Marie Antoinette’s delicate beauty called for pale colours, and green and pink and puce were amongst the favoured tones, the last mentioned taking its name from no more attractive source than the back of a flea. Her earlier dresses displayed stiff pointed bodices with stomachers, held with little tied bows of velvet, and paniers bunched liberally on the hips to show the under-dress of lace, bordered with flounces, headed and festooned with roses. The décolletage was square, and the elbow sleeves had frills of lace.

Costume: Fanciful, Historical and Theatrical


A Brief Love Story with Arizona

As my parents and I drove from my aunt’s house in Scottsdale, Arizona and headed to Sedona I put in my earphones and turned on JoJo. While listening to “Too Little To Late” I began to look out the window and admire the hills around me. We got there late at night so when we woke up the next morning we headed into town. We wandered through until we got to a small creek and that is where I found my first carving. There were about three hearts carved in and the biggest had two initials in it. I thought it was so beautiful.

The next day my family headed up to the Grand Canyon. The ride up presented me with some interesting sights that I would later come back to. But, the sheer enormity of the canyon was incredible. It could make even the biggest man feel small. It was extraordinary, the colors were light pinks and greens that complimented the gloomy lighting. While walking around it, I did stumble across many more hearts and “I love you”s in trees and on rocks.

My trip up to Northern Arizona felt like a step back in time. Plenty of places were rundown, but that made them all the more special to me. They were lived in and love has been found and shared in them. It was a pleasure to see and experience it all.

So, with only being there for 5 days I fell in love with Arizona’s landscape.

- Remi ( insta: @ghostgirlly )


Prom May 16, 2015 - Before Dinner


Today in unnecessarily gendered products: Crocs with fur inside. They came in limited sizes and colours according to gender, as shown by photos of a man or a woman on labels. Women’s colours were pink and green, men’s were blue and brown.

this picture was taken on a really cool day with my boyfriend because we roadtripped two hours away to play with puppies at this dog shop he loves and then we saw the most beautiful rainbow i have ever seen – the purples and greens and pinks were very distinct and that is something i had never really seen before and being with him made it all the more magical. sometimes i love life.


Narusaku  Fan art by me

My Oc´s Miso (the boy with pink hair) and Hanako.

Nori (the girl with twins tails) and Wakame (the boy with pink hair and green eyes) initially were my twin. But I want to do a production of drawings about the Uzumaki family I consider reducing the members of the family.

Finally they will be only five members:
Naruto Uzumaki
Sakura Haruno
Shinachiku Uzumaki, the first child.
Hanako Uzumaki, the elder of the twins.
Miso Uzumaki, the youngest son.
Naruto and Sakura belong to Masashi Kishimoto
Shinachiku Uzumaki belongs Narusaku all fandom. The design is mine.
Hanako and Miso are my Oc.
I hope you like.

ilfratellodisatana asked:

10 canzoni che ami o che hanno segnato qualcosa nella tua vita

Mmm ok dai,in ordine puramente casuale

1- wish you were here (pink floyd)
2- boulevard of broken dreams (green day)
3- national anthem (lana del rey)
4- starring role (marina and the diamonds)
5- strawberry fields (beatles) *la canzone preferita di mio padre*
6- live or die (lana del rey)
7- bubblegum bitch (marina and the diamonds * è la mia canzone da autostima bassa/fine di una storia)
8- the wall (pink floyd)
9- hallelujah (jeff buckley)
10- space oddity (david bowie) *per chi non lo avesse visto guardate la cover di questa canzone con l'astronauta*

I miei gusti musicali sono strani,rock/indie/oh che bella questa canzone


now this guy was really special to me.
since i was small i’ve had issues with my eardrums. before i went into surgery to put in ear tubes, i had to take these 3 medicines in different syringes (they were colored green, orange, and pink.)
i took the first too but they tasted super yucky and i couldn’t handle it, but the doctor told me if i took the last medicine he’d give me this bunny! ofc i went for it.
his name on his tag is Lil’ Rare Hare. he’s darling to me and i wish i found him sooner

spasticchipmunkhuman asked:

Yellow, Turquoise, Pink, Green, Coral.

yellow: i wish we were friends in real life


turquoise:i would hug you if we met

and i would hug back

pink: i love your blog its one of my favourite

no i love you more. you are spectacular. 

green: i think you’re cute


coral: i think you’re beautiful

what no i am no more than a humble goat but thank you

send me a color

my favorite bar has a martini night on wednesdays where they’re 4$ each and a mixed drink night where they’re 3$ each on sundays…  i didn’t have any tonight but my friends did and they were such pretty colors like neon yellow and blue and green and pink… i need to go back after i get paid and try them all because right now all my money is tied up in planning future visits to the amusement park..


                  Crimson eyes stared out at the greenery that passes her by, 
                  her hands idling on the book in her lap. Every day she  
                  took this commute to work, every day she admires the 
                  rosette that gets on and sits next to her. 

                  She doesn’t even know her name. But she’s got pretty 
                  pink locks and eyes that were as green as her mother’s 
                  jade ring that she was left. 

                  She swallows as the train comes to a stop, to allow other
                  passengers on, and certain ones off. She lifts her lips 
                  to smile fakely at the one’s that pass her by– honestly, they 
                  all looked like idiots. 

                  She turns her attention back to the window before the 
                  stranger gets on and her nose twitches slowly. 
                  That smell– it smelt wonderful. Her attention is caught, 
                  and hues search for the person responsible for such a 
                  sweet scent. 

                  Not the girl in the buns– she smelt like sweat, as she passed 
                  by Karin. Not the one with her hair in a high ponytail, 
                  she’s more fresh flowers scent. 

                  Eye’s linger on the other one. The girl with pink hair. 
                  Should she even ask?

I cheated. I cheated so hard with those Kitty photos. That wig was pink. My eyes were also gray-ish green. The jacket was black. Eyebrows brown. My lips were red… Photoshop is amazing.

omnitrixareforkids asked:

Yellow turquoise pink green coral

YELLOW: I wish we were friends in real life

TURQUOISE: I would hug you if we’re met

PINK: I love your blog it’s one of my favourite

GREEN: I think you’re cute.

CORAL: I think you’re beautiful

I’m just a gross person, but thank you