound. The click, the roar.

She dragged herself up the three steps to his door and knocked. It was a weak knock, spaced out. "Eugene…” she said, or thought she said. She didn’t actually hear her voice, and barely felt her lips move.

He was taking forever to get to the door. She was feeling weaker, blacking out. Footsteps, the door opening. Rapunzel collapsed.

She could hear his voice, though not what he said. He was here. Her eyes fluttered open and she thought she smiled. She reached weakly up, but her hand never made it to his face before darkness claimed her again.


I bloody rock.





Some of you might remember this little dude named Bram Belfry that I posted up a while back.

Since busting out that design, Bram’s story has expanded into something pretty epic that I call Thief in The Night.

Here’s the first TiTN story, a little sampler, a preview of what is (hopefully) to come.

(By the way, I’m not abandoning Dangerine, it’s underway, hope to have it ready in time for next year’s con season)

Thief in the Night - Christian & [[Open]]

Being away from home was always oddly unsettling, but years of practice without a proper place to call home made the shift to Hogwarts more palatable. If nothing else, it would be an adventure that would give him a chance to start fresh.

The idea of renouncing petty theft and elaborate scams, though, was more unsettling than relocating, and any psychologist with any sense would quickly note his unhealthy reliance on destructive yet familiar behaviors. But a reset would be nice, and Triwizard winnings would definitely make life easier as employment put one squarely on the grid, and he would need to remain completely off it.

The lock clicked, and he pocketed his lockpicking tools as he scanned the corridor for prefects. If Durmstrang was any indication, locks at Hogwarts would be protected against spells. Perhaps they weren’t–ridiculous if the staff had neglected that safeguard–but he didn’t dare risk his magic setting off a trap. A modified version of diplomatic immunity may apply to academic situations, but being caught would surely prevent him from entering his name in the Goblet.

Confident no one was around, he turned the knob, entered the office, then closed the door behind him. A few pictures sat on the desk, and various magic and Muggle objects lined the shelves.

The objective had been to break in, to see just how lax security here would be. The theft wasn’t the point, but never one to turn down a free meal as it were, Christian moved to the shelves to examine what small trinket he could take.

Before his hand closed around a smooth circular gem, he heard a noise from somewhere in the hall.

Shit. There were sensors, or someone had unfortunate timing. Either way, this was bad.

Out was not an option, so after a quick scan of the alternatives, he crawled under the desk and strained to listen for sounds that someone was getting closer.


Lucky! Nike7Up Thiefinthenightmix

Passing trains

She says you should know by now
I’m a dangerous person,
I like to run with knives.
The third train creeps by with alarming laziness
And the blonde girl blows a pink bubble
Into the window with her feeble breath.
Tomorrow is the last day of the year
That never ends but begins
Every morning like the suckling sun.
Sometimes when it snows
The concrete creases are ironed out
And looking at moving feet is catharsis.
She looks this way again, and I open my mouth wide
And swallow and regurgitate
Hot, white air.
She stands and waits for the passing train,
Suddenly faster, suddenly more urgent,
And is done thinking once and for all.
I say I’d be a thief in the night
So I could steal you.