Those Drama CD of Free!ES gives me strength

I’m literally sitting here laughing my butt off over Makoto and Rin and gods NAGISA!!!

Gods the Ambush Haru, Samezuka Stag Beetle,and RinMako Neko ones are my favorites!

Gahhh Makoto you were so close to kissing Haru!

Oh gods the Samezuka OT4 is strong in this one! and the Sourin

Ahhh RinRin I knew you and Makoto were secretly Sailor Scouts! =D

Perfection! Great way to ease us through the crushing angst that is Free!ES tomorrow ;A;

I just hope Rin thank you Makoto for giving him the heads up will help Haru when they go to Australia ;w;

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Will you tell us the story of you and Chris????? I'm so curious about how you met and who he is bc he makes you so happy and it's so cute

ugh ugh ugh 

he remembers a lot of the little details way better than me. 

but i was really good friends with his (at the time) best friend’s girlfriend and i still am, and i guess they were high one night and looking at my profile pictures but i dont think chris thought anything of me at that point? (i could be wrong) and i had like just broken up with someone but i dont even count us as dating because i was like 15/just turned 16 so i was totally a child. And like we talked on facebook a few times and I had seen him around school, and i cant remember exactly what order the following things happened because they were all so close together but he met me in the library one day and said he liked my glasses and i was like “oh thanks theyre prescription” and then i was like wow shit did i just say that im fucking lame and i would like see him in the hall and he would make silly faces at me and he’d sneak out of class to come to my forensics one and hangout with me and we had like a dumb bowling for forensics fundraiser and im pretty sure thats the first day i met him i dunno. i honestly cant remember the order they were all so close. and i think it was the night after that fundraiser or before forensics state that he came to my friend katie’s house and we hungout and kissed a whole lot and he asked me to be his girlfriend and then he had to go home and he got pissed and it was just super cute. 

but i was 16, yanno? 

so we fought a lot about dumb stuff and i was super immature about handling things and i had a lot of personal problems to deal with that i put on him and he just couldnt help me with them. and that is in no way his fault at all because you cannot expect someone to love you enough for the both of you? like you have to love and respect yourself. and i just didnt. and that caused a lot of problems that were so unecessary. 

and we broke up like twice because of it and he just felt like everything he did didnt make me happy and i felt the same like we were not making each other happy and being in a relationship was work. like, super difficult work and it did not make any sense for two people to stay together if they were not happy. 

but the first time we broke up it lasted like a day and then he came over and we talked and cried a lot because like it was only a day and we fucking missed each other so much like it was ridiculous. but then we broke up again a few months before graduation because it was just too stressful.

so then chris graduated and went to KU for a year. and then he dropped out and moved to virginia with his parents and thats where he now currently lives but he’s most likely *HOPEFULLY* moving back to lawrence within the next year or so, but for the time being we’ll be visiting each other a lot.

ANYWAY i was super strung out about this guy, like i was fucking crazy about him but i figured it would fade out and i would just find someone else after it hurting for awhile. but it didnt. and like it was always ALWAYS in the back of my mind and it just made me feel empty and i was destructive and awful and i did a lot of bad things to myself, and then i got over it, and started to eat right and be happy with myself and just be positive and TRY 

and then i saw him a few times just around, because we have a lot of similar friends. and it was just hard. 

and then he added me on facebook and twitter and honestly i did keep tabs because i just missed him. but i wasnt ever thinking being together again would happen. and we talked a few times but like, nothing that was really anything. 

on the 4th of july this year i was completely wasted and i texted him saying “i think we should talk” 

and then i was so nervous when he responded i was just like “oh yeah i was just wondering how you were blah blah blah” and it sucked. like it hurt so much to talk to him and see what he was doing and pretend i wasnt still in love with him and just, ugh. 

It never left. The feeling of loving him never ever EVER left and i cant explain it. 

And maybe a week ago he asked for my number, and we started talking all day, and skyping and calling each other and i mean..

Last night on skype he looked at me and said “So, I’m madly in love with you and never havent been.” 

And i havent stopped smiling since. He is the only person for me and that’s so so so soooooo clear. I love everything about him. everything! And i never get bored! Like every single day i fall in love with him again and i just keep discovering things I love about him. And I respect him so much as a person and care about him so deeply, i would do anything for him. And I’m just so so so so happy. He and I havent stopped smiling (: And thats all that matters!

I hope this jumbled mess made some kind of sense!

The Right to my Wrong (part 2)

Part 1 here

(just as a side note: this is my first fanfic, and I would like to keep it up to the imagination of the reader to decide what happens during sexual scenes for now. I hope you respect that and enjoy. Thank you!)

"You what Zach?! Spit it out! Please!"

"I think.. I think.. I need some air," Zach said and starting walking towards the door. 

Frankie ran in front of him and and stood between him and door. Their faces were so close that their noses were touching.

"Zach, I know what you are thinking," Frankie said in a whisper.

Zach looked him in the eyes. “You can’t read my mind Frankie.”

Frankie looked him dead in the eyes. “Yeah I can.”

Zach looked at Frankie’s lips.

"Prove it."

Frankie’s heart started to beat like crazy. His hands were shaking as he put them around Zach’s face. He had been waiting for so long for this moment.

He moved his lips ever so slowly towards Zach’s, giving him every chance to back away.

Then, their lips were so close together, Frankie could hear and feel Zach’s breath, and that his heart was beating just as fast as his was.

So he went for it.

When there lips touched, it was like fireworks were going off inside Frankie’s head. Lightbulbs were going off like crazy. This was it.

They kissed with lips and a little tongue for a few long seconds, when suddenly Zach backed away.

He smiled at Frankie, put his right hand on Frankie’s right cheek, and with his eyes full with tears said, “Babe, you are a mind reader.”

Frankie then smashed his lips into Zach’s tongue and all. He pushed him towards the bed and down onto it. Zach pushed his fingers through Frankie hair and lifted up his shirt to feel his sweaty chest. Frankie then detached his lips from Zach’s and pulled his shirt off.

"Babe, you turn me on," Zach said a bit out of breath.

"Everything about you turns me on, Zach," Frankie said smiling.

"Oh, fuck, come here," Zach said, pulling Frankie down on top of him.

Frankie then pulled Zach’s shirt off, and started kissing Zach’s neck.

Zach giggled. “I am not going to pretend like I don’t like it this time.”

Frankie stopped and giggled. “Oh, I knew you liked it last time baby, you’re not a very good actor.”

Frankie then started making his way down Zach’s chest, planting kisses all the way down.

Frankie then undid Zach’s pants. He then looked up at Zach as if asking permission. Zach nodded his head, before leaning it back.

The next three minutes, the only sound in the room was Zach moaning as he pulled on Frankie’s hair.

Then suddenly he told Frankie to stop. Frankie was worried for a second until Zach pulled him up so their noses were touching. Then without saying a word, he undid Frankie’s pants.

Frankie then proceeded to flip Zach on top of him. Zach’s naked body on top of him felt more right than anything he’d ever experienced in his life. Then a sudden fear popped into his head.


"What is it babe?"

"You’re not going to regret this in the morning are you? You don’t feel like you’re making the wrong decision?"

"Like I said Frankie, you are the only thing that is right. And being right here with you, the most amazing guy I’ve ever meet underneath me, this is no where near wrong. I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I can feel it."

Frankie, almost crying, slammed his lips once more into Zach’s.

The following minutes continued to get more and more intense. Zach could not keep his hands off Frankie and Frankie could not keep his hands off Zach.

It was only a matter of minutes before they both had came.

"My god, you’re so fucking hot," Frankie said, who was now laying on top of Zach.

"You’re a fucking god Frankie Grande," Zach said still out of breath.

They laid there in silence for a few minutes.

Then Frankie flopped over onto the empty side of the bed.

He looked up at the ceiling and said, “Just so you know Zach, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you. I think you’re perfect.”

Zach then leaned over and kissed Frankie’s chest.

When he didn’t say anything, Frankie stood up, through on some pajama bottoms and said, “I’m going to go brush my teeth. Apparently it was later than I thought.”

"Okay babe," Zach said, and then flopped onto his side.


When Frankie returned from the bathroom, Zach was sound asleep on the bed with boxer shorts on.

So Frankie climbed into the other side of the bed, covered Zach with the blankets, and kissed him on the cheek. Zach didn’t even flinch so he knew he was asleep.

He then looked at Zach laying there and whispered, “I finally found you. And my god, am I ever in love with you.”

Then Frankie fell fast asleep with a smile on his face.


Frankie woke up to an extremely bright room. He flipped over, and saw that the bed was empty next to him.

He ran out into the kitchen to see all the rest of the jurors eating breakfast.

He sat down in the empty seat next to Zach. He turned and smiled at him. Zach then stared Frankie directly in the eyes, then stood up and yelled throwing his spoon down on the table,

"I can’t fucking take this anymore!!"

to be continued…

 sorry for the late posting!!!

Imagine #40

Character: Newt

Rating: K

Words: 1,127

Warning: Spoilers for TDC I guess. 

A/N: Original, and I have to say that I cried my ass off as I wrote this, just imagining everything— I can’t! I’m just gonna be over here in a corner…crying my eyes out. 


You were sitting on one of the old couches in the Berg. Jorge, Brenda, Minho, and Thomas had left to go into Denver. Everyone thought it’d be good if someone stayed with Newt seeing as you couldn’t bring him into the city. Of course all eyes landed on you, since you and Newt…Well let’s just say that you two were close. 

So here you were, sitting alone on the couch looking at the cold metal surroundings of the aircraft. The hum of the internal ship could be heard, it reminded you of the sound a fridge made in an old house. 

When they told you to stay, you contemplated whether or not it was even a good idea. You and Newt have grown apart in the last couple of days, ever since you found out he wasn’t immune. You assumed it was because he didn’t want to hurt you more than you’ve been hurt already. You didn’t want to stay with him because you were also scared of hurting him. You didn’t want him to be around you when you knew you’d be treating any time you had left with him like it was your last. 

The sound of light footsteps clouded your train of thought as you looked over and saw him approaching. He stood there silently looking down at you. You’ve been on the ship for a good hour and a half and he hadn’t said a single thing to you, until now. 

"This seat taken love?" He asked in that tone. The tone he had when there was something bothering him, when something clearly wasn’t right. You shook your head and let him sit down on the other end of the couch. You had your knees up, arms wrapped around them. When he sat down he looked at them and sighed. 

"What?" You asked confused. 

"There something botherin’ you?" He asked. You scrunched your eyebrows together, then he pointed at your knees. "You only sit like that when you’re thinking too hard about something." You blush a bit before changing your position to cross your legs. "Something botherin’ you?" He repeated his question from earlier. 

"Of course something is bothering me." You said, voice cracking as you spoke. You hadn’t said a thing in hours and it came out strangled. "You’re going to die." You couldn’t help but let a tear drop from your eyes and travel down your cheek. 

Newt moved you in an instant so that you were straddling him, one leg on either side of his hips. He looked up into your eyes as you had yours closed. 

"Look at me." He demanded. You shook your head, scared that if you did look at him…it would be the last time. "Please look at me.” He begged. You slowly opened your eyes and laid your orbs on his. “I’m gonna be just fine. If I die or not.” He said. “And if I do, I’ll be okay with it. You know why?” He asked. 

"Why?" You asked. 

"Because I got to be with you." He said. You let another tear fall before capturing his lips with yours. You poured as much love and passion into the kiss as you could. Then you reminded yourself…

Don’t act like you’ll never see him again. 

You pulled back and muttered a sorry of some sorts. He chuckled and moved a piece of hair to behind your ear, his soft hand coming back up to rub at your cheek. 

"Okay, enough sappy klunk, I can’t stand it." He said as he changed the subject. "I don’t think I ever got the chance to tell you what I had planned after we left the Glade. You know ever since I met you I told myself I’d get us out of there? I told myself that after we’ve left we’d escape these shuck people who’ve locked us up and I’d bring you with me." 

"You thought about that?" You asked with a weak smile. 

"I did, yeah." He smile seemed to grow as he saw yours appear. "You know what else I’ve thought about?" 

"Please don’t say a family." You scoffed. 

"Why not!" He said in a playful tone. "We could have hundreds of children. Don’t tell me you’ve never thought of it too."

"I have, and it would’ve been the most amazing thing." 

"It will be the most amazing thing. I’m not gone yet love.” He said. He held your hands out, looking down at both and intertwining your fingers while rubbing the backs of your hands with his thumb. “I think I want at least one boy. Name him Alby.” 

"Alright, Alby it is." You smiled, watching his face as he gazed at your hands. "And I think we’d live in a small house. Something not to elegant, somewhere with a big yard where Alby and Amber can play."

Amber?” He asked, looking up at you with a coy smile. 

"Amber, our daughter." You laughed lightly, feeling a small blush creep onto your cheeks. 

"I like that, Amber, it’s beautiful just like you." He leaned up and kissed you hard on the mouth.

"We’d have the Glader’s over often…for birthdays and other celebrations… like the day we left the maze." You continued, closing your eyes as you imagined it. 

"And the wedding…" Newt finished. 

"Who’s wedding?" You asked. 

"Ours of course, we’ve got to be a real family. I’m not skipping any of the good parts." He laughed. 

"Our wedding…I can’t wait to see you standing there at the end of the isle." You continued to imagine. 

"And your gorgeous dress. I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to see you in a dress after that.” He laughed. You finally opened your eyes and looked down at him. 

The way he was right now, the way he smiled at you and the gleam in his eyes…you were gonna miss this. Your smile quickly faded, and visions of what was destined to happen trailed back into your head. 

"I love you." He said, the same look on his face now. 

"I love you.” You said, another tear falling down your cheek. 

"And I love Amber…and Alby…" He trailed off. "I’m sorry." He said, his voice cracked this time, and he closed his eyes. He leaned his head down and you cradled it in front of you. 

"Yeah me too… When…When did everything get so shucked?" You asked to no one in particular. 

Chapter Twenty-Three

Chapter Twenty-Three.


Everybody in the club scrambled around and out the club. The dancers took cover under tables or backstage. Shots continued to ring out through the club.

Omar stopped shooting to grab hold of Justice. A warm feeling trickled down my thigh. I looked down to see a whole in my shirt with blood coming from it. We were so close to door. I felt Ace wrapping my arm around his neck and rushing out.

“Justice! We got to get Justice!”

“It’s over Adonis. He got his daughter back. Let it go. The missions done.” He replied taking me outside to the car.

I didn’t give a fuck, the mission wasn’t over. This is exactly what the fuck Omar wants. Omar wants me dead but fuck that. Over my damn dead body.

I’m not going out without a fucking fight. I snatched away from Ace regaining my strength and balance as much as I could before running back in there. When I walked back in the club was clear. It was a standoff between Mike, Omar, and Justice.

“Justice. Come on!”


“You are coming home with me now!”


“Why not? They brainwashed you didn’t they?”

“No. I need to know why I was taken in the first place! Dad they are saying you are to blame. What did you do?”

“Just come home. None of that matters, now.”

“Yes it does! It’s my life that is hanging in the balance apparently. Just tell me what did you do?”

“Justice. Just come home!”


I’m guessing even though Justice hadn’t been home in months, Omar didn’t like the fact his baby girl was yelling at him. Omar stepped closer to Justice while she kept taking a step back.

“Lets. Go. NOW!”

“Omar! She made her decision. Let her go.” I said smirking while holding my side.

“Ah. He bleeds.”

“Fuck you.” I spat at him.

“The almighty Adonis looks hurt Mike. You think we should end it for him now?” Omar questioned looking over at Mike.

Mike smirked cocking his gun and aiming at me. All I could do was smile. This nigga actually think I don’t recognize his face, what makes this shit even more funny is he thinks I’m scared of his gun. I stood there laughing my ass off right in their faces.

“What up Mike? It’s been a minute. I haven’t seen you in a long while my nigga.” I said looking at him.

“Shut up before I-“

“Before you what? Nigga you ain’t going to shoot me. You don’t think I know your background huh? Oh. I did my research. You haven’t shot anyway ever since you shot that little kid seven years ago. “ I smiled.

“Shut up.” Mike said looking at me. I could see the shame and guilt in his eyes.

“Justice just come on.” Omar said to Justice.

“I’ll come just tell me Dad.” Justice said looking straight at her father. I made sure to keep Mike bitch ass occupied.

Maybe that gave me and Justice enough time to walk up out this bitch. The way things are going Mike and Omar might walk out of this bitch first since Justice doesn’t look like she is going anywhere with her father.

Her father is a big pussy anyway, he can just tell her but since he won’t it looks like I just might have to. Maybe. I turned my attention back to Mike whose was having a shaky hand while he held his gun.

“That little boy ain’t do shit to you Mike and you go and shoot him. I mean damn. Was you that stressed? Was you drunk? That’s it. You was drunk huh?”

“Shut up! I was getting over a hangover!”

“The worst part was you blamed it some gang banger.”

“He was going to be put in jail anyway!”

“Tsk Tsk Tsk. Mike, can you even call yourself a fucking cop. Fucking sttippers, killing kids.”

“Mike don’t listen to him. Justice COME HOME!” Omar yelled.

“No.” Justice replied standing next to me.

“Omar. We will try again let’s go.” Mike said walking out. I forced a smile out trying my best not to pass out.

“I’m coming back for you Justice whether you like it or not.” Omar walked out after Mike.

I could feel my strength weakening even morning. When I looked down I could see my whole hand painted in my blood.

“Adonis, we have to take you to the hospital.”

“Take me to my brothers.” I ordered. I could tell Justice wanted to say something but I gave her a look telling her to do exactly what the fuck I said. Justice threw my arm around my shoulder. I felt my other being thrown over someone shoulder, I looked up to see Ace helping. Amir held the backdoor open.

“How long have you been-“

“The whole time. We weren’t going to let you go back in alone man.” Ace said helping to the car.

“For a second I thought, I was an only child.” I said with a chuckle.

“Even when this nigga dying he got jokes.” Amir laughed opening up the car door letting me in the back seat.

I layed back in the seat starting to laugh but that soon ended with a cough. Justice got in the back seat with me while by brothers got in the front pulling off.

Justice ripped her shirt, grabbed an old water bottle, and then poured water on the ripped shirt. She moved my hand and pressed the shirt on my wound.

I hissed in pain and closed my eyes. I heard her rip her shirt again and she did the same thing but this time put the rag on my head.

“Hold on Adonis. We aren’t taking him to the hospital he lost some blood.” Justice said quietly.

“Nah. We going to remove the bullet and then his ass going to lay the fuck down.”

“Yeah, we been here before.”

“Alright…………as long as he is okay.”

Justice probably don’t think anyone heard that, however I did. I was too sleepy to even handle the shit she was talking about.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride trying not to bleed to death. That was until I felt a stinging sensation on my damn face. I shot my eyes open and looked around.

“Keep your eyes open play boy.” Ace said laughing.

“Nigga I will come from this damn backseat.”

“Nigga I ain’t scared of you shot ass nigga. You ain’t going to come from the backseat doe.”

I was just about to get up when Justice put her hand on my shoulder pushing me back down. I wanted to go off on her for touching me but we were already pulling up to our house.

Everyone got out helping into the basement of the house. I laid on the bed, taking the ripped up piece of shirt away from my side. Amir rolled a cart over with sterilized implements and a bowl of water. Ace threw me a towel and I immediately knew what to do.

“What are you doing?” Justice said standing in the corner.


I bit down on the towel watching Amir grab the tweezers from the cart. Ace poured alcohol on my wound causing me to bite down hard. The shit stung like hell but anything to not go in the hospital.

“Justice I need you to dip that rag in water and put it on his head. Don’t be scary.” Amir said with a bit of annoyance. Justice did what she was told putting my head in her lap.

I hope this shit is quick. I’m tired as fuck.


Adonis screamed and bit on the towel as I dug getting the bullet out of his side. The bullet wasn’t fully in his body but it did seem like it didn’t want to come out.

“Hold on Adonis.” I said wiping sweat from my brow. I grabbed at the bullet one more time and pulled it out of his body.

I covered his wound with a towel trying to stop the bleeding. Ace handed me the needle and thread prepping me for the next part.

When I looked up at Adonis his eyes were shut his body was relaxed it seemed as though he had passed out from the pain. I checked his pulse to make sure Adonis was still alive which he was and then proceeded with threading his wound together.

It was good he was asleep I don’t have to deal with all that screaming and I could concentrate. Once I finished I poured more alcohol on it then taped a gauze onto his wound.

“He should be good. He just can’t move. Justice stay with him. If he need anything go get it. I’ll be right back let me wash my hands. “I said getting up and walking out. Ace walked out behind me with a cart of all the implements so he could clean them off.

I found it funny that I was always the one to be the doctor. Adonis and mama were the ones who pushed me to look that shit up. Lucky for them I found that shit fascinating and operated on animals or Adonis would be out of luck.

You would think Adonis would just go into the hospital but he always said the type of job we do and the type of life we live he wanted to leave no evidence, not even the fact any of us were in the hospital unless it was a true emergency but knowing Adonis and his stubborn ass he would rather die than to let them, in his terms, “win.”

I chuckled at my thoughts washing my hands and made my way back to Adonis to see if he was awake. When I got to the door I stopped in my tracks and listen closely through the cracked door.

“You really want to know what happened.” Adonis said weakly.

“Please.” Justice replied begging a little.

“Where did you want me to start?”

“The beginning.”

I knew it was coming to the time he told. I remembered like that shit was yesterday. Adonis started to tell the truth and I could feel my anger rising.


It was about ten years ago. My brothers and I were in Adonis room playing games. Our parents walked out the room, it seemed more like our mom was following our dad trying to tell him something but he didn’t want to hear it of course.

“Michael. Don’t go to her.”

“She needs me.”  

“No she doesn’t.”

“And, I’m going Danielle.”


“I said ENOUGH! Cook dinner and shut the fuck up.” He said with threat in his voice. We could hear our mom suck her teeth and walk to her room slamming the door. Our dad opened the door and looked at all of us.

“Take care of your mom. I’ll be back.”

“Dad where you going?” Ace asked.

“Mind your business boy.” He snapped back. Of course we tried not to laugh but we laughed anyway. Ace glared at us throwing a controller but missing.

“Aye. I’m not made of money, like I said take care of your mom. I’ll be back.” With that he closed the door behind him.

“He not doing this shit again. I’m going to follow him this time.” Adonis said getting up.

“Nigga are you crazy.”

“No. I want to know what the fuck he hiding. Are y’all in or out?”

“I’m in.” we chimed in.

“One of y’all got to stay.”

“I’ll stay.” Ace said.

“Alright, come on. Amir.” Adonis said nudging me. We hurried quickly and quietly out the house and to our bikes. We hopped on and followed our dad, not to close of course, we didn’t want to get caught.

After about forty five minutes of following him. He pulled up to a warehouse. Our dad got out looking around and then went in.

There were crates and boxes everywhere so we hid our bikes by the some crates and snuck in hiding behind tins. We kept quiet so we could hear him.

When we peeked from behind the tins we saw our dad approaching a woman lying on a mattress. He went over and shook the mattress.

“Michelle, get up.”

“M-Michael. Wha-what are you doing here?” she said waking up.

“I’m here to clean you up. Come on.”

“No. I’m fine.”

“Michelle, you call this fine! You are fucking high laying on a damn mattress in a warehouse! Come with me!”



“I can’t…I can’t go back there.”

“Michelle you left a beautiful daughter and a husband who loves you at fucking home for this shit!?!”

“You don’t know!”

“I do know! You think Justice is going to care what you look like! As long as she has her mother home that’s all she will be happy about.”

“I can’t Michael.” She said rocking with tears streaming down her face, “what about Big Red? I…I owe him.”

“I’ll handle him. I can’t let you keep doing this shit. I’ve known you too long, just come on. Michelle, please. Come with me and I will take care of you. Get you right.” He said sitting next to her. Just then an officer walked in. We hid a little lower so no one could see us.

“Michelle, you left me for this?” He said looking our father and Michelle.

“Omar. No.”

“We have a daughter.”

“Omar it’s not like that.”

“What is he talking about getting your right then?” Omar said pulling out his gun and aiming at Michelle.

“Hey, Omar. It’s not like that man.” Our father injected.

“You shut up. I’ve been following at our department. I know what you do. Just shut up!” He yelled at our father then turned his attention back to Michelle, “You left me for him and now you hopped up on drugs. All these years you been fucking this nigga and just getting high. We have a beautiful daughter at him Michelle.”

“Does she ask for me?” Michelle said with her hands up.

“Not anymore. I told her you were dead. You don’t get it Michelle. I love you. I told you the first time you tried to leave, I’d love you to death. “

Omar cocked his gun and shot Michelle point blank in the head. Our father looked at him with rage in his and lunged toward him before our father couldn’t even make it to him. Omar shot him in the head. He stood over our father and shot him two more times in the head.

“That’ll teach both of you bitches.”

Omar looked around and grabbed his Walkie Talkie and called the two murders in.

‘I heard gun shots. Following the shots. Two victims both dead. One male and one female…prostitute and pimp.’

Me and my brother looked at each other tears stinging the side of our eyes. We never said a one word to each other, we got on our bikes and sped home. We didn’t care that we may have gotten in trouble we just had to tell our mom and Ace what happened.

This is when we knew what we had to do.

End of flashback.

Tears stung my eyes again. That was also the beginning of Zeus but that was just the beginning. I looked through the crack watching Adonis comfort Justice.

Then he did the unspeakable. He pulled Justice tear stained face toward his and kissed her. I could feel the anger rising inside of me and I could feel Zeus coming out.

This bastard fucking betrayed us! He is kissing the blood of the enemy! I clenched my jaw turning around feeling myself fade back and back. Zeus was the one who needed to tell Ace this shit. 

A Little Too Close (Ordinary Heroes x Frozen)

Diana was used to people teasing her and Averia. The fact that they were so close had led to many of the members of their extended family poking fun at them, comparing them to her mother and her Aunt Serah, and her mom and her Aunt Vanille. She actually thought it was kind of funny. Averia could be a little (like a way, way, way) overprotective, and it even gave her a chance to mess with people.

Like the last time her mom had teased her - she’d waited until her mom was walking past the bathroom and then asked, quite loudly, if Averia would mind passing the soap. Of course, Averia wasn’t in the shower with her (Diana wasn’t even taking a shower, just running the water), but that didn’t stop her mom from making a strangled sort of squawking sound and  throwing the door open. It had been so, so worth it, even if she’d had to hide behind her mother for protection.

So when she stumbled into the room that Anna and Elsa shared and found the pair of them on the ground with Elsa’s face buried in Anna’s cleavage, she couldn’t help herself.

"So…" Diana tilted her head to one side. "Apparently, you’re the ones with inappropriately deep fixations on each other." She cackled and raised her voice. "Hey, Averia, come look at this."

"What?" Averia stepped into the room just in time to see Elsa try - and fail - to get off Anna, which only resulted in her reburying her face in Anna’s cleavage while her hands, which had tried to stop her falling, found themselves in entirely inappropriate places. "I see."

Sharing a smirk with Diana, Averia walked over and pulled Elsa off Anna. Then, shooting Elsa a mock glare, she put one arm around Anna. “Don’t worry, I won’t let your big sister do anything weird.”

"But -" Anna spluttered. "We - just - gah!"

Elsa gave Averia a very real glare. “I was trying teach Anna how to waltz. We have an official function coming up in Arendelle during the school holidays that we have to attend. Unfortunately, she tripped over. That’s all that happened.”

"Waltzing?" Diana’s eyes gleamed with mischief. "Is that what they’re calling it now… waltzing."

"Of course it sounds horribly perverted when you say it like that." Elsa was sorely tempted to lob a giant snowball at Diana’s head. Only the knowledge that her sort-of little sister would dodge it stayed her hand. That, and the fact that Lightning would make her clean it up. 

"Oh, I don’t know." Diana pretended to think very hard about something. "I can just imagine poor, innocent, little Anna here asking you for some advice about her love life. Naturally, as the big sister, you’d have to offer to give her a demonstration and - what? Why are you looking at me like that, Averia?"

"That scenario was a little too detailed, Diana." Averia raised one eyebrow. "Do I need to be worried?’

"Worried, about what - no!" Diana grabbed a pillow and hurled it at Averia’s head. To her immense frustration, her sister simply caught it out of the air. Damn Averia’s reflexes! "Weirdo."


"Um, Elsa was really just trying to teach me how to dance." Anna cut in before Diana and Averia could have another one of their ‘disagreements’. "I just tripped over, that’s all. You know how clumsy I can be sometimes."

But, much like a shark smelling blood, Diana was not about to let this opportunity slip away. She patted Anna on the back. “It’s okay, Anna. You can tell us the truth. We won’t let your perverted older sister get you - argh!”

The snowball hit Diana right in the face.

"Hey!" Diana scrubbed the snow off her face. "No powers inside! That’s cheating." She grabbed a pillow and raised it menacingly. "And I hate cheating."

"You hate cheating?" Elsa scoffed, mustering another snowball. "You’re the biggest cheater there is! You cheat all the time! You’re like… like the queen of cheaters!"

"How can I be the queen of cheaters?" Diana swung at Elsa, whacking her in the head with the pillow. "When you just cheated, and you’ll be a queen one day. That makes you the queen of cheaters!"

"Look -" Averia’s attempt to restore some measure of calm ended the moment Diana dodged and Elsa’s snowball hit her in the face. "Okay, that’s it. You’re dead."

And soon it was two Yun-Farrons chasing after Elsa with pillows in search of righteous vengeance. Anna, of course, could not simply stand by and watch as her sister succumbed to death via pillow, so she grabbed her own pillow and entered the fray.

"Take that, Diana!"

X     X     X

Fang took another sip of her juice as a shriek rang out from upstairs followed by a thump and a sound like a blizzard. “Lightning, the kids are mucking up again.”

"Let them. They’re in high school now, so they can clean up the mess when they’re done." Lightning smiled evilly, settling down onto the couch beside Fang. "Besides, the toilets down at the base could use a good clean."

Fang sat up. “Can I be the one to break the news to them?” There was a scream followed by a squawk of outrage as a miniature avalanche swept Diana down the stairs. Averia, however, had leapt up onto the bannister and was busily swinging her pillow at Elsa.

"Give them a few more minutes." Lightning leaned against Fang. "Then they’ll have done enough to earn toilet duty."

"You are such an evil woman." Fang kissed Lightning. "No wonder I married you."


Rick went over to her, helping to untie her, but moving away quickly once she was free. She didn’t look very happy, and he had a feeling this would end with him in pain if he did anything to make it worse.

Just the barest touches of his fingers on her wrists and ankles as he untied her made Katherine curse in her mind from the tingling feeling. Of course he would be the one to find her like this. She stood up from the chair and immediately matched the steps he took back like a predator, until they were so close she could hardly stand it. “I need you to touch me.” She rushed the words, hating them but needing it more. “Something’s happening to me and I don’t know what… but I just need you to touch me right now.”


La Revolution Charmeuse

Or: That One Lady Who Gets Lucky During The Entire Movie


“My father says she was born lucky. He says I was lucky to be born.”

“You … You can’t treat me like this! You can’t treat me like Zuko!”


Kanaya Maryam [x] | Photographer [x]

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got together a magazine spread of some humanstuck Kanaya outfits!

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