Lakers Post Game

Great game tonight by the Dubs on both ends.

It was a very physical game all night with tempers flaring early. Metta World Peace and David Lee had a few words for each other, and Dwight Howard also had a few words for Lee after taking an elbow from the All- Star forward which resulted in him needing 3 stitches.

They allowed the Lakers to make things interesting down the stretch, but the big lead built in the first half allowed the Dubs to walk away with the W.

A pretty short bench tonight. Mark Jackson played just 8 players for much of the game but got great contributions up from all 8 guys.

Harrison Barnes chips in 10 points on 3-8 shooting to go along with 5 rebound making the Warriors 20-10 when he scores in double digits. Bogut and Ezeli combined for 8 points and 13 rebounds while containing Dwight Howard for much of the night. Steph Curry balled out on the bum ankle picking up a near triple double with 25 points, 10 assists and 7 boards in 43 minutes. Jarrett Jack finished the game with 19 points, doing much of his damage in the 3rd quarter taking advantage of his mismatch against Earl Clark.

Even with the great contributions from all those I just mentioned, Klay Thompson was definitely the player of the game.

He had a big night on the offensive end scoring 22 points on 8-18 shooting while burying 6 threes, but it was his great defense that makes him the biggest factor in tonight’s win. Kobe had 36 points due to the obscene amount of free throws he took in the 2nd half, but Klay played him as well as I’ve seen anybody play him this season. Klay stayed disciplined virtually all night, contesting every shot, holding the Mamba to just 11-27 shooting from the field. If it wasn’t for Klay’s performance on the defensive side of the ball, the Warriors definitely wouldn’t have gotten this win.

Once again another great win in a pressure situation now let’s hope we can ride this wave of momentum through the final 3 games of this home stand.

Just saw reports saying the Warriors have agreed to deals with Jermaine O'Neal and Tony Douglas

I’m definitely liking these moves.

Tony Douglas is a hard worker defensively and gives us a decent jump shooter, albeit a streaky one. He’s work ethic on the defensive end is impressive though and that gritty mindset is something I really like.

O’Neal is nowhere near the player he was during his all star days in Indy, but he’s a good fit here. He’s a tough competitor with a nice game on the low block, an alright mid range touch and most importantly he rebounds and protects the paint pretty well. I also think he’ll be able to help mentor Festus and aid him in his development on both sides of the ball.

Definitely happy about these signings. You could never have too many solid veterans such as these two around.

Don’t get me wrong, if we could get a true difference maker I wouldn’t mind it so much. I actually seen a report a few weeks ago saying the Warriors talked to the T'wolves about Kevin Love, but to my knowledge talks didn’t really heat up.

That’s a move I could see taking a risk on, though, because Love’s a true difference maker. He’s a better rebounder than Lee, he stretches out past the 3 point line and he’s a great scorer and passer from the post. He’s had his problems with injuries so it’d be a big risk, but it would be more than worth it if he was to stay healthy.

But in my eyes a guy like Aldridge, who’s on the same wave length as Lee, isn’t worth the leadership and chemistry we would be sacrificing.

These David Lee trade rumors kind of bug me

I mean I can understand why they’ve surfaced and I very well could just be speaking as someone who’s always been a big fan of his, going back to his days with the Knicks, but I feel he’s got a lot of good basketball left in him.

His leadership and rapport with Steph, as well as the other guys returning from last years squad, makes him pretty much invaluable in my eyes, especially in the midst of adding 6 new faces to next years team.

I mean chemistry was a big reason a lot of analyst and fans alike felt the Warriors should stay away from a true superstar and difference maker like D12 right?

Nuggets Game 4 Post Game

Big win for the Dubs tonight. I don’t want to get to ahead of myself because anything can happen, but when you think of the amount of teams that have comeback from a 3-1 deficit in the postseason and the way our team is playing this series is as good as over.

The 1st half was virtually perfect. Dubs shot 52% from the field led by Carl Landry (12 points, 4-9 shooting), Andrew Bogut’s (12 points, 6-9) and Jarrett Jack (11 points, 4-4 shooting). They also played lockdown D holding the Nuggets to just 42% and forcing 14 turnovers. The one negative was the rebounding. The Nuggets out rebounded the Warriors 20-14, grabbing 6 offensive boards.

2nd half started sloppy. Turnovers were a huge problem, as the Warriors tallied up 5 in the first 6 minutes of the 3rd after having just 6 all of the first half. Ty Lawsom did whatever he wanted getting layup after layup. The Warriors stayed poised though. Steph got it rolling in the 3rd scoring 22 of his 31 in the quarter. Coupling that with the noise level the Nuggets started turning the ball over, breaking down defensively and just couldn’t keep up.

If the Dubs want to close the series out on Tuesday they’ll need to match the effort from tonight and multiply it by 100, as Denver will be reenergized on their home floor and their season hanging in the balance.

Adding Seth wouldn't be so bad

I’ve felt that we needed another floor spacer with the departure of Brandon Rush and Jarrett Jack (who knocked in just 82 threes but did so at a 40% clip last season). Of course Steph and Klay are two of the best shooters in the league but outside of those two we have no real sharpshooters and as Mike mentioned there a none on the second unit.

I also see Angelo’s point being that Seth probably won’t see any extended minutes seeing as he will most likely be a 4 string point guard or a 3rd string 2 guard but there’s no harm in having a guy with Seth’s skillset competing for more minutes or just being there in the event one of the other young guards (Bazemore/Nedovic) ends up injured or struggling in the minutes they receive.

As far as him being too small to play the 2 I would normally agree with Angelo and count that as a strike but given the size/versatility of all the players before him on the depth chart I don’t think his size would be a major issue. I’m pretty sure Mark Jackson and the rest of the coaching staff could figure out a lineup that works.

Carl Landry

I just wanna touch on some thing really quick regarding to the question @kenneth-j-lai had

Yes Carl’s minutes have been cut since Bogut has been back, but he’s starting to get used to it and become much more effective scoring the basketball. Over the last 10 games Landry is averaging 9 points in just 17 minutes on 63% shooting. That’s 6 less minutes than his season average, only 1 less point and almost 10% better from the field and he’s had similar numbers to that the last 2 months.

Boguts playmaking ability really helps Lee and Landry a lot as well. When you watch the games you can see Bogut in the high post or even out by the 3 point line at times, which pulls away the opposing teams big man giving our bigs even more room to score in the middle.

Also Mark Jackson will not hesitate to play Carl more if a smaller line up is suited to the situation, as we seen in the last game against Phoenix when Bogut played just 18 minutes.

My apologies

I just want to apologize real quick for the errors I make in the pieces I write.

I know at times they can be hard to read and follow because I may word things funny or I’ll forget a word etc.

I’m trying my best to cut down these errors and I thank all of you for being patient while dealing with these errors I make.

I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents in since Angelo’s looking for some insight.

I really thought this game went just like most of their matchups against the Spurs did last year, not only in the postseason but regular season as well. Warriors had moments where they were able to play good D and control the pace, ball movement was good and open looks were there, but they just weren’t falling when they needed them most, and turnovers were committed at the wrong time as well.

Steph’s firepower would’ve been helpful without a doubt and I think we really missed him down the stretch, but it was a really hard fought game against one of the best teams the NBA has to offer and it all came down to who executed better when it really counted, which is a large reason why the Spurs won this game.

One more thing I’d like to say is, I forgot Barnes played, until Angelo mentioned him. It was just like a lot of the games he had last season. I know he saw some good defenders in Leonard, I think Green matched up on him as well and he only played 21 minutes, but that type of inconsistency worries me, and has me starting to agree with what Mike said during the offseason and that’s put Barnes into the starting line up.

I say that primarily because, in the starting lineup he wouldn’t have to be much of a shot creator, given the fact Curry, Iguodala, Lee and Bogut are such good passers. Couple that with the transition opportunities presented by the defense of Bogut, Iggy, and Curry, he would end up getting a few easier looks throughout the course of the game, making him a bit more of a factor. Playing the young UNC product in the 2nd unit forces him to be the main scoring option and, while he looked good against the Timberwolves, with his level of inconsistency I’m not sure if he’s ready.

I know Klay’s been playing great and deserves the minutes he’s been given, but because of his improved game down low and the new attitude he’s adopted, he seems better suited to lead that 2nd unit early and play a lot of the crunch time minutes, just like Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry did last season.

I know it’s early and things can still change. Hell, this is only Barnes’ 2nd game this season and for all we know he could end up putting in sixth man of the year type work off the bench, but I’m curious to see how this unfolds.

Oh yea and best of luck to you and team bro! Go get that W!


I agree with everything you just said. Once again I understand why the rumors have emerged, but like you said the chemistry, hustle, determination and leadership is the reason Lee should basically be untouchable, unless of course we get great value for him.

I’m going to stop cluttering up the blog with text posts now though lol.

Don’t be a stranger though man. Remember your comments and questions are always welcomed and that goes for all of our followers.

My 2 cents regarding Andre Iguodala

So, I’m pretty late on this topic, but I just wanna talk about how I feel about the signing.

I’ve gone back and forth with this ever since I found out. Initially I was’t wowed by the move. Don’t get me wrong, I love Iggy and all that he brings to the table, in fact I’ve been a huge fan of his for years. I don’t know though, I just didn’t feel like this signing made us any better. I didn’t think we got worse, although sending Beidrins and Rush to Utah to clear cap space left us somewhat thin, but I just didn’t think we got a whole lot better either.

Then comes yesterday. I got really excited. I mean, Im still curious to see if our younger wings will progress as expected with Iggy around, but this move does have a chance to make us really good. Angelo and Mike have already talked about Iggy’s ball handling and facilitation abilities, which takes pressure of Curry mainly, but also Klay who’s known to handle the ball in pick and rolls a little bit.

Mike mentioned starting Iggy at the 2 with Harrison Barnes manning the other wing spot. No disrespect to Mike’s opinion, it makes a lot of sebse, but I personally would like to see Klay start at the 2 with Iggy at the 3. I feel like having both guys in the starting lineup alongside Steph gives us a more explosive offense from the opening tip. To have a guy that can drive and kick in the starting lineup would help Klay and Steph get into a rhythm earlier in games, due to the fact they won’t have to handle as much from the start. Basically it’s what Jarrett Jack did for us last year, but for a longer period of time.

Anyway, the thing that has me most excited is what Iggy can do in terms of mentoring these young wings, particularly Harrison Barnes. One part of me feels like Iggy may stunt Harrison’s growth a bit, but at the same time I think he can accelerate it, particularly on the defensive end.

As Mike mentioned Iggy is a world class defender and I really think he could turn Barnes into the same thing. From a physical standpoint they hold similar traits. Barnes is a little taller, a little longer and they’re both explosive athletes. Iggy can help improve an already solid defender, just by teaching him subtle nuances of the game. Giving tips on how to stay disciplined, focused, maybe even giving him looks at a more detailed scouting report are all things Iggy can do to help Barnes turn into an elite defender. Sort of like what Shane Battier has done for LeBron James. James was already one hell of a defender, but since Battier has been around he’s turned into possibly the most versatile defender in the league.

Honestly, can you just imagine how lethal Barnes would be if Iggy can turn him into a top notch defensive player, on top of all the tools he possesses offensively?

Words cannot begin to describe what we’d witness if that were to happen.

I’m still not necessarily in love with this move, but thinking about that definitely has me really excited to see how it unfolds.

Game 1 Pre Game Report

As you all know the Dubs are opening up the playoffs on the road against the Denver Nuggets (NBA Best 38-3 home record). Game 1’s to me are always the most important for the road team. Being able to steal the first game on the opponents home floor always seems to give confidence to the lower seeded team, which puts a bit more pressure on the higher seeded one. If the Warriors can get this game on the road our chances if winning this series increase greatly.

The Dubs have caught a couple much needed breaks, as the Nuggets are a bit banged up heading into this game with Danilo Gallinari out with a torn ACL and Kenneth Faried questionable with an ankle sprain.

Gallinari being out is a big hit going into the postseason for Denver. Before tearing his ACL, Gallinari was averaging 16 points and 5 rebounds and his absence takes away Denver’s go to guy in the half court and their most consistent 3 point threat.

Faried will try his best to play today, but if he doesn’t his absence is a loss that hurts the Nuggets a great deal. The Nuggets are the NBA’s 2nd best rebounding team (45 per game) and lead the league in offensive rebounding averaging 13 per game. They play great defense ranking top 3 in both steals and blocks per game (9.3 Steals, 6.5 blocks). These are all the areas The Manimal excels at. He leads his teams in rebounds, he’s 3rd in blocks and 4th in steals. His ability to run the floor and finish at the rim is also a huge help to Denver, who leads the league in both Fast Break points (20.1) and Points in the Paint (58), not to mention what he does with his offensive rebounding in the half court. Even without these 2 guys, the Warriors can not slouch for a second, against what may be the NBA’s deepest team.

If the Warriors want to win this game the have to keep Denver out of transition. This is a task that is a lot easier said than done. As I stated earlier Denver’s defense fuels their offense. The Nuggets always play aggressive defense and they’ll be looking to crank up the intensity even more, as they look to shut down the Splash Bros.

From what I have read, the Nuggets are going to be looking to send multiple defenders at the guards, particularly Steph who shoots a majority of his 3s off the dribble, to throw them off their rhythm. This means everyone in Warriors blue must step up and knock in shots early to keep Denver’s D honest and free up the best shooting backcourt in the NBA.

Also you must limit the dribble penetration of Ty Lawson. Lawson is incredibly fast and great at finishing in the paint. If you let him continue to work his way into the lane it forces your bigs to have to over help, which give Lawson a chance to work Denver’s bigs into the game by feeding them on little dump off passes and chances at offensive rebounds/second chance points if a layup is missed.

It’ll take an all around effort for the Warriors to have a chance at winning, but with good contributions from our bigs and our guards in both sides of the ball they’ll definitely have a good one. It should be a great game, so as former 49er Receiver Terrell Owens would say, “Getcha popcorn ready”