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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

guardiolaaa said:

Now that you love writting and we obviously love Brazilians because they are the best :D eer you should write about Lucas Piazon or David Luiz! I KNOW THEY PLAY FOR CHELSEA AND YOU WROTE ABOUT MATA pero please :D anyway, loved the Mata thing cause he's like a teddy lovely bear and yup I love him. lots of love! x

I knowww, Brazilians ftw! Just posted a cute David Luiz one, hope you’ll like it. About Piazon, I’m not so sure because I don’t find him very inspiring because he looks like some guys from my school and oh well, not inspiring at all.

and awww, I loved writing about Mata haha! Enjoyed it more than I thought I would! have a nice week darling x

guardiolaaa said:

it's oficial! I hate Danielles cause they always ruin my life and stuff well, I just like one but other Danielles suck WOHO now let me cry when you update Loverboy o: alsjalsjaks but I re-read Higher and Bale is just too much for me!

hahaha I dont think I’ve ever met one Danielle, but once I do, I’ll pay attention so they don’t ruin my life too hah!

Loverboy should be up soon, next chapter is one of my favorites :3 and Higher, ugh, I miss it!

thanks for the message sweetie, have a nice weekend xx

It’s difficult to make a before and after in somebody’s life and I’m glad you made it with mine. I never imagined how much football could change my life and if there’s someone who I should thank for introducing me to Barcelona, it’s you. I know you’re not playing at Barça anymore and I miss a lot those memories but the things happen for a reason. If playing at Roma or China or Egypt or whatever makes you happy I’m fine because whatever makes you happy, makes me happy. And I’m just glad to say for another year: Happy Birthday Bo.

guardiolaaa said:

aah I'll cry every time I read about Guardiola on the stories buh I don't want him to leave; but I don't wanna think about that it's just way too sad ): last week was like the saddest of my life (Barcelona, Pep, Champions ah) and just reading about Barcelona makes me feel better (: aaaaaand Gabes, feel free to update any story you feel like writting :D lol I love them all!

I’m so sorry çç I did think about changing Guardiola for Tito, but it would make zero sense, since in Loverboy and Shattered Guardiola already appeared as Barcelona’s coach and I need a character with his “personality” in both stories so…

Reading that it made you feel better makes me happy so, yay! And Shattered should be up next, hopefully! :D

guardiolaaa said:

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD how dare you live Fall & a City like that?! omg that HAS to be the start of something please I beg you...I can bake cookies and a big chocolate cake and send it to you by e-mail lol but PLEASE PLEASE omg I can't, my heart can't handle that. Keep writting, beautiful! xx

Sorry, you know how I’m like hah. And I just baked Nutella cookies, they are delicious :’)

Thank you so much for everything, have a nice weekend x

guardiolaaa said:

YOU CAN'T LET LOVERBOY LIKE THAT! omg I think I'm gonna die like seriously...we need to slap Thago's & Ana's faces so they realize they just love each other soooooo much! omg you need to update Loverboy, please Gabes I'm begging you! And then, Elena & Cesc are so sweet. Btw that scene was before Cesc accident or after it? x (I believe is before) keep writting, beautiful! x

jadfksdjklfsjk don’t die! I won’t let it! And I know how you’re feeling, sometimes I also feel like slapping them into sense, but if I did that, the story wouldn’t be as fun, would it? :D

Loverboy will be over soon, so we might as well enjoy it while it lasts!

The scene is before Cesc’s accident, but he’s remembering it as a dream, on the current Shattered-timeline.

Thank you soo much for always reading and leaving messages, I love reading them! lots of love x

guardiolaaa said:

/post/22533322972/tagging-game (:

Laura, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll reply through here :D

1. If you could meet anyone alive/death; who would be and why?
Jane Austen, because she’s just the queen of everything and everyone and flawless and amazing and ugh. Just. Ah. 

2. Favorite book from all the time and what’s it about?
Hmm, High Fidelity, probably. Just because the main character of the book IT’S JUST ME. He is me. He is me. He is me. (people who read the book and got the reference, HIGH FIVE PLEASE). The plot doesn’t seem that interesting, but it’s a GREAT BOOK. Nick Hornby is my favorite author and this book just made me feel like I’m not alone in the world - there are people as awkward and as weird and as selfish as me out there!

3. Favorite song and why?
Tough one! I don’t know, it depends on the moment, really. But Strawberry Fields Forever, Blackbird and Here, There and Everywhere are def on my list.

4. If you could marry anyone in the world; who would be?
 Hah. Well. Ugh. I truly don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever been in love and you know, the image we have from people isn’t what they truly are so… I’ll just leave this one unanswered!

5. Who’s your role model?
My parents. 

6. What’s your definition of love?
When I call you names, put down my book to listen to you and you give me chocolate, believe me, I love you.

7. What are you planning to study or studying at College?
Hmm I want to go to law school. Then maybe take the translation course that it’s very good here where I live and perhaps, when I’m older, literature or history of art, just for fun. 

8. Favorite football club.
Arsenal. The one and only for me. 

9. If you had one wish; what would you wish for?

10. Someone who had changed your life.
I think that everyone that I have ever met has changed a little something or opened my eyes a bit more… Even you girls here!

11. Where are you from and what’s the thing you like the most about it?
I’m from São Paulo, Brasil, but currently living in Brasilia (that is the capital of Brasil people, not Rio hah!). I love my country, I do. All of it, it’s flaws and everything, I don’t think I could ever be born anywhere else. I’d love to live on another place for a little while, but Brasil… Is home. You should all come! Haha!

Thanks Laura, I had a really fun time answering to these! Lots of love sweetie x

guardiolaaa said:

Gabes, please don't you ever listen to want other people say. I know it's pretty difficult to ignore people that is usually judging you but c'mon you know you are a great writter! You've got tons or readers and you know we love each one of your stories :D Let me tell you that if you write about a chicken and a potato, I would actually read the story because I know it'll be amazing! btw i'm oneheartlikehis had an url change. x

This message really brightened up my day, Laura! Thank you so much for it.

Seriously, one day I read a Hunger Games story about an apple and a cheese and it was awesome so yup, never doubt fanfiction written about food hahaha! (ugh, I’m starving, I could def write about food right now hah).

Thank you so much for all your support sweetie, have a nice weekend :D