Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life


kay re-watches teen wolf

   ↳ “She wouldn’t be the town whack-job if it wasn’t for us.”

Crete’s walls doesn’t hold only the Minotaur as prisoner

  • Nash Grier:*stabs someone in the eyes*
  • Nash Grier:I'm sorry I was in a bad place
  • Fans:lol it ok

I find it surprising that people are claiming that Orihime protecting Ichigo in the latest chapter wasn’t a big deal; or that Ichihime shippers have no right to fangirl about it, because it should be obvious that Orihime would protect Ichigo. 

Is it obvious, though? Really? Because a large portion of the fanbase, specifically those that are against the Ichihime pairing, have been insisting for years that Orihime becomes weak, helpless and passive in Ichigo’s presence, that she wants to be saved/rescued by him. People insisted this, and chose to ignore the many occasions where Orihime said she wanted to protect Ichigo, the many occasions she said she hates being helpless/weak; and they continued to insist this, despite all the development Orihime has had following the HM arc.

So if I’m to read this right: to some fans, Orihime becomes passive and helpless around Ichigo. But now that she shields him from an attack, it’s not a big deal, and it was obvious that she would do so?

Clearly there’s a lack of congruence in these statements.

Ichihime shippers have every right to fangirl about Orihime protecting Ichigo because when one half of your OTP protects the other half, of course shippers are going to fangirl! But we have even more reason to fangirl when an argument against the ship is completely disproved. 

And this is a big deal, because this is a positive change to their dynamic. Previously, Orihime has been saved/protected countless times by Ichigo; now it’s her turn to protect him. Whether or not you like the ship, you can’t argue against such obvious development.


The Bishop -

The Bishop can only move diagonally, but as long or as far as is needed. There are King’s Bishops and Queen’s Bishops, loyalty based on which side of the board they sit. The Bishop’s access is limited to only half of the squares on the board, which makes less experienced players regard the Bishop with less respect. However, a more sophisticated understanding of the game allows players to see the true power of the Bishop. When Bishops work together, they are incredibly powerful. They begin the game intensely vulnerable, but the closer and closer it grows to endgame, the stronger the Bishop becomes.

the arguments that the white/male superheroes are more popular and that’s why they’re getting movies is so ridiculous to me because of course they’re going to be more popular, they’re the only ones getting movies

is exasperated and worn out