a “i’m sick of living in my shitty shared flat so can you pretend to be my boyfriend even though i met you five minutes ago so i can get a let on this new place instead” plot where muse a and muse b meet at a coffee shop and proceed to fake a relationship in order to get a lease on a new apartment. include several ridiculous scenarios as they attempt to prove their “relationship”. in the end they move in together and it’s a backwards slow burn with getting to know each other over sorting out who does the groceries and losing the spare keys and making up anniversary dates and faking couple photographs and stories and then slowly falling for one another ( like to plot! )


There’s something different about Matt Murdock. What I love about ‘Daredevil’ is that his seemingly great weakness is his great strength, you know. So he’s unique in that way and that’s what I think - it’s one of the things that makes him such a beloved character and so interesting. (x)


hey so if yr like me and have thick thighs and are used to suffering through chub rub in the summer have i got news for ya

these things called undersummers are the bomb, they’re lil shorts that keep yr thighmeats safe

they come in cute lacy designs or just basic shorts but they all look cute under skirts, they’re super thin and breathable so you barely even remember they’re there

these were a lifesaver when i went to florida and walked around disney world in 80+ degree weather!! they make good pajama bottoms too


S I S T E R S (✿◠‿◠)