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Cutler according to character tropes

for you, love ; a scott/isaac playlist

for you, love - frida sundemo // baby blue - king krule // whatever hurts you through the night - glasvegas // hearts beat loud - keegan dewitt // a new life - jim james // my kind of love - emeli sandé // my lighthouse - villagers // i’m losing myself (feat. ed droste) - robin pecknold // can’t live with the world - laura mvula // my favourite book - stars // i need you - m83 // hearts a mess - gotye


They always knew he was a little strange, and they never quite believed the stories: that an old enemy of their step father’s broke into their home at night and killed their parents. They both knew, and neither put up a fight when he was taken from their foster home and put in a boy’s correctional facility. Nearly twenty years later, he’s back in their lives, along with tales of a sociopathic killer on the streets. It’s up to them to decide: does blood really run thicker than water?



Overprotective brother

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the good news is, i’ve been into yodelin’ lately. the better news is, we’re all into yodelin’ now.

headcanon that Caine just cannot get the hang of personal boundaries