Hmm, wonder how i’ll make my readers cry today…
—  Probably Sarah J. Maas every time she’s writing a new book. She’s probably sitting there on her chair, fingers drumming on the keyboard, with a small grin on her face. Yeah, she’s the face of evil. But we love her anyways. 

DCC Fun fact: Chris’s buddies(aka, Dumb and Dumber) started the DCC off, apparently, by mocking everyone they saw. As the negative and judgey butt-faces that they are.

Better Fun Fact: Chris ditched them pretty much immediately, given this attitude of theirs. (YUSS)

Fun Fact: In the panel for Olivia, Marcelline’s voice actress, Dumb actually CRITICIZED her singing voice when she did “Just your problem” for the audience (”Doesn’t sound as good as in the show!/Doesn’t have the tuning editing/whatever”)

Better Fun Fact: Chris was totally pissed off by this

Best Fun Fact: They annoy him so much I am laughing.

Problems with falling in love with a shitty series

1) The best characters will never be written enough about, or written well enough.

2) The love plotlines will be crappy in one aspect or another. But whatever the aspect, rest assured, they will be crappy.

3) Somehow you read/watch it all anyways and because of that one character,  who is a gold mine of feels and mystery and goodness knows what. And then in the end your character gets forgotten or mistreated or swallowed in some godforsaken plot hole.