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So the top is when I had long hair and then the bottom when I cut my hair. So The first one was when I first cut it, second one was when I got my first undercut, and then the last one is the most recent that I actually like from prom. 

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Just headcanoning here, but I'm wondering if the reason Liam always seemed more willing to take one for the team & support the official narrative in the past was that he had Zayn by his side. Now that they can't interact publicly he's getting increasingly fed up & ready for this to be over, shading & dropping Ziam hints (yeah, go look on YouTube and see what you find). Wishful thinking: one day he'll reach his limit, kick over a table, & scream 'I love Zayn Malik why can't you accept that?!'.

Hi Anonymous.  Well, I do think Liam has always been willing to take one for the team, but I don’t think he has ever truly supported the official narrative.  I think his way of living with, and of resisting and rebelling against it are different from the other boys’.  Since he is the band spokesman and thus has to play by the rules, he has to be more subtle.  But he still resists in his own way.

Obviously none of us know Liam, but I think he is misunderstood when it comes to his relationship to management and to the closeting.  He is often stereotyped as the good boy who is content with the closeting and sucks up to Modest!, but I think that is totally untrue.  In fact, in some ways Liam has long struck me as especially loud.  He has dropped hints about his sexuality, like the infamous “how do you know that?” remark at the 2012 BRITs.  He has dropped many hints about Ziam, like the “person that I truly love” Instragram.  He has never tried to hide his disdain for the beards—he clearly resents Perrie, does not seem to have much respect for Sophia, and has shaded both of them on many occasions.

But I totally get what you mean, Anonymous.  In the last week or so Liam has gone balls to the wall against the official narrative, and I can’t help but feel Zayn’s absence is why.  He has been both phenomenally shady and at times painfully sincere.  As you say, on The Late Late Show he told the story about falling on stage trying to impress “the missus,” which was really Zayn—hiding a Ziam reference in an ostensibly Sophiam story, causing M!M to select the “wrong” video footage since Liam even directed everyone to the specific moment he referenced.  He performed poorly in that interview and generally looked totally over it or upset, even visibly frowning when Harry said Zayn’s name in the bread truck story.  He gave a possibly unscripted shoutout to Zayn at the Billboard Music Awards, and was suspiciously cut off when the band was on stage for their second win.  He shaded Project No Control in the backstage interview, probably because he knows fans erased him and Zayn in the name of the Project.  He wore a scarf to the BBMAs that matched Zayn’s Asian Awards suit and has continued wearing Zayn’s clothes in nearly every public appearance he has made since.  Oh Liam.

I quite like your headcanon, Anonymous.  And since we’re talking headcanons, I admit I was on the edge of my seat when the band won their second award because I wanted to see if Liam would thank Zayn again—but of course, he was stopped.  So we may never know what Liam planned to say, but I also like the headcanon where One Direction actually wins Top Artist, and before the music starts to cut him off, Liam grabs the trophy, stares straight ahead and says, “I dedicate this to the love of my life, Zayn Malik.”

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Also award for the biggest dork goes to sebthetic

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In the end of roses scabbard, Steven gives roses flag to pearl. It took me a second but her flag reminded me of the confederate flag :s am I the only one? I hope it was just a mistake honestly but...

I’ve had another ask about this in the past and I honestly think it’s a barely there resemblance, if any at all to the Confederate Flag.

The rose detailing on nearly every portion of the flag’s design alone, as well as the ENORMOUS rose centering the flag I think distinctly separates the two. Not to mention, a LOT of flags internationally have similar cross or Xs prominently featured. It’s not exclusive to the Confederate Flag by any means.

Cristian was giving Adjoa a peptalk before she left. And trying to cheer her up and telling her to smile and not to care. While the other HGs were laughing at the UK shouting “ get joa out” … so idk why everyone hates on him


hey guys! i haven’t done a follow forever in quite some time (i wanted to do one for 500 followers but it kinda got away from me). some of you may know that i’ve had some health problems these past few months and that’s one reason for this delayed ff. the other part is that my grades have suffered a lot because of said healt issues. i hope i won’t fail anything at this time, but that’s also reason for my “somewhat-hiatus”

sorry for the long rant there lol, here is my ff :)

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The recovery room had been some what quiet the past week, today was especially quiet. Robin notice they had transfered a few beds somewhere else and once she was alone, other patients with their curtains closed and she sat in the space and stretched out with little pink shoes on. Standing, she placed headphones on and clipped her tap player to the elastic of her sweatpants. She closed her eyes and let her feet guide her across the room.

Clean Tattoo

I think it’d be the coolest thing ever if Taylor were to write out “I am finally clean” and I could get that tattoo’d on my wrist because I can’t even begin to describe how much Clean means to me. I’ve had severe depression and anxiety for the past year and half because of a very stressful and upsetting event that happened in my family. I won’t go into detail because I don’t want any sympathy. I’m able to post this on my blog because I’m so happy to say that I’ve gotten so much better over the past few months in particular. When I saw Taylor at Rock in Rio and heard her beautiful speech before Clean, I cried. She’s just such an important person in my life and I owe her so much. I can honestly say that she’s been one of the main reasons I’ve gotten better because I was so hopeless until I saw her perform at Jimmy Kimmel last October. From then on, I started to become more optimistic and happier. I listen to 1989 every day and lately I’ve been making vine edits of Taylor because it’s one of the few things I’m decent at(: It’d mean everything if she noticed me, and it’d be everything and then some if I ever got the chance to get that tattoo. I’ve been a Swiftie for 7 years, been to 5 concerts, and I hope that one day Taylor will know who I am and she’ll know how thankful I am for her. I love you taylorswift 💕

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"Just admit it; we're lost" with Derek hale please?

“Just admit it, we’re lost.” You crossed your arms, leaning a shoulder against the window, staring at Derek. He had been driving you two around for the past hour trying to find some inconspicuous little house that apparently might hold some clues about the monster you were currently dealing with…ugh, it wasn’t even like he got lost and you were on a date at least you’d be able to waste time fooling about. But he was in work mode…

“We are not lost.”  He gritted his teeth, glaring at you from the corner of his eye. Unlike most people you weren’t afraid of Derek when he threw a hissy fit…mainly because you’d been dating him for 3 years and if you still couldn’t handle him then who could?!

“Yes we are.” He was stubborn as a mule and aggressive to boot. His manly pride apparently refused to admit that yes he was crap at navigating and that yes he got you lost. 

“We. Are. Not. Lost.” Each word was growled out and it was becoming more and more amusing to watch his attempts at deny the fact that you were in fact lost on the outskirts of Beacon Hills at night.  

“We’ve passed that diner 5 times in the last hour.” You pointed out. The diner in question was one of the few sources of light on the circular track of road Derek had decided to drive you down. 

He brought the car to a stop outside the diner, finally conceding defeat. He stepped out the car intent on getting directions, but not before sticking his head through the window. “…fine…we’re lost. Happy now?”  


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so all bi people can participate in pride day?? I currently have a gf, but have had boyfriends in the past. I've just seen so many people saying that bi people with opposite gender partners can't participate, and honestly I'm just so confused :'(

Just ignore those ignorant assholes . Of course you can participate 💌

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Ayato being scared when toast pops out of the toaster

oh boy

The deafening scream echoes that around the ground floor of the appliance stores halts passerbys, stuns toddlers into silence, and makes store employees freeze in their actions. Everybody’s gazes turn instantaneously to where Ayato had been walking past the food sampling table, but was now frozen on the spot with an look of intense horror on his face as he stares at the piece of slightly burnt toast sitting in the slot of the toaster. The lady manning the sample table looks down at Ayato’s raised fists and wild expression in confusion, tongs in her hand and a knife smeared with peanut butter in the other.

The awkward silence hangs in the air until Tatara appears unexpectedly and grabs Ayato by the back of his jacket, exasperation written all over his face as he drags the younger ghoul away from the table.

“This is the reason why I can’t take any of you anywhere.”

  • Soleil:it was talking about me going after a friend’s ex and i had no clue what they were talking about but I had agreed to a date with the new guy and I didn’t know you two had a past! But I text him to cancel! I’m sorry! I didn’t want it to seem like I was being shady or something!
  • Sunny:Don't cancel on him. the last thing i need is to be ruining him making friends with people who don't actually hate him around here. yes he's my ex/baby daddy but i guess it'd be hypocritical of me since i'm dating tyler when he was with tabitha even though the situations are different.

Hello everyone! Here is the second installment of my Top 10 series. Old, New, Known, Unknown, and everything in between that I enjoyed in the last week.

This week I mainly went through a lot of drafts I had saved up from the past year (this blog has almost 100! and my side blog has 2000) and here is what I liked the most:

  1. Courtney Love - Miss Narcissist: I have been waiting for Courtney Love to release another single for a long time. Shes been touring with Lana Del Rey (is that not the best duo?) for a little while for her summer tour too. 
  2. The Sword - The Veil of Isis: I found this one by watching one of Dan Avidan’s vines (or was it an instagram video?) and found myself watching it a few times over because of the song. 
  3. Kate Faust - Never Felt So Lonely: This one was a “free on iTunes” pick for this week. I never check iTunes much or their free sections so I’m half convinced it was destiny that I came across this. It’s a catchy little pop song about sacrificing love.
  4. Studio Killers - All Men Are Pigs: I had to listen to this one because of the title. It was almost too much to resist. I was far from disappointed. 
  5. The Uncanny Valley - Sometimes Takes the Shadow People: Interesting thing about this song, besides it being good, is that there is literally no trace of it on the internet. I found it from a audio post on tumblr (not the band’s tumblr, which they do not have) and when I was researching the band and the song the only thing that came up was a thread asking for opinions and linking a now defunct/deleted Facebook page and Youtube video. It looks like it was from an indie band back in 2012 that have broken up since. (Since this is the case, I’ve uploaded the song for you!) It sounds very rough, but that is part of the charm.
  6. Travi$ Scott - Drugs You Should Try
  7. JONGHYUN - 할렐루야 Hallelujah
  8. Noun - Vicious Expert: A unreleased track from Screaming Females’ guitarist and front Marissa Paternoster’s solo project, Noun. I’m pretty sure I would buy anything that features Marissa, but the only thing that is better is that this track is free(*Pay what you want) from their bandcamp. This girl is truly a gift to the rock world.
  9. The Chills - Background Affair
  10. POWERS - Beat Of My Drum

That’s it for this week (5/23/2015)! Thank you for reading. I hope you can find something you like. 

Remember, if you have any comments, feedback, or recommendations message me here on Tumblr or shoot me a tweet at @hearttrend! I love hearing from you guys.

(This week’s banner is from Beck’s Loser MV!)

“Damn Good, Admiral”

Jim Kirk was busy picking on a slice of pizza when the idea first came to him. As he grabbed a piece of straying salami and stuffed it into his mouth, it hit him. He had tried everything since their arrival: nothing like a trip into the past to light the spark of passion in an old romantic like Spock right? Wrong. Of course, they had been concentrating on their mission for the larger part of their stay in the 20th century, but still. Nothing had stirred Spock’s cautiously restrained Vulcan emotions. Not even a long stroll by the water near Golden Gate Bridge; and that used to work perfectly well in the 23rd century. Poetry was obviously not going to do its job either. And he still hadn’t managed to convince Spock to stop addressing him as ‘Admiral’. Things weren’t exactly going the way he wanted them to. Well, taking the meat off his pizza isn’t exactly working either. Spock was grateful, he even graced him with the occasional “Thank you, Admiral” when he received his share of pizza from the Italian place Gillian showed them, but that was just about as intimate as they’d get. It was infuriating. He married the man! How could he be expected to just forget?

“It’s not his fault,” Jim muttered to himself, grunting as he stood up from where he was sitting, a pizza box in his hands.

Of course it wasn’t his fault, but that wasn’t really the point. Something had to be done or Jim was fairly certain he’d go insane. What could he possibly try that he hadn’t tried yet? He didn’t want to make his bondmate uncomfortable, so there were limited options… which he contemplated as he walked through the Klingon Bird-of-Prey’s hallways. He could actually take him to the Italian restaurant instead of bringing the food all the way back to the ship, for a change. Oh, but that would put them face to face with the imminent danger of Spock slipping up in front of a 20th century human and Jim not being able to catch him before it was too late. A present then, maybe? He had caught his husband staring longingly at an outfit displayed in a shop’s vitrine the other day –that is, he had managed to read Spock’s impenetrable gaze and stern features and figure out that the indifference in his eyes wasn’t indifference but, indeed, longing. Years of marriage to a Vulcan do that to you. But Spock would probably turn down the present or call it ‘illogical’. In either case, it wouldn’t be very romantic. No, he had to do something else, something that would pique Spock’s curiosity…

He reached the engine room where Scotty and Spock were working on repairing the warp core. He handed them the pizza box without a word.

“Thank you, sir,” Scotty smiled at him.

He nodded in acknowledgment. As Spock reached for his own, meat-free slice of pizza, James Kirk had an epiphany. He couldn’t help the grin that crept onto his face.

“Is everything alright, Admiral?” Spock asked, raising an inquisitive eyebrow.

“It will be,” Jim answered absent-mindedly.


The worst part had been finding out how much money he had to give to the impatient young woman at the counter. The more impatiently she chewed her gum, the more distressed Jim became. He eventually got it right –without anyone’s help, mind you- and walked back to the ship holding his head up proudly. The next challenge had been getting into the outfit; a tale better left untold, in Jim’s opinion. A lot of swearing and cursing and sweating later, he was finally ready –and not displeased with his reflection in the giant sized mirror he had found in the Klingon captain’s quarters (probably to fit his equally sized ego, Jim thought bitterly). After that, all he had to do was wait. So he waited, rather impatiently, picking books at random on a PADD he had found lying around and doing his best at unscrambling the Klingon letters on the screen, pacing across the room all the while.


When Spock walked into the captain’s quarters at the end of the day, he was greeted by the sight of Jim Kirk sitting on the bed in a wine-red jacket with an elbow placed on his knee. His tan chest was peeking out of an open white shirt, the collar curling around the base of his neck. Jim slowly lifted his head and slid a hand in his hair, looking up at Spock with languid fascination. The Vulcan paused at the entrance, hesitating for a small, almost imperceptible moment, before stepping into the room and letting the doors swoosh closed.

“Admiral?” he asked uncertainly.

Jim smirked in response. Spock’s initial surprise faded away as he watched his bondmate run his fingers through his hair then let his palm rest on the back of his neck, exposing more skin to the Vulcan’s entranced eyes. Spock took a step forward and Jim slowly pushed himself to his feet. They were face to face, bodies brushing, and Jim’s hand slid up his husband’s arm to cup his jaw. Then their eyes met and the moment shattered like glass, splashing Jim with cold water and hitting him with a violent pang of realization. Spock’s gaze was unfocused, distracted… he was somewhere else. Far away. Jim was certain there had never been this kind of distance between them, the kind of uncomfortable stillness that made the person he loved most feel like a stranger in his arms. It was unbearable to think of Spock that way. And what was even more maddening was the quietness with which the Vulcan surrendered; he didn’t ask him to stop, he didn’t push him away, he just stood there like a statue. The perfect image of pure Vulcan composure.

Jim turned away before their lips met. “I can’t do this,” he muttered.

Sighing, he let himself fall back down on the bed.

“You don’t remember, do you?” he asked an exasperatingly quiet Spock; “The way you feel about me? The way you used to feel…”

His voice trailed off and the rest of his words got stuck in his throat, but he caught himself before crumbling to pieces. He buried his head in his hands and waited for Spock to leave; it would be easier for both of them that way. But a few moments later he felt the weight of his bondmate sitting on the bed beside him and he looked up. Of course, Spock had never been one for the easy way out.

“I remember you wearing something similar to this on Milika III,” Spock said matter-of-factly, nodding towards Jim’s outfit.

For a moment the Human was utterly taken aback. He had been expecting to hear many things… but that was certainly not one of them. He frowned, trying to grasp what Spock was telling him. And then it came back to him: a blur of faces and places and a burgundy red outfit.

“Yes,” he gasped, probing his memory for more details; “Yes. The undercover mission on Milika III.”

Shaking his head, he stared at his partner with renewed awe. Spock wore his usual mask of sternness but beneath it, he looked lost and confused. There was something heartbreaking about the way he soundlessly stared back at Jim, weak and vulnerable underneath his cloak of emotionless silence.

“Spock, that was twenty years ago,” Jim said as he shook his head disbelievingly.

The Vulcan remained still, brown eyes locked on hazel ones, and Jim Kirk knew in that moment exactly what he had to do. He was going to wait. He realized Spock hadn’t forgotten his feelings for him: they were simply trapped inside the web of contradictions he carried inside him. He was stuck twenty years ago, back when his most profound beliefs constantly challenged his feelings. But he remembered: and that was all that mattered. Jim would wait as long as it took. Unlike the first time -when he had allowed himself to drown in self-pity and let go of everything he held dear- he would stand by Spock’s side and wait. And when you’re ready, I’ll be here; I’ll help you through it all. This time, he wouldn’t give up on him. And if they never recovered from this one, so be it. It had been Spock and him for two decades; it would be Spock and him from now on and until forever, even if the Vulcan never came to terms with his emotions. I won’t give up on you. Not this time. The silence lingered between them for a moment too long. Jim cleared his throat.

“Well, I suppose the sight must’ve been a lot prettier back then,” he said, looking down at his outfit in a pitiful attempt at humor.

“I had not noticed,” Spock replied, raising an eyebrow.

Is he…? Could he be flirting? Jim’s eyebrows raised and he tilted his head to the side.

“Oh really?” he grinned, already feeling much more comfortable; “How do you I look then?”

“Damn good,” Spock said, in his most perfectly controlled utterly impassive voice.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A birthday present for our dearest Captain, plaidshirtjimkirk. You’re the best, tumblr best friend for life! <33 

I teamed up with the one and only spockshair, and guess what happened? THIS WONDERFUL PIECE OF ART (click)

+ AO3 link

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hmmm allright then for Jily: hmmmmm well if we can include characters from the Marauders? how about James and Lilly are trying to have some lovely cuddle time late at night in the common room (or in James's bed? IDK) but Sirius keeps on bothering them because he thinks its hilarious. Then Lily takes matters into her own hands and either threatens to curse Sirius or calls Lupin to get rid of him? What d'ya think?

A/N: ahhhhhh thank you so much for sending this prompt!! i’m so sorry it’s taken so long to get to. the prompt is altered just a bit, but, hope you like it! :)

Now, James Potter may not have kissed very many girls in his eighteen years of life – it never really seemed like that much of a priority until somewhat recently, when there were always pranks to pull and mates to cause trouble with – but he liked to think that in the past couple of months, he had gotten rather decent at it.

That, or his girlfriend was lying superbly in a valiant attempt to make him feel better. But, that wasn’t a thought he entertained too often – after all, if he was really that hopeless in the realm of kissing, he’s fairly sure that Lily would have said something by now. Or, you know, stopped pulling him into dark corners to snog. Or, she’d have just outright chucked him by now.

(Yeah, he really hopes that he’s decent at it.)

So when Lily pulls away from him, her brow furrowed like she’s in deep thought – or, to be honest, deeply confused – his heart starts hammering in his chest because, oh Merlin – what if this is it?

(Well, okay, his heart was already hammering a bit from, well, Lily, but those were obviously very different circumstances.)

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Viper - chapter 8

Helga prompted: a pregnancy scare

Her stomach was twisted into knots and she was feeling more nauseated than she had during the past three mornings when she had without fail threw up her breakfast right after eating it.

While she waited, she counted the pills left inside the strip. Teeny, tiny pills, too small to seem to be able to make such a difference, mocking her. There was one too many.
Only one, tiny pill too many.

The consequence however was colossal.

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