they're so cute it's disgusting


"i was thinking about what i would do if joe didn’t have a father and if we didn’t have… each other. and i realized that if we could get through this, we could probably get through anything."

“what’s going on?”

wargladies asked:

vala/rannva (i'm gonna send like ten of these sorry)

  • Who’s the messiest one: Rannva. She leaves stuff everywhere, scraps of material and sketches and worst of all PINS. She’s really bad at picking up after herself, and tends to have a pretty short attention span on projects so there’s like, fifteen half-finished bits of this and that all over her house. Also she tries on fifteen outfits before leaving the house and never picks any of the rejects up. Oops. Vala doesn’t really own that much stuff, and learned as a traveler that it was always smartest to keep your things ready to go at any moment, and in a confined area.
  • Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA: They’re both pretty cool with pda, but I feel like Vala’s more… cautious? She doesn’t want to overstep her bounds. And Rannva starts out pretty shy. But once they get clear on everything, they’re both big on wandering around holding hands and being adorable.
  • Who’s the funniest drunk: Rannva, because it’s just, like, unexpected? She goes from the shyest person in the room to everyone’s best friend, loud laughing and trying to get everyone to dance on tables with her. Drunk!Vala has a lot of feelings which is also kind of entertaining for everyone.
  • Who texts the most: If phones were an option, Rannva would totally be a texter, wanting to share every dumb thought that entered her mind. They would probably be one of those gross couples who’re very into their good morning/night texts, and has all kinds of sickly sweet inside jokes that make anyone who looks at their phones kind of want to puke.
  • Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Vala likes really corny love songs. So there’s that.
  • Who reads the most: Rannva, probably. She’s always liked reading tales of adventure, brave knights and all that. Vala’s usually kind of busy, and books aren’t so easy to come by in the middle of nowhere. But when they’re hanging out together, Rannva likes to convince Vala to read to her; she has a great voice for it.
  • Who’s better with kids: Neither has much experience with kids, but I think Vala probably likes them more, though she is kind of intimidating initially. She makes up for it by being a sweetheart and letting them touch her scars, though. Rannva’s never really been around kids and doesn’t know what to do with them? They’re cute and all, but like, are you supposed to talk to it like it’s a person? Pet it like it’s a cat?
  • Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: Vala. One of her first attempts at winning Rannva’s affection was offering to fix her roof for her. (It was super awkward and involved her going ‘not that you couldn’t do it yourself i’m sure you’re very capable and it’s a lovely roof but if it ever needed fixing—’ and then Erlen drug her away and Vala spent the rest of the day getting very drunk and being very embarrassed.)
  • Who’s got the weirdest hobby: I mean Rannva sometimes makes dresses out of leftover warg-bits when they’ve been on the road and she’s got nothing else to work with, so. Improvising clothing making materials is sort of a hobby of hers, and it’s kind of odd??
  • Who cooks and who cleans up: They split both. They’re from different parts of the world and their foods are super different, and I think they both really like sharing their things with each other? Rannva makes Broadbeam food and Rannva makes Stonefoot foods and then they combine them into weird wonderful new things. Vala’s more likely to finish the cleanup process though, because Rannva’ll get distracted halfway through.

hair update: I re-dyed it this more blue based purple and I’m very happy with the result! also my baby dreads are coming along quite nicely 💜