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Why does Kerry just fit into Tony's arms so perfectly? I mean, I keep trying to think that their relationship is platonic but damn, they make it hard ...

They do make it hard, don’t they? The little jokes, the lingering looks, the unconscious touching, the way they just light up around each other. They can’t seem to help it. I don’t know why they fit together so perfectly. Like in that snapchat video when she just backs so effortlessly into his embrace. It’s almost as if they do it all the– Nevermind.

Hello, darling! Could you please spare a moment of your time just to read this? It won’t take long.
You’re beautiful. Pretty stunning actually.
Just take that special mix of shades and colours of your eyes for example, it’s absolutely gorgeous and they fit so perfectly together.
And that laugh of yours! It’s so sweet and charming and so completely you. Maybe you don’t particularly like it, but I promise you, the rest of the world does. And If I’m to be completely honest, nobody actually likes their own laugh.
Just continue to smile that wondrous smile of yours, because I swear to you, it makes the world a whole lot better to have you in it.
You are important. You are loved. No matter what you think, someone cares about you.
So, hey, take a deep breath.
Everything will be ok.

Because I hate bragging on my personal social media sites but OH MY GOD UGGGGG HES JUST SO DAMN WONDERFUL and he’s not even a sappy type (think big strong kinda scary and always angry looking dude) but around me in private he’s the sweetest teddy bear ever.
I have heart problems which causes uncomfortable thumping in my chest and sometimes I get extremely dizzy and he loves taking care of me when that happens or when I’m sick. If I get really dizzy while standing, he pulls me in close with his chin resting on the top of my head and with a hand on the back of my head as my face is buried into his chest with my eyes closed as he whispers sweet nothings and things to make me laugh as we wait for the dizziness to go away.
We just fit so perfectly together. We’ve been dating for almost a year and a half but I already know that I’m gonna keep him forever. :)

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Unpopular opinion: Mickey was kind of a jerk and Martha deserved better.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

naaa son let me talk to you about mickey!! mickey started off as a cowardly character LITERALLY clinging to rose, totally unlikeable. But as most companions that spend time with the doctor he changed, he grew as a character. He was no longer that pathetic, weak character we saw in the pilot. Martha had the same character growth in the sense that she started off pining after the doctor, believing she was second best. Then finally realized her worth. Both of their character growth to me is why they fit so perfectly together. That last scene with them two fighting off the sontarans!! how badass were they!! So different to when they first started I love them both and I love them together.


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Can I just say ‘YES’. 

Soulbonds are like the ultimate for me. I know that some people get squicked by the lack of choice in soulbonds, but dear lord, it is the exact opposite for me. I love all that jazz, the fact that two different people are destined for each other, are exact complements, and I absolutely adore the fact that having a destined soulmate implies a certain order and meaning to the universe. I love when things fit together perfectly, even if it doesn’t seem so at first.  

I also love the dichotomy between personal autonomy and codependence in telepathy. I love that so much. Where does one person end and the other begins? There’s this incredible intimacy, and then on the other side of that, you have this need to preserve the self. It’s fascinating and it’s an engaging conflict to read and write. 

I’ve written some telepathic soulbond stuff before, and I just love reading it. It’s fun stuff.  

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so lets discuss phan, how did you start shipping it do you think its canon do you think theyll tell us, explain explain

okay so this might be very long so here goes.

so i started shipping them when i was watching their collabs. they just have that bond and they seem to be so very comfortable around each other, they are literally living together. so of course at first i was like “omg they are so cute together” then when i joined the phandom (but i havent really made friends or contributed anything so) i known that they fit together so perfectly and just seeing them apart is very degrading for me and for them. 

okay regards on the canon thing, i think its not canon yet. we need their heads up on that. but i do have hope that they are canon and i know that someday they will be comfortable enough to tell us about their loveship

I love that the only thing I can think of is you.

I love the way I can smell you on my clothes.

I love the way you say my name.

I love the look that comes across your face when you think.

I love how whenever I see you smile it makes me smile.

I love your sleepy morning face.

I love that my favourite taste is you.

I love the look in your eyes just before you kiss me.

I love the perfection of your face, and how I could never get bored just looking at it.

I love the way I can feel your heart beat when you hold me close.

I love it when you softly run your fingers over me.

I love the way our hands fit so perfectly together.

I love the way I adore you.

I love the way you make me feel nervous, shy, excited, happy and special all at the same time.

I love the fact that I could be falling in love with you.


I love the way you smile, especially when you’re smiling at me.
I love when you lay your head on me, and the way your hair feels when I run my fingers through.
I love that when I look deep into your eyes, I can see you doing the same back to me. I love when we hold hands and just want to trace all the lines and curves.
I love your laugh and how you look when youre laughing, making me forget about every care in the world.
I love how you apologize for everything, even though you never have a thing to be sorry for.
I love the way you slightly slip away into your thoughts, and always come right back to me when you’ve run your mind through your daydream.
I love the way you grab my neck and touch my face when we kiss, trying to pull me closer.
I love the way you kiss me, the way our lips fit together and our tongues meet so perfectly.
I love when you’re not quite sure how to get your thoughts out and you kind of fumble around your words, making the cutest faces while piecing your thoughts together.
I love that your native language is Spanish, I think its sexy and intriguing and I want to understand your thoughts and feelings in the way you were originally taught to think them.
I love your body, how every curve flows perfectly into the next and my hands flow on them so effortlessly.
I love making you feel loved, which is partly why I wrote you this damn essay.

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Here’s my blog rate for good-bye-july as promised, for drawing me this lovely piece here!

url: 7/10 (i’m just picky and like short urls)
icon: 10/10 b/c you are a 10/10
theme: 1000/10 it’s so lovely and peaceful and fits together perfectly!!
sidebar: 10/10 it is simple and adorable with the flowers!!
posts: 9/10 this blog is so peaceful and artistic wow 
compliment: you and your blog are just stunning and i’m really glad i follow it!!!
following: forever 

I want to wake up with my arm wrapped around you, sneaking out of bed to cook you chocolate waffles.
We can walk around in our underwear, and I’ll try my best not to pinch your cute butt.
I want to give you good morning kisses, thank you kisses, neck kisses, CPR kisses, tongue kisses where you make a silly gross look after, goodnight kisses, and surprise kisses.
I want to post pictures of us on dates, everyone on facebook and instagram are going to be jealous of how cute we are.
Ill take you to nice restaurants, or get bored at home and think of some random place to go adventure to.
I want to fall asleep while we’re watching the tv show of the week that you’re obsessed with.
We fit together so perfectly.
Oh baby I know we were made for eachother.
It’ll come, the universe’s timing just isn’t on our side.
We’re not over, its never really over when its true love.

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the 1st time i saw my crush i was flashed bc he was so beautiful. when we talked and also met later i realised that he was perfect, he made me laugh and i was able to talk about everything with him. we fit so perfectly together but it didn't last

why didn’t it last?

tell me about your 1st time you did something!

And I can picture my life with her, living with her, our little place, build up on everything that we share, our bed, our bodies will fit so perfectly together. All I see is Sunday mornings filled with sleepy voices and glowing eyes, drunk kisses, early breakfast and afternoons filled with laughter. All I see is her, here holding my hand.