choi seunghyun and his cute facial expression (especially his kitten lips) is so distracting (>д<)


sooo i was tagged by ayarambles (thanks and omgg u are so pretty!!) for the 20 beautiful ppl challenge and i actually took selfies today bc i tried to put dresses on so u have a good timing haha;;

okay now for tagging,, u dont have to do it if u dont want to!! shiroyoh portgas-dee-ace kaizokuz yowahoshihime kemeyeo donquixotecorazson owldieeule mushyichhi

I love the stydia fandom so much. Like, one picture of our otp standing next to each other is enough to get everyone excited and fangirling. We enjoy the small things in life and I think that’s beautiful.


hey so if yr like me and have thick thighs and are used to suffering through chub rub in the summer have i got news for ya

these things called undersummers are the bomb, they’re lil shorts that keep yr thighmeats safe

they come in cute lacy designs or just basic shorts but they all look cute under skirts, they’re super thin and breathable so you barely even remember they’re there

these were a lifesaver when i went to florida and walked around disney world in 80+ degree weather!! they make good pajama bottoms too