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hi, I was wondering, what are some of your favorite captain swan au fanfics (multi chapter would be great, but oneshots are good too)? Could you possibly link me some? (I've read all of yours and i figured you might have read some that you like)

Hi Anon!

Here’s a quick list of a few of my all time favorite multichapters: (I tend to read a lot of modern au, apparently)

Until the Fog Lifts by thejeweloftherealm (this is a cursed!killian au and it is beautiful I love it so much)

not a romcom movie by emmaofmisthaven (FAKE DATING LIEUTENANT DUCKLING AU BLESS)

Make Believe by emmasbeanies (this is my absolute favorite modern day lieutenant duckling fic it is the cutest thing ever okay bye)

The Trouble with Faking It by nowforruin (I CRY BECAUSE OF THE SLOW BURN but I love this fic to absolute pieces- I mean, movie star Killian Jones, who doesn’t love that??)

a one time thing (and other untruths) by weezlywrites (one night stand turned pregnancy au that consistently made me cry, and probably will keep making me cry because of the beauty of it all)

The Swan Feather Cloak by thejeweloftherealm (an enchanted forest au that is so beautifully done! this one’s 3 parts, so it’s like a gift that keeps on giving!)

Land Next to Me by swans-and-pirates (a space au that is just blowing my mind at the moment, like seriously how do you talent??)

Breaking the Hinges by piratesails (Amy is the cutest cupcake in the world and I love her writing and this is no exception- such a meet cute!)

And I guess you could check my fic rec tag for oneshots and the like! <3

Outdoor dates with Michael would be the cutest thing ever. You two would go to a meadow that you used to play tag at when you were 5, the meadow you kissed at when you were 14 and he was 15. You two would lay under the stars there and talk about how you were scared of the future to come and you you couldn’t imagine being without him. But in the daytime as his girlfriend you would lean against his chest and reread your favorite book and the quotes that gave you chills while he brushed your hair and put pretty daffodils and flowers in your hair and he would chuckle when they fell out and when you got tired of reading your book you would turn to face him and ask if he wanted to play tag despite your guys current ages and you would stand up and poke him and giggle ‘tag you’re it’ and you would just start running until he caught up to you and grabbed your arm and pulled you into him and kissed your lips lightly and mumbled against your lips before reciting, ‘tag you’re it’ with the sun beating down on you with a shimmering glimmer and the flowers and grass standing tall as you interlocked your fingers with his and pecked him three more times and wrapping your arms around his neck and making out right then and there.

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14. What is the cutest thing your character has ever done? (He's a whelp. Nix can't help but seeing him as cute. I'm sorry.)

That he’s done in a thread so far? I would say trying to drain Khai (silvertonguedaggermaw) of his mana through his boot and failing, then whining about it with big whelp eyes cause it is not working.

Something he has done off screen though is sleep with the eggs, curled up on top of one. He also kicks in his sleep when he dreams.

Sharkaroo Week- Day 4

Again posting this super late, sorry!

So, favorite Sharkaroo moment, ahh there’s so many to chose from how am I going to pick!!

Okay, I tried really really hard to narrow it down but I couldn’t get it down any further than these.  You are being warned, this is kind of long, I have 5 gifs and a video! Credit to who ever made these gifs and posted the video (sorry i didn’t save names so i don’t know who did what)

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that photo of you in the purple shirt is the cutest freakin thing I've ever seen in my life I can die happy now

I still have that shirt somewhere. I’m wearing it in the first video on my YouTube channel.