Wow. Today was insane.
I was online since yesterday, and stayed up all night watching the tour unfold.

As the concert ended the sun was rising.
It didn’t even feel like I stayed up all night hanging with my friends and TAYLOR.

Now we will see if I can pull an all-nighter for the second day of tour. I had so much fun with everyone last night.
Having Taylor come online before and after the show was amazing.
I bet she was just laughing at us as we lost our minds.

See you all again tonight!
And taylorswift kick ass tonight- I know you will!
55,000(0) people are waiting to dance the night away with you!

I have been trying to stay out of arguments in the TVD fandom for a while as I feel like all I see is the same petty arguments all the time and I have been trying my best to rise above it. But one thing that has been annoying me lately is people choosing sides when it comes to Ian and Nikki’s marriage …. like it’s everyone against Nina or Nina against everyone. First of all people that are saying Kat is a bad friend to Nina need to shut the fuck up! I can clearly see that Kat and Nina are still great friends because Kat attended Nina’s leaving party and Nina still posts pics of them together. So apparently Kat is treating Nina like crap …. why because she didn’t shove Nikki off a stage? Nikki is Kat’s friend too and despite what most people think this is not just a recent friendship. I watched an interview a few years back with Kat interviewing Nikki and they seemed close even then. Also Ian and Nina have been over a long time now and it’s time to get the fuck over it! Stop acting like you know these people personally when we truthfully don’t know shit. All we can do is make our own observations and even those we need to take with a pinch of salt. 

an idea for a story ive had lately is like, a dystopia story

except the “dystopia” in question is actually a utopian government doing its absolute best to carry out ideals of social, economic and political equality with thousands of representatives with the best interests of their sectors in mind rather than the best interests of the status quo

and the heroes rising up to stop this evil government are the obscenely rich sons and daughters of the obscenely rich families who had to sell their fourth summer home so they could pay for the taxes levied on them. the way they see it is “HOLY SHIT WE ARE TAXED TO A RIDICULOUS LEVEL THIS IS SO UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND BAD” instead of “oh for our income this is nothing. it just means we live in slightly less luxury than before. or a lot less. maybe we’ll even be [GASP] PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN /ONE HOUSE/ WITH /ONLY ENOUGH ROOMS FOR EACH OF US/ AND /ONLY TWO BATHROOMS/?!?!?!?!?!?!”

and its just like all privileged, prissy, stuck-up, bigoted white cishet teenagers (with maybe one cishet teenager of color who they basically keep around as the Designated Black Friend who tells us We’re Not Racist) going up against this extremely vast, extremely diverse government full of thousands of representatives of every imaginable race, gender, sexuality, financial background, mental and physical state, etc who are just doing their best to make live livable for everyone and erase oppression, poverty and starvation

it would suck being a new immortal. like it’d be 2109 and people would go, “what was it like seeing ancient civilizations rise and fall like that? seeing the pyramids being built? watching the expansion and growth of the new world?” and i’d just be like, “no…no i was born in 1991. so like, wow i’m gonna see some cool stuff, but, i mean i’m not that much older than just a really, really old person, you know? phones were big back then. so big. but only for like ten years, then they got like, as good as they are now. uh. rhinos existed. don’t think i ever saw one in person. cool, good talk.”

Most to Least Charming (as requested)

**These can be your Sun, Mercury, and/or Rising Signs

Libra (in a socialite manner)

Aries (in a childlike manner)

Gemini (in a mischievous way)

Leo (in a brown nosing way)

Pisces (in an innocent way)

Capricorn (they’re great at networking)

Cancer (in a motherly way)

Taurus (in a simplistic way)

Scorpio (in a quiet way)

Virgo (they can be charming when they need to be)

Aquarius (they don’t see a reason for charming people)

Sagittarius (way too blunt)


First Meet - Warm Bodies AU 

Hiccup is a bit different as Julie in the movie. He doesn’t want to kill zombies, because they used to be people.
But during a zombie attack he has to do something against his attitude.
Meanwhile Jack (he has eaten something  or someone …) falls in love with the human.

So, the first picture is how Jack sees the whole scene. c’: and there is a snow globe on the table!

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I think the concept of Superman being painted as god by the people and as the devil by Lex Luthor is quite telling. Superman is a sun-god who wishes nothing but to be human and Lex is a mortal seeking to be a god. The idea that BvS’s  Lex Luthor thinks ‘devils come from the sky’ suggests then, that he believes a god can rise from beneath. Lex Luthor will see himself as that god. 

1. Sleep earlier, rise earlier - set your alarm for 3am and turn on the dumpy local channel that only shows terrible syndicated programs like family guy and the big bang theory. on the third moon, you will see something sinister being broadcasted onto your television. record in detail these strange tales, as they become darker and darker, slowly eroding at your mental wellbeing. have someone publish your findings on the internet after you mysteriously disappear. it will circulate and people will write it off as a creepypasta, but they always do, and that’s how the demons of this world operate without us making any meaningful effort to stop them.

2. Read more - just shitty fanfiction. shitty crossover fanfiction. make it your personal mission to find the worst stuff out there… sailor moon and gi joe, scooby doo and lord of the rings, the lion king retold with the cast of golden girls and courage the cowardly dog, the cosby show and atlas shrugged… it’s all out there and it’s waiting for you. spend all your time tracking down these elusive fics until you lose all your money and the cable company shuts off your internet.

3. Stay away from people who do not deserve you - challenge the people who you think are your friends to a trivia game surrounding the intimate web of relationships your 6 year old self had with the neighborhood cats. alienate them when they cannot answer a single question about it correctly.

4. Eat well - literally. eat a fucking well.

5. Create a plan that will be enjoyable for exercise and just do it - this life goal was sponsored by Nike. embrace your uncomfort zone.

6. Study well - but only things that are worth studying, such as the evolution of memes and the social media profiles of people you can’t stand

7. Pamper yourself - let’s face it. accidents happen! but pampers (trusted by millions of moms) has better leak protection than the bargain brand.

8. Put in an effort - dress for the job you want, not the job you have. wear avant garde fashion to your part time job at Taco Bell no matter how many times your manager tells you that you have to wear the provided uniform. after you get fired, hopefully some local newspaper reports on your story because nothing interesting happens in ohio anyway and it would be a fun comic relief story. cross your fingers that buzzfeed finds out about it and launches your story into the viral web, attracting the attention of high fashion designers everywhere. that’s how they discovered kate moss so it could work for you too.

9. Learn new vocabulary and deliberately use it incorrectly all the fcking time

10. Plan an outing once a week - travel to a nearby metropolitan area, stand on a street corner, and kindly inform passing people that bush did 9/11 with your megaphone. be sure to be detailed enough to pique people’s curiosity and ensure a visit to but don’t let on that you know too much, or you’ll be taken out by the FBI

11. Set small goals - if you plan on taking over the world, for example, start with something smaller first, like the tri-state area

12. Meet new people - not like people you don’t know, like, NEW people. sneak into the nursery at a hospital and talk to the babies about the physics of a black hole. they won’t understand any of it but they’ll listen to you. no one ever listens when you talk about black holes. it’s disappointing. they’re so cool. space is so cool. why doesn’t anyone want to talk about space

13. Love yourself - love yourself so much that little kids tease you “if you love yourself so much than why don’t you MARRY you?” ask yourself, truly, why DONT you? start a ludicrous political campaign for same-self marriage that rightfully angers the lgbt community and confuses the republican party immensely

14. Art - it sucks. all of it. like literally don’t pay for any of it and watch in shock when the film and music industries collapse. “I have no idea what happened” you’ll say to your grandchildren while you play them rihannas entire discography that you pirated

15. Stick to these goals or you’ll turn ugly in a year :/

—  kinkshamer69’s 15 goals for 2015

“The amazing thing about being alive and seeing where social media is, is that we’re not as dependant as we used to be on higher powers talking about something. We can help each other and talk about it ourselves. I’m seeing a beautiful rise of that kind of thing happening and I’m really connected to that. There’s always going to be people fighting the good fight.” [x]

stockhlomsyndorme asked:

sorry if this is bothersome but i was wondering if you could explain what type of posts each type of sign should look at (ex. look at your venus sign for posts about ___) and if you have made a post about it, would you mind linking me or at least telling me where i could find it? thanks :))

Well, I will usually mention what planet sign you should look at for each post, so if it’s mentioned in the post just go by that.

But as a general rule:

Sun – anything, overall personality

Moon – emotions, habits, home life, defense mechanisms

Mercury – communication, expression, study habits

Venus – romance, partnerships, aesthetics, love, flirting, affection

Mars – physical attraction, anger, pet peeves, 

Rising – outward personality, how other people see you, the first impression you give off to others

anonymous asked:

what's wrong with seattle? I wanna live there someday

It is astronomically expensive, it’s constantly drippy, it is the embodiment of gentrification, it is where Microsoft and Amazon headquarters are aka it is full of tech industry fuckboys, all cool/art/DIY/cheap spaces and beautiful houses and historic buildings are being torn down to build ~modern high rises (see: gentrification), everyone is pissy all the time, people who don’t live in Seattle will always think ur really into grunge

snocapsperhaps asked:

Are you in Baltimore? Are you watching the LOCAL unfiltered news? Are you even aware of how my HOME is being destroyed and using Freddie Gray's name to do it? Get your facts straight.

I’m sorry, if you think the news is unfiltered you’ve got a lot to learn. 

The real unfiltered news is coming from the protesters themselves. Those are whose words I believe in. If you can’t see why oppressed people would rise up and fight back, you’re not going to understand what’s going on here, no matter how close to the protests you live. 

Okay so imagine Thranduil maybe fifty years after Bard’s death– but Bard’s death has not broken him.  He has taken Bard’s love and used it to shore up the walls in his own heart, and he has become better for it. Like Elrond almost: kindly and generous and wise as fuck but still stronger than a mithril vest

Imagine Thranduil smiling a small fond smile at Tauriel after a visit to Brand (Bain’s son). Imagine thranduil gazing at the rising darkness in the east as a small crease forms in his brow, and preparing his people for war with equal parts reassurance and urgency, thanking the elven maker that Bard did not live to see the encroachment of such doom, and there being no bitterness in the thought

Basically just imagine Bard continuing to give Thranduil strength decades/centuries/eons after his death, and living on through Thranduil’s goodness.

Angry Ghosts

An old moment from Princess Mononoke that crept into my head a lot today.

I watched The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness recently (the documentary on studio Ghibli and Miyazaki) and it was a very interesting watch. I knew Miyazaki had been coping with depression all his life, but a lot of his sadness really comes across in the film. He tempers it with hope, and with his sincere love of imagination and its power, but nonetheless he comes across as very world-weary. The movie takes place during the production of The Wind Rises (which I still have yet to see) and a lot of the sociopolitical post-tsunami climate is there.

I know why that quote from Princess Mononoke keeps coming back to me, and if you live in America right now, you probably do too. Tragedy is everywhere these days, but not really from wars, sickness, or starvation in our case. Right now it’s people who are causing the pain to each other, and apathy making it sting even more.

Here in America, there’s definitely ‘angry ghosts all around us’, generations of them piled atop one another. As the saying goes, with all the problems we face “you’d think America was built on an Indian burial ground or something.” That’s the joke. We are. And on top of that is buried the slavery of an entire race, and on top of that is centuries more hate and suffering, and on top of that we’ve buried the dead who’ve lost their lives fighting for a right to live. And on top of that here we are now.

We don’t like to talk about it, we don’t like to admit it, but there are still a lot of people who do not see black Americans as human beings. In every level of our society, throughout the upper echelons of our infrastructure, there are still untold millions of people who hate black Americans with a deep loathing, who have direct contempt for their lives and their struggles.

And oddly enough, a lot of those people join the police force.

Through technology and communication the world is very different now than it was. You can’t be an asshole and keep it a secret for long. If you commit an evil act, people see it, hear about it, almost instantaneously. We have those same angry ghosts all around us, but now, we can see them. It’s no longer a matter of believing in those ghosts or disbelieving them. They’re out in the open now, and you can hear them and feel them everywhere. Now we have to care. Now it’s a responsibility. As humans, in this new age of interconnectedness, it’s your duty to care. The price we pay for this knowledge and far-reaching sight is the realization that we have to do something about the things we see with it.

Racism and racial violence are here in front of us now, and we’re obligated to act. With our ability to see anywhere and everywhere and talk to anyone and everyone, we’ve suddenly discovered how little some of us value each other’s lives. Suddenly, our capacity to hate and dehumanize is very apparent.

And now we have to do something about it. It won’t blow over anymore, it won’t just pass. It won’t work itself out. The people who cause this, the people who don’t see black Americans as human beings, are going to have to be revealed for all to see.

You can only snipe from the woods for so long before somebody decides to burn down the forest, and there’s a LOT of people with fire out there.

The Competitive Squad

Aries- when Aries is in winning mode they see nothing around them they just go. They would literally fight you to the death just to get what they want, just to win. Other people’s feelings don’t matter, other people are weak. Most competitive during sports and games.

Taurus- you can never correct a Taurus it becomes a game to them. Oh really you think your smarter then me…Think again. Most competitive during debates and when ever they feel like proving a point

Libra- you don’t see it when their playing a game they act normal. Then all of a sudden they lose and the gates of hell open and you’re thrown into the fire. You can not find a sore loser as bad as a libra, I’m telling you. Libra is most competitive at things they know their good at, that makes it so much harder for them to lose.

Gemini- I wouldn’t say they are competitive at games or sports. They however are competitive all the time. Some girl dressed nicer then me today well I’m going to look better then her tomorrow. They may not even like someone but they find out some kid likes that person they are determined to make that person like them. Why? Because they just like to be better and know their better. Their most competitive… When they feel like it.

shakespeareia asked:

I was thinking about you and your blog today (don't ask, you're like the secret best friend I'll probably never meet. :p) and it occurred to me that if you published "GI Joes and 2 AM Diners" as you're considering, you could probably beat out Fifty Shades of Crap in a landslide. Think about it - if that thread concerning EL James' rise to wealth and fame is at all true, you'd have one easy time of it - once it's been published, all you'd have to do is make a post, linking your followers to the

(cont.) Amazon page, and we’d do the rest. Waaaaaaaaay to many Stucky fans have your back to let this go by. It would spread anyway even to the people who aren’t following you currently - can you imagine the signal boost? And after that, come the people who would like to see LGBTQ romance gain a larger and more equal niche in the literary market, who would sweep this thing along like wild fire. But of course, we can’t forget the legions of people across the world who despise that crap series and

Oh my god… Okay, I saw this message last week and I had every intention of replying but then stupid life happened and I’ve been thinking of this message every day since. I was actually so touched by it that I read it out loud to my mother and got all choked up lol (For the record, my mom says a big THANK YOU to all of you who’ve been supporting me and encouraging me so generously lately; for showing me kindness and helping me during this rough time, as you all have been for the last 4 months or so. You all have no idea how helpful you’ve all been to me. <3)

I’m not even going to lie, shakespeareia, this is one of the most motivational things I’ve ever received. And while I could only hope that G.I. Joes and 2AM Diners would be as well received as you believe it’d be, it’s always impossible to tell. However, your faith in the story - and in me - blows my mind and really touches me, so thank you with all my heart. No matter what, what I can say for sure is that E.L. James’s behavior towards the fandom and the people who supported her in her publication journey was downright disgusting, and if I ever got lucky enough to get my story published, I wouldn’t do what that douchecanoe did lol I’d probably devote an entire page of the book just to thanking all of you for inspiring me, keeping my spirits up, and encouraging me - even if the book only ever wound up being read by, like, 5 people and that was it xD

Anyways, I’m rambling. My point is, thank you so, so much. I will probably wind up coming back and re-reading these words whenever I need a pick-me-up, haha. They really and truly mean the world and more to me. <3