theyre girls

bro lars is either a trans boy, a closeted trans girl, or nb. im sorry but i rlly like all?? kinds of trans lars. and i wanna draw for them??? idk the one thing that stays the same is that they love dresses. tran boy lars? still likes to wear dresses. kicks you in the face if you say that theyre ‘girl clothes’ nb lars? in a dress and ready to fight. tansgril lars?? owns enough dressees to host an entire fashion show every day and not have to repeat dreses.

how can anyones favorite tvd character be one of the dudes tho

youve got three fantastic leading ladies (plus katherine and rebekah, but this post is more about barolena) to choose from and you choose one of the guys like

tvd doesnt treat their ladies right but they still wrote them wonderfully

bonnie, caroline, and elena are three fantastic females characters. they all have their own strengths and weaknesses and virtues and flaws like how can your favorite not be one of them

i understand if your personality doesnt mesh well with one of their personalities but all three of them are so different youre bound to connect with at least one of them??

how do you pick one of the dudes over one of them how 


(cont. from here)

The female luckster stared at her male alternate with her cheeks puffed up in slight annoyance, “Is it true that your an idiot like Enoshima and part of the whole despair?”

“I… wouldn’t call myself an idiot, but yes, I am a part of ‘the whole despair.’“ He looked curiously at the girl; she seemed really familiar, but he couldn’t quite… wait. He took a step back. “You’re… me? Or, rather, other me, because you’re also like those annoying alternates.”